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Numéro de publicationCN101535750 B
Type de publicationOctroi
Numéro de demandeCN 200780041547
Numéro PCTPCT/EP2007/061613
Date de publication2 mars 2011
Date de dépôt29 oct. 2007
Date de priorité7 nov. 2006
Autre référence de publicationCN101535750A, DE102006052448A1, DE502007006213D1, EP2092255A2, EP2092255B1, WO2008055802A2, WO2008055802A3
Numéro de publication200780041547.4, CN 101535750 B, CN 101535750B, CN 200780041547, CN-B-101535750, CN101535750 B, CN101535750B, CN200780041547, CN200780041547.4, PCT/2007/61613, PCT/EP/2007/061613, PCT/EP/2007/61613, PCT/EP/7/061613, PCT/EP/7/61613, PCT/EP2007/061613, PCT/EP2007/61613, PCT/EP2007061613, PCT/EP200761613, PCT/EP7/061613, PCT/EP7/61613, PCT/EP7061613, PCT/EP761613
InventeursA·费努尔, B·赫格尔, I·杜姆克, K·亚赞, K·弗林纳, M·布赫施塔布, M·梅什科, N·伦奇, P·纳尔巴赫, T·圣昆廷
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Refrigeration device having a cold water dispenser
CN 101535750 B
A recess (13), open to the exterior and containing a tap (40) for chilled water, is defined in a wall of a housing (1, 2) of a refrigeration device. The wall comprises an inner skin (9) delimiting an interior (3), an outer skin (12) and an insulating material filling (10) extending between the inner and the outer skin. A storage container (20) for water to be tapped from the tap (40) is arranged in an inner zone (18) of the recess (13). An insulating partition wall (17) inserted in the recess (13) separates the inner zone (18) of the recess (13) from an outer zone (19) accommodating the tap (40).
Revendications(11)  Langue du texte original : Chinois
  1. 一种具有壳体(1、2)的制冷器具,其中凹进部(13)被形成在该壳体(1、2)的壁中,该凹进部通向外部并且包含用于冷冻水的水龙头(40),该壁具有界定内部(3)的内壳(9)、外壳(12)和在该内壳与外壳之间延伸的绝缘材料的填充物(10),并且具有用于在该水龙头(40)处排出水的储存容器(20),其特征在于,绝缘分隔壁(17)被插到该凹进部(13)内,将容纳该储存容器(20)的凹进部(13)的内区域(18)与容纳该水龙头(40)的外区域(19)分开。 A housing (1,2) having a refrigerating appliance, wherein the recess portion (13) is formed in the housing (1,2) of the wall, the recessed portion to the outside and comprises means for freezing water faucet (40), having a wall defining the interior (3) of the inner shell (9), the housing (12) and the filler between the inner housing and outer housing of insulating material extending (10), and having for the faucet (40) is discharged at the water storage container (20), characterized in that the insulating partition wall (17) is inserted into the recess (13), will accommodate the storage container (20) recesses (13 ) in the region (18) and accommodating the faucet (40) of the outer region (19) separately.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,沉入该壁的外壳(12)中的沟道(25)容纳供给该储存容器(20)的水管线(21)。 2. The refrigeration appliance according to claim, characterized in that the sinking of the wall of the housing (12) in the channel (25) receiving the storage container is supplied (20) in water line (21).
  3. 3.如权利要求1所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,沉入该壁的外壳(12)中的沟道(25)容纳用于布置在该凹进部上的用电设备(32、47)的供电线路。 The refrigeration appliance according to claim 1, characterized in that the sinking of the wall of the housing (12) in the channel (25) for receiving electrical equipment disposed on the recessed portion (32,47 ) of the supply line.
  4. 4.如前述权利要求之一所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,该绝缘分隔壁(17)中的至少一个通道(29、30)将该凹进部(13)的内区域(18)连接到该内部(3)。 The refrigeration appliance according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the insulating partition wall (17) at least one channel (29, 30) the recess (13) in the region (18) is connected to the interior (3).
  5. 5.如权利要求4所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,将风扇附着到该至少一个通道(30)上。 The refrigeration appliance according to claim 4, characterized in that the fan is attached to the at least one channel (30).
  6. 6.如权利要求1至3之一所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,加热单元(32)被布置成邻近该储存容器(20)。 Refrigeration appliance 1 to 3 according to claim 6., characterized in that the heating unit (32) is arranged adjacent the storage container (20).
  7. 7.如权利要求6所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,在该储存容器(20)面对该绝缘分隔壁(17)的侧面上布置该加热单元(32)。 7. A refrigeration appliance according to claim 6, characterized in that the arrangement of the heating unit (32) in the storage container (20) on the side facing the insulating partition wall (17).
  8. 8.如权利要求1至3之一所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,在该内部(3)中布置制冰机(6),并且通过该壁的通道(16)将该制冰机(6)连接到该凹进部(13)的外区域(19)上。 The refrigeration appliance 1 to 3, wherein one of the preceding claims, characterized in that, (3) arranged in the ice making machine (6) on the inside, and through the passage of the wall (16) the ice-making machine ( 6) connected to the recess (13) on an outer region (19). 1 1
  9. 9.如权利要求8所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,能借助于电气控制的挡板(38)来封闭该通道(16)。 9. A refrigeration appliance according to claim 8, characterized in that the energy by means of an electrically controlled shutter (38) to close the passage (16). 1 1
  10. 10.如权利要求9所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,该挡板(38)是插入该凹进部(13)内的模块(35)的一部分。 10. The refrigeration appliance according to claim 9, characterized in that the baffle (38) is part of the module (35) is inserted into the recess (13) inside.
  11. 11.如权利要求1至3之一所述的制冷器具,其特征在于,在该绝缘分隔壁(17)面对该凹进部(13)的外区域(19)的表面上布置加热单元(47)。 11. The refrigeration appliance 1 to 3, wherein one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the insulating partition wall (17) facing the upper surface of the recessed portion (13) of the outer region (19) is arranged a heating unit ( 47).
Description  Langue du texte original : Chinois

具有冷水分配器的制冷器具 Refrigerating appliances with a cold water dispenser

[0001] 具有内置冷冻水箱的家用制冷器具受消费者喜爱的程度提高了,可以在不打开该器具的情况下从该器具外面的分配器中抽水。 [0001] has a built-in refrigeration tanks household refrigerating appliances by consumers degree raised, the appliance can be pumped out from the dispenser without opening the appliance. 为了将该水箱中的水保持在不同于制冷器具内部温度的温度下,常常为该水箱装填绝缘材料,该绝缘材料装填在壁的实心内壳和外壳之间的中间空间中。 To the water in the tank is maintained at a temperature different from the temperature inside the refrigeration appliance, often filled with an insulating material for the tank, the insulating material is packed in the intermediate space within the solid shell and the housing wall between. 特别是,如果内部能够到达o°c以下的温度,则必需将该水箱从该内部以及周围环境绝缘。 In particular, if the internal temperature can reach o ° c or less, the necessary insulation from the inside of the tank and the surrounding environment.

[0002] 嵌入到绝缘材料中的水箱需要往返于该水箱以延伸通过绝缘材料的填充物的输入和输出管线。 [0002] embedded in the insulating material of the tank and from the tank needs to extend through the insulating material of the filler of the input and output lines. 必须仔细密封输入和输出管线穿过壳的内壁和外壁的地点处,以阻止潮湿空气渗入到绝缘材料的填充物中并且其湿气在填充物中凝结。 Must be carefully sealed input and output lines through inner and outer walls of the shell at the site, in order to prevent moist air infiltration into the filler insulation material and its moisture condensation in the filler. 如果绝缘材料的填充物通常是由将合成树脂注入到该中间空间中并使其膨胀成泡沫体所构成的,则还需要进行仔细密封以防止膨胀的树脂溢出来。 If the filler material is usually caused by an insulating synthetic resin is injected into the intermediate space and allowed to expand into a foam body is composed of, you also need to be carefully sealed to prevent the expanded resin overflow. 因此,管线通道显著地影响了该制冷器具的生产成本。 Thus, the pipeline channel significantly affects the production costs of the refrigerating appliance. 在设置有用电设备、信号发射器、开关等的水龙头处,随着敷设其连接电缆而产生了相似的问题。 In the electrical equipment is provided, the signal transmitter, such as the tap switch, which is connected with the laying of the cable to produce similar problems.

[0003] 进一步的问题是在出现故障的情况中,实际上不能替换和修理与处于膨胀的合成树脂形式的绝缘材料接触的部件。 [0003] A further problem in the case of failure, the repair and replacement, and in fact can not be expanded in the form of an insulating synthetic resin material of the contact member. 如果(如通常状况)水龙头被布置在制冷器具的门上,则通常在发生这样的故障的情况中仅可以替换整个门,这与该器具的用户的显著成本有关。 If (e.g. normal conditions) faucet is disposed on the door of the refrigeration appliance, it is usually only possible to replace in the event of such a failure of the entire door, which is the significant cost of the appliance user related.

[0004] 因此,本发明的目的是制造一种具有冷水分配器的制冷器具,其组装简单和节约成本并且易于维修。 [0004] Accordingly, an object of the invention is to produce a cold water dispenser having a refrigeration appliance, its assembly is simple and cost-effective and easy to maintain.

[0005] 利用具有壳体和储存容器的制冷器具来实现该目的,其中在所述壳体的壁中形成凹进部,该凹进部通向外部并且包括用于冷冻水等的水龙头,所述壁具有界定出内部的内壳、外壳和在内壳与外壳之间延伸的绝缘材料的填充物,所述储存容器用于从水龙头抽取水等,绝缘分隔壁被插入凹进部内,将容纳储存容器的凹进部的内区域与容纳水龙头的外区域分开。 [0005] The use of storage containers having a housing and a cooling apparatus to achieve the object, wherein the recessed portion is formed in a wall of the housing, the recessed portion to the outside and includes a chilled water faucet or the like, the said wall having an insulating material defining the interior of the housing extending between the inner housing and the inner housing and outer housing of the filler, the storage vessel for drawing water from the tap, etc., within the recess of the insulating partition wall is inserted into the receiving in the region of the recessed portion of the storage container and the outer area separately accommodating faucet. 将储存容器定位在凹进部中意味着不需要将其嵌入到绝缘材料中以保护其不被过度冷却,同时仍然确保储存容器还可以被充分地冷却,因为其通过绝缘分隔壁被从其周围环境防护起来。 The storage container is positioned in the recessed portion does not need to be embedded in the means to the insulating material to protect it from being over-cooled, while still ensure the storage container also can be sufficiently cooled, because it is insulated therefrom by the partition wall around environmental protection together. 可以通过移除分隔壁来露出储存容器,从而允许在其上进行维修。 Can be exposed by removing the partition wall to the storage container, thereby allowing maintenance thereon.

[0006] 如果供给储存容器的水管线被容纳在沉入壁的外壳中的沟道中,则显著简化了组装。 [0006] If the water supply line storage container is accommodated in the housing wall sunk the channel, significantly simplifies the assembly. 于是,不再需要使对于储存容器的供给管线经过绝缘材料的填充物并且不需要在壁的内和外壳中进行复杂的孔密封。 Thus, no longer need to make storage containers for the supply line through the insulating filler material and no complicated seal hole and the inner wall of the housing.

[0007] 沉入壁的外壳中的这样的沟道还可以容纳用于布置在凹进部上的用电设备的供电线路。 [0007] sinking into the wall of the housing such channels can also be used to accommodate power supply lines arranged on the recessed portion of the electrical equipment.

[0008] 通过壁的通道允许依靠凹进部的内区域和内部之间的空气交换来快速和高效地冷却储存容器,该通道将凹进部的内区域连接到内部。 [0008] through the wall of the air channel allows rely recessed portion of the area between the internal and the exchange quickly and efficiently cool the storage vessel, the channel region is connected to the inside of the recessed portion.

[0009] 为了协助空气的交换,可以将风扇附着到至少一个通道上。 [0009] In order to assist the exchange of air, the fan can be attached to the at least one channel. 这可以是如上所述的用电设备。 This can be electrical equipment described above.

[0010] 可以邻近储存容器来设置加热单元以保护水箱中的内容物不会冻结。 [0010] may be provided adjacent the storage vessel heating means to protect the contents of the tank does not freeze. 这也可以是用电设备。 This can also be electrical equipment.

[0011] 为了确保仅有至内部的较小热传递的从加热单元到箱内容物的高效的热传递,方便地将加热单元布置在水箱面对绝缘分隔壁的侧面上。 [0011] In order to ensure efficient heat transfer to the interior of only a small heat transfer from the heating unit to the tank contents, conveniently in the heating unit is arranged on the side of the tank facing the insulating partition wall. [0012] 也为了允许从水龙头处取出冰来,优选地将冰储存容器布置在制冷器具的内部中,该水龙头由通过壁的通道连接到凹进部的外区域。 [0012] as well as to allow to remove the ice from the faucet, preferably the ice storage container is disposed inside the refrigeration appliance, which is connected to the outer region of the faucet from the recessed portion through the wall of the channel.

[0013] 可以借助于电气控制的挡板来方便地封闭所述通道,以便当不移除冰时,来自外部的热空气不能通过通道到达内部。 [0013] by means of electrical control of the shutter to be easily closed channel, so that when the ice is not removed, the hot air through the passageway from the outside can not reach the interior.

[0014] 所述挡板便利地是插入到凹进部内的模块的一部分。 [0014] Conveniently said baffle is inserted into the inner part of the recessed portion of the module. 因此,所述模块被壁的外壳与绝缘材料分开,并且因此当需要修理时可以被移除,而也不影响绝缘材料。 Therefore, the module housing and are separated by a wall of insulating material, and thus can be removed when in need of repair, but does not affect the insulating material.

[0015] 为了防止在凹进部露出到外部的外区域中形成凝结,可以在绝缘壁面对凹进部的外区域的表面上设置加热单元。 [0015] In order to prevent the recessed portion is exposed to the outside of the outer region of the formation of condensation, the heating unit may be provided in the upper surface of the insulating wall facing the outer region of the recessed portion.

[0016] 从以下参照附图的示范性实施例的描述中显示了本发明进一步的特征和优点,其中: [0016] from the following description with reference to the accompanying drawings of an exemplary embodiment shown further features and advantages of the present invention, wherein:

[0017] 图1显示了通过发明的具有冷水分配器的制冷器具的示意性剖面图; [0017] Figure 1 shows a schematic cross-sectional view through a cold water dispenser having a refrigeration appliance of the invention;

[0018] 图2显示了制冷器具的门的细节图; [0018] Figure 2 shows a refrigerating appliance door detail view;

[0019] 图3显示了门和安装在门中的凹进部中的部件的透视分解图;和 [0019] Figure 3 shows a door and a door mounted in recesses in a perspective exploded view of the components; and

[0020] 图4显示了通过安装在凹进部中的分配器模块的示意性剖面图。 [0020] Figure 4 shows a schematic cross-sectional view through a dispenser mounted in the recessed portion of the module.

[0021] 图1中的示意性剖面图所示的制冷器具具有绝热本体1和门2,该门界定出了内部3。 [0021] Figure 1 is a schematic cross-sectional view shown in a refrigeration appliance having a heat-insulating main body 1 and door 2, which defines an internal door 3. 内部3通过蒸发器来冷却,该蒸发器被容纳在本体1的上部区域中的隔开的蒸发器室4 中。 3 to the internal cooling through the evaporator, the evaporator is accommodated in the upper region of the body 1 in spaced evaporator chamber 4.

[0022] 在内部3中直接接近蒸发器室4处布置自动制冰机5。 [0022] 3 directly within the evaporator chamber near 4 5 arranged automatic icemaker. 在制冰机5下面是收集器6,其接收由制冰机5生产的冰块。 In the ice maker 5 is below 6, which is received by the ice maker 5 produced ice collector. 位于收集器6底部的螺旋输送器7用来将冰块输送到位于收集器6的门端处的输出开口8。 Located on the bottom of the collector 6 of the screw conveyor 7 to the ice conveyed to the output of the collector 6 is located at the door end of the opening 8.

[0023] 按已知方式通过实心(solid)外壳、实心内壳9和包围在它们之间的由泡沫制成的一层绝缘材料10来分别形成本体1的壁和制冷器具的门2。 [0023] in a known manner by solid (solid) shell, the inner shell 9 and the solid enclosed between them a layer of insulating material 10 made of a foam to the walls and the doors are formed in the main body 1 of the refrigeration appliance 2. 门2的外壳(此处被家具面板11所掩盖)实质上是由两个部分构成的,其为实质上平坦的前面板12和插入到前面板12中的中心开口内并界定凹进部13的塑料壳体14,该凹进部通向门2的外侧。 Door shell 2 (herein overshadowed Furniture panel 11) substantially consists of two parts, which is a substantially flat front inner panel 12 and is inserted into the central opening 12 in the front panel and defining recesses 13 The plastic housing 14, the door leading to the outside of the recess 2. 补充壳体24的突起15被形成在门的内壳9中。 Supplementary housing projection 15 is formed in the housing 24 of the door 9. 管筒或漏斗16被形成在收集器6的输出开口8下面的该突起15的上表面上,其下边缘以密封的方式连接到壳体14上,以便从收集器6中排出的冰可以经过管筒16进入凹进部13内。 Tube or funnel 16 is formed at the output of the collector 6 below the opening 8 on the upper surface of the projection 15, and its lower edge is connected in sealed manner to the housing 14 in order to discharge the ice from the collector 6 can pass tube 16 into the recess 13.

[0024] 凹进部13被插入的绝缘分隔壁17分成内区域18和外区域19。 [0024] The recessed portion 13 is inserted into the insulating partition wall 17 into the inner region 18 and outer region 19. 在当前情况下,内区域18实质上被配置为水箱20的储存容器所填充。 In the present case, the region 18 is substantially configured as a storage container 20 of the water tank filled. 水箱20通过供应管线21被连接到饮用水系统上。 Water tank 20 through supply line 21 is connected to the drinking water system.

[0025] 供应管线21从外部连接器(未显示)延伸出,首先通过本体1,在该处止回阀22 被布置在管线21上,当没有水被抽出箱20时该止回阀被关闭,从而保护其下游的部分供应管线21和箱20免受存在于饮用水系统中的高压。 [0025] supply line 21 extends from the external connector (not shown) that, through the first main body 1, where the check valve 22 is disposed on the line 21, when no water is drawn out of the tank valve is closed 20:00 to protect the downstream portion of the supply line 21 and the tank 20 from the drinking-water system present in the high pressure. 如图2所示,供应管线21被从邻近门2 的铰链处的本体1中引导出来并且进入沿门2的下边缘延伸的凹槽型沟道23内。 2, the supply line 21 is guided from the body adjacent the hinge of a door 2 out of and into the groove-type door along a lower edge 23 extending within the channel 2.

[0026] 图2显示了双臂的沟道23,沟道的各臂从门2的两个底部拐角之一延伸到形成在门的前端面上的切口24上。 [0026] Figure 2 shows the arms of the channel 23, the channel of each arm extending from one of the two bottom corners of the door 2 to be formed on the front end face of the cutout 24 of the door. 根据门铰链被定位的侧面,图2中的门可以选择性地被悬挂在右边或左边,供应管线经过沟道23的两个臂中的一个。 According to a side door hinge is positioned, Figure 2 the door may be selectively suspended to the right or to the left, the supply line 23 through the channel of a two arms. 如果在其上悬挂门2的侧面是不可选择的,则对沟道23来说具有单个臂就足够了。 If the suspension side of the door 2 on which is not selected, then the channel 23 is a single arm will suffice.

[0027] 如图3中的透视图所示,沉入到外壳9中并且竖直地延伸到凹进部13的沟道25起始于切口24处。 [0027] 3 in a perspective view as shown in Fig, 9 sink into the housing and extends vertically into the recessed portion 13 of the channel 25 starting at the incision 24. 沟道25进入沟道26,其在壳体14的基部上朝向背面刚好延伸到台阶27 的后面。 Channel 25 into the channel 26, toward the back on the base housing 14 extends just behind the step 27. 在此处所示的情况中,沟道25中的供应管线21被家具板11覆盖;然而,为了将供应管线21固定在沟道25中,还可以将供应管线21设成U形轮廓(未显示),并且固定(例如锁定)到沟道25的侧面上。 In the case shown here, the channel 25 in the supply line 21 is covered furniture plate 11; however, in order to supply line 21 is fixed in the channel 25, it is also possible to supply line 21 is provided in a U-shaped profile (not shown), and is fixed (e.g., locked) to the side surface 25 of the channel.

[0028] 图3中用虚线显示的第二台阶28在与台阶27相同的深度处被形成在壳体14的顶部上。 [0028] Figure 3 by the dashed lines 28 in a second step the same depth with the step 27 is formed on top of the housing 14.

[0029] 可以在壳体14的后面底部拐角中观察到两个通道29、30,其延伸通过门2进入内部3内。 [0029] can be observed in the back corner of the bottom of the housing 14 into two channels 29, 30, which extend into the interior of the door 2 through 3. 当通道29是空的时候,仅部分地可见通道30设有风扇。 When the passage 29 is empty, only partially visible channel 30 is provided with a fan.

[0030] 台阶27、28后面的凹进部13的内区域18被设置来容纳水箱20。 [0030] 13 in the region of the stepped recess portion 27, 28 of the back 18 is provided to accommodate the water tank 20. 这在图3中显示为与其供应管线21在一起,该供应管线显示为被弯曲成相应于容纳它的沟道23、25、26的轮廓。 This is shown as line 21 together with its supply in FIG. 3, the supply line is shown as being bent corresponding to the contour of the receiving its channel 23,25,26.

[0031] 当装配水箱20时,在其后壁和壳体14的后壁之间保留间隙,由通道30中的风扇从内部3中驱动的冷空气可以在该间隙中循环以快速冷却该箱的内容物。 [0031] When the tank 20 is fitted, between its rear wall and the rear wall 14 of the housing retention gap, by the channel 30 in the interior of the fan 3 driven from cold air circulating in the gap in rapid cooling of the tank contents.

[0032] 布置在箱20的上部区域中的温度传感器31控制风扇和附着到箱20的前壁上的薄膜加热单元32的工作。 [0032] 20 is arranged in a box in the upper region of the temperature sensor 31 controls the fan and the heating unit is attached to the work of the thin film front wall 32 of the tank 20. 如果温度传感器31检测到的水温超过第一极限值时,则启动风扇来冷却该箱的内容物;如果温度降到低于第二下限值,则使薄膜加热单元32工作来防止该箱的内容物冻结。 If the temperature sensor 31 detects the water temperature exceeds the first threshold value, the fan is started to cool the tank contents; if the temperature drops below the second lower limit value, the film heating means 32 operative to prevent the tank contents frozen.

[0033] 在组装好的状态中,水箱20被隐藏在绝缘分隔壁17的后面。 [0033] In the assembled state, the water tank 20 is hidden behind an insulating partition wall 17. 以分隔壁17的背面紧靠着两个台阶27、28来限定其位置。 In the back of the partition wall 17 in close proximity to the two steps 27, 28 to define its position. 通过分隔壁17的上边缘上的切口33将箱20的输出管线34引出到外区域19中的分配器模块35。 The tank 33 through the cutout 20 of the output line 34 the upper edge of the partition wall 17 is pulled out to the outer region 19 of the dispenser module 35. 该分配器模块35被设置成安装到壳体14 的顶部下面的凹进部13中,并且被显示在图4的横截面中。 The dispenser module 35 is configured to be mounted to the top of the housing 13 in the recessed portion 14 of the following, and is displayed in a cross-sectional view of Figure 4. 通过模块35的通道36延伸到管筒16,并且以可绕轴37枢转的方式被悬挂的挡板38封闭。 Passage 35 extends through the module 36 to the barrel 16, and is rotatable about shaft 37 to pivotally suspended flap 38 is closed. 输出管线34通过挠性软管39 在分配器模块35内延伸,其在安装到挡板38外侧上的输出连接器40上打开。 Output line 34 through a flexible hose 39 extending in the dispenser module 35, which opens on to the output connector 40 is mounted on the outside of the baffle 38. 当打开挡板38用于移除冰时,输出连接器40被枢转到侧面上。 When you open the damper 38 is used for removing the ice, the output connector 40 is pivoted to the side. 因此,能够将容器定位在凹进部13中的相同地方来接收冰块或排除水。 Accordingly, the container can be located at the same place in the recessed portion 13 to receive ice or exclude water.

[0034] 提供所谓的水罐(pitcher)挡板41来用于安装到壳体14的基部上。 [0034] to provide a so-called jug (pitcher) for the baffle 41 is mounted to the base housing 14. 其为大致盒状形式的模块,可以按图3所示的方式折叠该盒的壁的前壁和顶壁42。 Which is a generally box-like form of the module, can be folded as shown in Fig. 3 the front wall of the cartridge wall and a top wall 42. 在内折的位置中,可以将小容器定位在顶壁42的外侧上来接收水或冰。 Including the folded position, the small container can be positioned on the outside of the top wall 42 of the up receiving water or ice. 在外折的位置中,可以将中型的容器定位在水罐挡板模块40的基部表面43上,或者可以按一角度将大容器定位在顶壁42的内侧上,以便其注入开口被定位在输出连接器39或挡板38的下面。 Outer folded position, the container can be positioned on the medium tank baffle base surface 43 of the module 40, or can be a large container is positioned at an angle on the inner side of the top wall 42, so that its injection opening is positioned at the output connector 39 or baffle 38 below.

[0035] 在壳体14的顶部下面安装控制模块44,其在前面覆盖分配器模块35,该控制模块将露出的开关45支承在器具的前端面上。 [0035] At the top of the housing 14 installed below the control module 44, which covers the front of the dispenser module 35, 45 supported on the front end face of the control module and the exposed switch appliance. 开关45用来控制挡板38、螺旋输送器7、止回阀22等的操作。 Switch 45 is used to control the shutter 38, the operating screw conveyor 7, the check valve 22 or the like. 将控制模块44连接到本体1上来控制止回阀22与螺旋输送器8的信号线和供应管线21 —起沿沟道26、25、23延伸。 The control module 44 is connected to the body 1 up control valve 22 and the screw conveyor 8 signal lines and supply lines 21 - from extending along the channel 26,25,23. 电源电缆也延伸通过这些沟道26、25、23,以向安装在凹进部13中的各种用电设备供电,例如水箱的薄膜加热单元32、附着到分隔壁17的外侧上并用来防止在分隔壁17上形成凝结的薄膜加热单元47、灯(未显示)、位于通道30 中的风扇或集成到挡板38中的加热单元,所述灯(例如)可以被集成到例如分配器模块35 中以照亮在凹进部13中的待填充的容器,该加热单元防止在分配器模块35的通道36中形成凝结和在一些情况下挡板38在该位置中的冻结而阻塞通道36。 Power cables also extend through these channels 26,25,23 in order to power a variety of electrical equipment installed in the recessed portion 13, such as a thin film heating unit of the water tank 32, is attached to the outer side of the partition wall 17 and to prevent forming a thin film heating unit condense on the partition wall 17 47, a lamp (not shown), located in the channel 30. The fan baffles 38 or integrated into the heating unit, the lamp (e.g.) may be integrated into the dispenser module e.g. 35 to illuminate in the recessed portion 13 of the container to be filled, the heating unit to prevent the formation of condensation and freezing of the baffle 38 in some cases in this position in a dispenser module 35 of the passages 36 and the blocked passage 36 . [0036] 可以按图3中的布置顺序将具有连接管线21、34、分隔壁17和模块35、41、44的水箱20安装到填有绝缘材料的已经装配好的门2上,并且如果必要可以再次分别拆卸以修理或替换。 [0036] Figure 3 can be arranged in a sequence having a connection line 21, 34, 17 and the partition wall modules 35,41,44 are mounted to the water tank 20 filled with insulating material has been assembled on a good door 2, and if necessary were demolished in order to be able to repair or replace again. 为了所述修理,不必打开门2,所以没有由于修理而使储存在内部3中的冷冻物品不希望地变热的风险。 For the repair, do not open the door 2, so there is no risk due to repair leaving the store within 3 frozen items you do not want to become hot.

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