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Numéro de publicationCN102008772 A
Type de publicationDemande
Numéro de demandeCN 201010533996
Date de publication13 avr. 2011
Date de dépôt8 nov. 2010
Date de priorité8 nov. 2010
Autre référence de publicationCN102008772B
Numéro de publication201010533996.4, CN 102008772 A, CN 102008772A, CN 201010533996, CN-A-102008772, CN102008772 A, CN102008772A, CN201010533996, CN201010533996.4
Inventeurs刘运娇, 姚龙元, 孙国艳, 孙杰, 张慧娜, 范云朦, 郭晓颖, 高付生
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Artificial respirator with adjustable air inflow
CN 102008772 A
The present invention discloses an artificial respirator with adjustable air inflow, comprising a mask, a connecting device, an emergency revive sphere, a gas storage safety valve and a gas storage bag; the artificial respirator is characterized in that an elastic lining spherical breathing adjustor is disposed in the emergency revive sphere; an one-way pressure safety valve is disposed on the connecting device between the emergency revive sphere and the mask. Medical workers contact the lining spherical breathing adjustor during squeezing an air bag, so as to master the air transmission amount to patients basic accurately; securities of patients are protected well.
Revendications(1)  Langue du texte original : Chinois
1. 一种可调节进气量的人工呼吸器,它包括面罩,连接装置,急救苏醒球体,储气安全阀,储气袋,其特征是,所述的急救苏醒球体内置一弹性的内层球形调气器,所述的内层球形调气器位于急救苏醒球体外的部分设有由调压阀控制的吹气管,在急救苏醒球体与面罩之间的连接装置上设有单向压力安全阀。 1. An adjustable intake amount of artificial respiration, which includes masks, connecting means, first aid awake sphere, gas valve, gas bags, characterized in that said emergency wake built a resilient inner sphere transfer gas sphere, said inner spherical transfer gas located emergency wake ball in vitro by the regulator control portion is provided blowing tube, a one-way pressure in the emergency wake connected safety device between the ball and the mask valve.
Description  Langue du texte original : Chinois

一种可调节进气量的人工呼吸器 An adjustable intake amount of artificial respirator

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及一种可调节进气量的人工呼吸器,具体地说是根据急救病人的肺活量来自动限定人工呼吸器的进气量,从而能安全高效的为病人输气,本发明属于医疗器械技术领域。 [0001] The present invention relates to an adjustable intake amount of artificial respiration, particularly artificial respiration to automatically define the intake air in accordance with the patient's lung capacity Aid, which can secure and efficient gas for the patient, the present invention It belongs to the field of medical technology equipment.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 在当今社会中经济发展高速增长,人们的工作和生活的步伐也随之加快,许多人在高负荷的工作压力下,经常会出现缺氧的情况,一些心脏病人尤其严重。 [0002] The rapid growth of economic development in today's society, the pace of people's work and life also will speed up, many people in the high work load pressure, often appear absence of oxygen, some of the people, especially severe heart disease. 在不少情况下许多病人都需要进行人工呼吸,但是每个人的肺活量不同,所需的氧气也不同,如果在给急救病人输气的过程中医护人员给病人输气量过多会引发病人的安全隐患,如肺部承担量过大而引发的肺部胀裂等,而输气量不足时又不能实现急救的目的,而用传统的方式来救治病人时,除医护人员之外的人给病人挤压急救苏醒球体时排出气体的量大小很难确定,难以准确把握给病人的输气量的大小,使得救护工作很难实施。 In many cases a lot of patients need artificial respiration, but each person's lung capacity is different, the required oxygen is different, the amount of gas to the patient if the medical staff to aid the patient in the process gas can cause excessive patient security risks, such as the lungs and cause excessive assume bursting lungs, etc., and the amount of time and lack of gas can not achieve the purpose of aid, while traditional way to treat patients, who in addition to medical staff Patient awake when the exhaust gas extrusion aid sphere is difficult to determine the amount of size, it is difficult to accurately grasp the quantity of gas to the patient's size, making rescue work difficult to implement. 这时就特别需要一种可以根据病人的肺活量调节进气量的人工呼吸器,从而能减轻医护人员的负担,加强急救病人的安全保护,但这种人工呼吸器在市场上尚未出现。 Then on the special needs of a patient's lung capacity can adjust the feed rate of artificial respiration, which can reduce the burden of health care, strengthen security emergency patients, but such an artificial respirator in the market has not yet appeared.


[0003] 针对上述的不足,本发明提供了一种可自动调节进气量的人工呼吸器,在操作时救助人员无需操作技巧,只需测出急救病人的肺活量,然后预先调整一下人工呼吸器,人工呼吸器即可调节进气量,指示救助人员进行救护。 [0003] In response to these shortcomings, the present invention provides a method to automatically adjust the feed rate of artificial respiration, rescue personnel in the operation without operator skills, just measure the patient's lung capacity first aid, and then adjust the artificial respirator in advance , artificial respiration can adjust the feed rate, indicating rescue ambulance personnel.

[0004] 本发明是通过以下技术方案实现的: [0004] The present invention is achieved by the following technical solutions:

[0005] 一种可调节进气量的人工呼吸器,它包括面罩,连接装置,急救苏醒球体,储气安全阀,储气袋,其特征是,所述的急救苏醒球体内置一弹性的内层球形调气器,所述的内层球形调气器位于急救苏醒球体外的部分设有由调压阀控制的吹气管,在急救苏醒球体与面罩之间的连接装置上设有单向压力安全阀。 [0005] An adjustable intake amount of artificial respiration, which includes masks, connected devices, emergency wake ball, gas valve, gas bag, characterized in that said emergency wake built a resilient inner sphere layer spherical transfer gas, said inner spherical transfer gas located emergency wake ball in vitro portion is provided by the regulator to control the blowing tube, wake up in the emergency provided with connecting means between the ball and the way the mask pressure safety valve.

[0006] 本发明的有益效果是,所述的内层球形调气器可充气放气,在输气前通过吹气管往内层球形调气器中充气,内层球形调气器根据输入气体量的体积随之膨胀并保持形状不变,直至整个人工呼吸的过程完毕后将内层球形调气器中的气体放出。 [0006] The beneficial effects of the present invention is that the inner spherical transfer gas can be inflation and deflation, the inflatable tube by blowing air into the inner spherical vessel before adjusting gas, the inner spherical tune based on the input gas scrubber along with the amount of volume expansion and maintain its shape until the inner spherical transfer gas is the gas released after the completion of the whole process of artificial respiration. 医护人员在挤压气囊过程中通过接触到内层球形调气器从而能基本准确地掌握给病人的输气量,为病人的安全提供了很好的保障。 Health care workers in the course of squeezing the bag so that it can accurately grasp the basic access to the inner sphere by adjusting the amount of gas scrubber to the patient, as patient safety provides a good protection.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0007] 图1为可自动调节进气量的人工呼吸器三维立体图; [0007] FIG. 1 is to automatically adjust the feed rate of the artificial respirator three-dimensional map;

[0008] 图中:1、面罩,2、连接装置,3、急救苏醒球体,4、内层球形调气器,5、储气安全阀,6、储气袋,7、单向压力安全阀,8、调压阀,9、吹气管。 [0008] in which: 1, masks, 2, connecting means 3, emergency wake sphere, 4, inner spherical tune scrubber, 5, gas safety valve, 6, storage bags, seven, one-way pressure relief valve 8, pressure regulators, 9, inflatable tube. 具体实施方式 DETAILED DESCRIPTION

[0009] 如图1,该种可调节进气量的人工呼吸器,它包括面罩1,连接装置2,急救苏醒球体3,储气安全阀5,储气袋6.急救苏醒球体内置一弹性的内层球形调气器4,所述的内层球形调气器位于急救苏醒球体外的部分设有由调压阀8控制的吹气管9,在急救苏醒球体与面罩之间的连接装置上设有单向压力安全阀7。 [0009] FIG. 1, this kind can adjust the feed rate of the artificial respiration apparatus including a mask, the connecting device 2, 3 emergency wake ball, gas valve 5, gas bags 6. emergency wake sphere built a resilient The inner spherical transfer gas 4, the inner spherical transfer gas located wake ball first aid provided by the regulator body portion 8 controls the gas blow pipe 9, in the emergency wake connecting means between the ball and the mask a one-way pressure relief valve 7.

[0010] 使用时,关闭急救苏醒球体3与储气袋6连接处的储气安全阀5,并在储气袋6 中注入足量气体。 [0010] When in use, turn off gas valve emergency wake ball 3 and 5 gas bag 6 junction and inject sufficient amount of gas in the gas bag 6 in. 预先测出病人的肺活量,确定病人所需氧气量,并将该定量气体通过吹气管9充入到内层球形调气器4中,内层球形调气器4中充入一定量气体后开始膨胀且其体积与气体量呈线性变化关系,其上的调压阀8可以自动调节内层球形调气器4中的气压,充气完毕后内层球形调气器4维持形状不变。 The patient's lung capacity measured in advance to determine the required amount of oxygen in the patient, and the quantitative gas blow pipe 9 by starting charge transfer gas into the inner sphere 4, the inner spherical transfer gas 4 was charged after a certain amount of gas expansion and its volume and scales linearly with the amount of gas pressure regulating valve on the 8 ball can be adjusted automatically adjusting the inner pressure of the gas 4, after completion of the inner spherical transfer gas inflator 4 to maintain its shape. 将面罩1固定在病人面部。 The mask 1 is fixed to the patient's face. 打开储气安全阀5,用手挤压急救苏醒球体3,在挤压过程中碰到内层球形调气器4就停止挤压, 松开手,再挤压急救苏醒球体3,接触到内层球形调气器4后停止挤压,如此反复进行, 气体通过连接装置2流入病人体内,从而为病人输气。 Open the gas valve 5, 3 hand squeeze emergency wake ball, hit the inner spherical transfer gas 4 in the extrusion process to stop pressing, let go, then squeeze the ball 3 emergency wake, touching the inner layer spherical tune scrubber 4 stop squeezing, so repeatedly, gas flows into the connecting device by the patient, so the patient gas. 在为病人输气过程中,急救苏醒球体3与面罩1的接触处的单向压力安全阀7会自动根据气体流向打开或者关闭,即:当救护人员挤压急救苏醒球体3为病人输气时,气体从急救苏醒球体3流入病人体内时单向安全阀7打开,而当气体反向流动时被单向安全阀7阻挡,使之不能反向流动。 In the process gas for the patient, emergency wake-way pressure contact with the ball at the 1, 3 and the mask valve 7 will automatically turn on or off, depending on the gas flow that is: When pressing the emergency ambulance crew awake when gas sphere 3 patients gas from the emergency wake ball 3-way flows into the patient valve 7 is opened, and when the gas reverse flow check valve 7 is blocked, so they can not reverse the flow.

[0011] 使用完毕后,关闭储气安全阀5,并将内层球形调气器4中的气体放出,完成为病人输气的整个过程,安全又高效。 After the [0011] After use, turn off gas valve 5 and the inner spherical transfer gas 4 in the gas release, the completion of the entire process gas for the patient, secure and efficient.

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