Google Mountain View (Global HQ)

From writing code to supporting clients of every size, the heart of everything that we do at Google can be found at our global headquarters in Mountain View. Here, we dream up and design products that are changing the ways people find information, do business, communicate and learn. Welcome to the Googleplex.


Googlers in Mountain View have their hands on nearly every Google product: Search, Gmail, Android, Chrome, YouTube,
Cloud, Google+, Maps, Glass—we do it all.

We field more than 100 billion search queries a month.

Google Maps has traversed over five million miles in 50 countries on seven continents to bring you create its library of Street View images.

We have Googlers all over the world, but the biggest number of them work on our Mountain View campus (the “Googleplex”).


Number of Mountain View Googlers: About the sum of the first 200 natural numbers.

Some of our conference rooms are named: Asgard, Bodega Bay, Spock.

Number of life-sized T. rex skeleton replicas on campus: 1 (Stan)

Number of Space X shuttles on display: 1


Google Mountain View
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000

Inside Google Mountain View (Global HQ)

When Google launched in 1998, our official headquarters were located in Susan Wojcincki’s garage in Menlo Park. Back then we did one thing: Search. But from those humble beginnings we’ve grown in ways no one—except maybe Larry and Sergey—could have predicted.

We’ve created a suite of powerful, user-friendly products that are changing the way billions of people use the web. Products like Drive, Maps and AdWords offer solutions that help businesses of all types reach their customers. With Android, we’ve created the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world. And devices like Chromebooks, Nexus phones and tablets, and platforms like our Play store enable users to access great information and entertainment from anywhere.

All of this is made possible by the people we hire.

At Google, we’re not afraid to try new things, and we look for folks who are ready and willing to challenge conventions. We work in focused teams that allow even the newest Noogler to make an impact from day one. And we’re not just software engineers. Across the company, Google hires smart, resourceful individuals to help us manage our people, design our products and help us determine that next moonshot idea. Whether it's building our hardware, developing business relationships, or expanding the power, speed and efficiency of the Internet, everything we do relies on the people creating it.

The Googleplex has grown over the years. We’re fond of doing things differently, so you’ll find unique places scattered around the Googleplex. Creative environments like our flexible workspace—we call it the Garage—allow Googlers to get out from the behind their desks, experiment and find inspiration for their projects. Local childcare options help working moms and dads put family first, while our gFit physical fitness programs and onsite gyms allow Googlers to improve their work-life balance (as well as their actual balance) and make up for all the great food available in our gourmet cafes. As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve expanded our local offices, offering a variety of Bay Area jobs across many skills and product areas.

Google’s success isn’t dependent on search results or circuit boards, but on the people who keep us moving forward by thinking big and dreaming bigger. Information is good. Information is beautiful. Come help us share it with the world.

Google’s always believed that the right people can do big things. That’s why we treat our people so well: so they can concentrate on innovating and collaborating.

- Stacy Sullivan, Chief Culture Officer

Google Mountain View (Global HQ): Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best thing about working at Google Mountain View?

We get to go beyond talking about changing the world, and actually do it. We work on really big problems with unparalleled technical resources. With awesome perks like free shuttle bus service from around the Bay Area (with WiFi!), on-site doctors and wellness services like massage and chiropractic, to the variety of amazing cafes where we eat every day, we’re also treated really, really well.

We expect a lot of ourselves, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our voices count, right down to every Noogler. We understand that innovation is born of diversity, and we hire accordingly. There’s opportunity for every Googler to make a mark. From Sales and Engineering teams to Communications and Legal, collaboration is core to our work and a key to making good ideas become great ones.

What kind of work do you do at Google Mountain View?

The Googleplex is our global corporate headquarters. We do everything here including engineering, sales, marketing, finance, legal, corporate communications and People Operations (you might know it as human resources). From here, we refine our existing products like Android, Chrome, YouTube, Google+, Search, and Ads. At the same time, we have teams—like Google X—that keep an eye to the future with big, moonshot projects. Think self-driving cars, smart contact lenses, and Project Loon.

What’s a TGIF?

It’s a “thank goodness it’s Friday” celebration, our version of a company-wide all-hands meeting. Transparency has always been central to Larry and Sergey’s vision for Google, so we’ve been having our office TGIFs since the very beginning. Back then, they felt more like campfire storytelling sessions than corporate gatherings. That kind of intimacy is not quite possible these days, but at its heart, TGIF remains the same: It brings together Googlers from across the company and gives them a chance to learn what great things happening in the company, celebrate our successes and ask our founders anything they want. And we do mean anything!

Have any famous people visited the Googleplex?

We’re lucky to have had a wide range of people stop by the Googleplex. You can check them out at our YouTube page. Barack Obama, John McCain, Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, Rachael Yamagata, Michael Franti, David Beckham, Lawrence Lessig, Thich Nhat Hanh, Conan O’Brien, Christopher Hitchens, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Dane Cook, Kristi Yamaguchi, Rob Corddry, Rainn Wilson, Douglas Rushkoff, Salman Khan, James Gleick, Deepak Chopra, Garry Kasparov, Alice Walker, Condoleeza Rice, Tony Hsieh, Natan Sharansky, Neal Stephenson, Neil Gaiman, Amy Goodman, Eve Ensler, Mumford and Sons, Alice Waters, Ray Kurzweil, Michael Lewis, Jeffrey Sachs, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Eric Ripert, Michael Tilson Thomas, Bernard-Henri Levy, Daniel Ellsberg, Dale Chihuly, Gary Vaynerchuk and Michael Pollan. And that’s the short list. Our very own Chade Meng-Tang. (a.k.a. “Jolly Good Fellow”) has had his picture taken with nearly all of them. Googlers and visitors can check them out on the Great Wall of Meng.

How does Google Mountain View help the community?

Through GoogleServe, our Googlers volunteer with local organizations and museums, like the SF Exploratorium, participate in beach cleanups and help out at local schools. We work with thousands of nonprofits and help them spread their message and raise money using Google products. We volunteer and participate in Pride events around the world. Google for Veterans and Families brings together Google products and platforms for servicemembers and their families. We also invest heavily in clean-energy businesses and initiatives. And we hold all kinds of events to support the developer community.

Life at Google Mountain View (Global HQ)

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