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Numéro de publicationCN2734331 Y
Type de publicationOctroi
Numéro de demandeCN 200420091235
Date de publication19 oct. 2005
Date de dépôt4 sept. 2004
Date de priorité4 sept. 2004
Numéro de publication200420091235.8, CN 200420091235, CN 2734331 Y, CN 2734331Y, CN-Y-2734331, CN200420091235, CN200420091235.8, CN2734331 Y, CN2734331Y
Inventeurs姜秀成, 汤扶宽, 沙训松, 李天胜
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Domestic garbage bag-breaking coarse-cracking machine
CN 2734331 Y
The utility model discloses a domestic garbage bag-breaking coarse-cracking machine which is used for separating and sorting domestic garbage. The domestic garbage bag-breaking coarse-cracking machine comprises a support, a cylindrical body, a riding wheel, a slip ring, a gear, a pinion, a motor, a speed reducer, a material feeding mouth, a discharge port, etc. The inner wall of the cylindrical body is provided with a plurality of triangular fixed blades along a spiral line. The central axis of the cylindrical body is provided with a central shaft provided with a plurality of semi-U-shaped movable blades. The rotating direction of the central shaft is opposite to the rotating direction of the cylindrical body. The interaction of triangular fixed blades and semi-U-shaped movable blades can crack domestic garbage plastic bags and coarsely crack the domestic garbage. At the same time, the domestic garbage bag-breaking can be sorted, which is favorable for the ventilation and fermentation of garbage compost.
Revendications(3)  Langue du texte original : Chinois
1.一种生活垃圾破袋粗粉机,由支架、圆筒机体、托轮、滑圈、大齿轮、小齿轮、电机、减速机、投料口、出料口等组成,其特征是:在有一定斜度的支架[11]上适当位置安装两套托轮[3],一对滑圈[2]套装在圆筒机体[1]上的适当位置,圆筒机体[1]通过滑圈[2]安装在托轮[3]上,电机[7]和减速机[6]也安装在支架[11]上,驱动圆筒机体[1]的电机[7]、减速机[6]通过带动小齿轮[4],再由小齿轮[4]作用于套装在圆筒机体[1]上的大齿轮[5],驱动圆筒机体[1]]转动;在圆筒机体[1]高端端面上设有投料口[13],在圆筒机体[1]内壁上沿螺旋线安装三角形固定刀[9]若干把;在圆筒机体[1]的中心轴线上有一安装若干把半U型活动刀[8]的中心轴[10],中心轴[10]由电机[7]通过减速机[6]带动,其转动方向与圆筒机体[1]相反;在圆筒机体[1]低端端面上设出料口[12]。 A garbage bag meal break machine, by brackets, cylinder body, roller, slip ring, large gears, pinion gears, motor, reducer, doghouse, a gate, etc., which is characterized by: the installed in a certain slope of the bracket [11] on the appropriate place two idler [3], a pair of slip rings [2] Set the proper position in [1] on the cylindrical body, the cylindrical body [1] through the slip ring Motor [2] mounted idler [3], the motor [7] and the gear [6] is also installed in the bracket [11], the drive cylinder body [1] [7], gear [6] by drive pinion [4], and then by the pinion [4] applied to the cylindrical body in the large gear sets [1] [5], the drive cylinder body [1]] rotation; the cylindrical body [1] high end face includes a feeding port [13], in the cylindrical body [1] mounting a fixed blade on the inner wall of the triangle along the spiral line [9] The plurality; the cylindrical body [1] of the center axis of a mounting number of the U-shaped half moving knife [8] the central axis [10], the central axis [10] by a motor [7] by the reducer [6] driven, its rotation direction of the cylindrical body [1] On the contrary; in the cylindrical body [1] Low set end to end surface discharge port [12].
2.按照权利要求1所述的生活垃圾破袋粗粉机,其特征是:本生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的圆筒机体的最佳斜度为2.5°。 2. The broken garbage according to claim 1, wherein said bag meals, characterized: Best slope of the garbage bag meal break machine cylinder body is 2.5 °.
3.按照权利要求1或2所述的生活垃圾破袋粗粉机,其特征是:本生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的圆筒机体内壁上沿螺旋线安装的三角形固定刀[9]的数量以70-80把为最佳。 The number of garbage bags of meal break machine cylinder body wall along the helix fixed blade mounted triangle [9]: according to Claim garbage bag meal breaking machine 1 or 2, characterized in that 70-80 the most preferred.
Description  Langue du texte original : Chinois
生活垃圾破袋粗粉机 Garbage bag breaking meal machine

技术领域 FIELD

本实用新型涉及一种生活垃圾分选分类机械。 The utility model relates to a classification of garbage sorting machinery.


生活垃圾的一个共性,基本都是一家一户将垃圾盛装在塑料袋中,送到垃圾集中点的卫生桶或卫生箱,再汇集送到垃圾处理厂,如不先将塑料袋破开,垃圾就不可能分类利用,即将有机质进行堆肥,废塑料橡胶进行裂化制作燃料油。 A common garbage, basically a one in a plastic bag in the trash costumes, to the point of sanitary garbage pail or health box, and then sent to the waste treatment plant collection, if not the first to break open plastic bags, garbage it is impossible to classify the use of upcoming organic compost, waste plastics and rubber were produced fuel oil cracking. 国内有的单位用锤打式粉碎机进行破碎再风选,虽能将塑料袋打碎,但致使垃圾粒度过小,导致不能有效的将塑料分选出来,同时不利于堆肥通气,必然延长堆肥发酵时间。 Some domestic units with a hammer mill crushing then winnowing, although plastic can break, causing the garbage but size is too small, can not effectively lead to sorting out the plastic, but not conducive to compost aeration, inevitably prolong compost fermentation time.


本实用新型的目的是提供一种能够克服上述问题的把袋装生活垃圾的塑料袋破开,并对生活垃圾进行粗粉碎,同时能把破塑料袋分拣出来的生活垃圾破袋粗粉机。 The utility model is intended to provide a way to overcome the above problems of the bag broke open garbage bags, garbage and coarsely crushed, but can break out of the garbage bag sorting bags meal breaking machine .

本实用新型的任务是通过以下方式实现的:在有一定斜度的支架上适当位置安装两套托轮,一对滑圈套装在圆筒机体上的适当位置,圆筒机体通过滑圈安装在托轮上,电机和减速机也安装在支架上,驱动圆筒机体的电机、减速机通过带动小齿轮,再由小齿轮作用于套装在圆筒机体上的大齿轮,驱动圆筒机体转动;在圆筒机体高端端面上设有投料口,在圆筒机体内壁上沿螺旋线安装三角形固定刀若干把;在圆筒机体的中心轴线上有一安装若干把半U型活动刀的中心轴,中心轴由电机通过减速机带动,其转动方向与圆筒机体相反;在圆筒机体低端端面上设出料口。 The utility model task is achieved in the following ways: install two idler in place on a certain slope of the bracket, a pair of slip rings suit in place on the body of the cylinder, the cylinder body through the slip ring mounted on the roller, the motor and the reducer are mounted on the holder, the cylindrical body of the drive motor, driven by the pinion gear, and then by acting on the pinion gear sets on the cylinder body, the cylindrical body rotating drive; In high-end surface of the cylindrical body has a feeding port, the fixed blade mounting triangular wall of the cylindrical body along the plurality of the helix; in the center axis of the cylindrical body has a plurality of mounting the U-shaped half of the central axis of the moving knife, the center axis by motor through reducer drive, its opposite the direction of rotation of the cylindrical body; at the low end of the end surface of the cylindrical body set up spout.

本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的圆筒机体的最佳斜度为2.5°。 Best slope of the utility model of the garbage bag breaking meal machine cylinder body is 2.5 °.

本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的圆筒机体内壁上沿螺旋线安装的三角形固定刀[9]的数量以70-80把为最佳。 The cylindrical wall of the body along the helix of the utility model the garbage bag breaking coarse triangular mounting machine fixed blade [9] is the best number to 70-80.

本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机通过三角形固定刀和半U型活动刀的相互作用能把装生活垃圾的塑料袋破开,并对生活垃圾进行粗粉碎,同时能把破塑料袋分拣出来,且有利于垃圾堆肥的通气发酵。 The utility model of the garbage bag meal break via triangular and semi-fixed blade knife U-active interaction loading garbage bags can break open, and garbage coarsely crushed, and it can be broken bags Sorting out the garbage and compost in favor of aerobic fermentation.

附图说明 Brief Description

图1是本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机结构示意图;图2是本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的三角形固定刀按装方式示意图;图3是本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的半U型活动刀形状示意图。 Figure 1 is a broken bag meal machine structure of the utility model diagram of the garbage; Figure 2 is a utility model described in this garbage bag meal break machines installed by the triangular diagram of the fixed blade mode; Figure 3 is a utility model garbage bag breaking meal machine semi U-shape diagram of moving knife.


参照图1、图2、图3,在有一定斜度的支架11上适当位置安装两套托轮3,一对滑圈2套装在圆筒机体1上的适当位置,圆筒机体1通过滑圈2安装在托轮3上,电机7和减速机6也安装在支架11上,驱动圆筒机体1的电机7、减速机6通过带动小齿轮4,再由小齿轮4作用于套装在圆筒机体1上的大齿轮5,驱动圆筒机体1转动。 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, to install two supporting roller 3, a pair of slip rings 2 sets in place on the cylindrical body 1 with reference to FIG certain inclination in the holder 11 position, the cylindrical body 1 by sliding ring 2 is mounted on the supporting roller 3, the motor reducer 6 and 7 is also mounted on the bracket 11, the drive motor 1 of the cylindrical body 7, 6 by the drive gear pinion 4, and then by acting on the pinion 4 is fitted over the round cylinder body 1 on the large gear 5, the drive cylinder body 1 is rotated. 在圆筒机体1高端端面上设有投料口13,在圆筒机体1内壁上沿螺旋线安装三角形固定刀9若干把。 In a high-end surface of the cylindrical body has a feeding port 13 on an inner wall of the cylindrical body along a spiral fixed blade 9 installed several of the triangle. 在圆筒机体1的中心轴线上有一安装若干把半U型活动刀8的中心轴10,中心轴10由电机7通过减速机6带动,其转动方向与圆筒机体1相反。 On the central axis of the cylindrical body 1 has a plurality of mounting the semi-U type movable knife 10 of the central shaft 8, the central shaft 10 driven by the motor 7 through gear 6, its rotational direction opposite to the cylindrical body 1. 在圆筒机体1低端端面上设出料口12。 In a low-side end surface of the cylindrical body disposed discharge opening 12.

以下结合附图对本实用新型所述生活垃圾破袋粗粉机的工作过程作详细叙述。 Below with reference to the work of the utility model of the process garbage bag meal breaking machine for detail. 参照图1、图2、图3,工作时,接通电机7的开关,生活垃圾由投料口13进入圆筒机体1内,在圆筒机体内壁沿螺旋线安装三角形固定刀9若干把,中间轴按一定数量的半U型活动刀8,电机7通过减速机6带动小齿轮4转动,小齿轮4通过大齿轮5驱动圆筒机体1,使有一定斜度的圆筒机体1顺时针转动,生活垃圾向前推进,在三角形固定刀9和半U型活动刀8的相互作用下,将装垃圾的袋子破开,同时对垃圾进行粗粉碎,物料随圆筒机体1转动和沿螺旋线按装的三角刀固定刀9的作用由出料口12排出,进入下道工序。 Referring to Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, in operation, the switch is turned on the motor 7, the garbage from feeding port 13 into the cylinder body 1, the fixed blade mounting triangle along the inner wall of the cylindrical body 9 a number of the helix, the intermediate axis by a certain number of semi-U type activities knife 8, the motor through reducer 7 6 4 Turn the drive pinion, pinion gear 5 drive through the big four cylinder body 1, so there is a certain slope of a clockwise rotation of the cylindrical body , garbage and move forward in the interaction triangle fixed blade 9 and a half U-moving knife 8 will be loaded trash bag broke open, while the garbage coarse crushed material rotate with the cylinder body and along a spiral according to the role filled triangular knife fixed blade 9 from the discharge port 12, into the next process.

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