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Numéro de publicationCN88203065 U
Type de publicationOctroi
Numéro de demandeCN 88203065
Date de publication9 nov. 1988
Date de dépôt4 févr. 1988
Date de priorité4 févr. 1988
Numéro de publication88203065.5, CN 88203065, CN 88203065 U, CN 88203065U, CN-U-88203065, CN88203065, CN88203065 U, CN88203065.5, CN88203065U
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Illuminated spectacles
CN 88203065 U
The utility model discloses illuminated spectacles belonging to the optical field, comprising a spectacle leg (1) provided with a guiding wire in inner and a miniature spot light bulb (4) on the top, a spectacle frame (2) with the guiding wire, a specially made hinge (3) which can be used as a conductor and an external power resource. The utility model can help the users to see objects, tickets and files clearly and conveniently when the light ray is insufficient or walking at night, can be used by a doctor to observe the cavity channel of a patient body, and can be a child's toy spectacles. The illuminated spectacles is simple structure, light weight, attractive appearance, convenient wearing and easy manufacturing for batches.
Revendications(6)  Langue du texte original : Chinois
1.一种带照明的眼镜,由两条眼镜腿[1],一个带镜片的眼镜框[2]、两个铰链[3]和外接电源所组成,其特征在于:眼镜腿[1]的前部设有照明装置,芯部装有导线[5];眼镜框[2]的内部装有导线[10];铰链[3]是导体,它的一个活动边为“T”形。 An illuminated glasses, glasses by two legs [1], with a lens glasses [2], two hinge [3] and an external power supply, and is characterized in that: the temple [1] front portion provided with the lighting apparatus, equipped with the core wire [5]; internal eyeglass frame [2] is provided with wire [10]; hinge [3] is a conductor, it is an active edge is "T" shaped.
2.按照权利要求1所述的带照明的眼镜,其特征在于眼镜腿[1]前部开有底面带盖、前端带园孔的长方形空槽[17];眼镜腿[1]前部一侧设有限位槽[18]。 2. The belt according to claim 1, wherein the illumination glasses, characterized in that the temple [1] has a bottom surface opening portion of the front cover, the front end a circular hole with a rectangular empty slot [17]; temple [1] a front portion side has a slot limit [18].
3.按照权利要求1、2所述的带照明的眼镜,其特征在于所说的眼镜腿[1]前部的照明装置为在长方形空槽[17]内装有照明端外露的聚光电珠[4]、金属压紧片[8]、镀铜弹簧[7]、与导线[5]焊为一体的金属片[6]和一端与聚光电珠[4]的侧壁相接触,另一端伸入限位槽[18]内的“∏”形金属弹簧片[9]。 3. The belt according to claim 1, wherein the illumination glasses, characterized in that said temple [1] for the front portion of the lighting apparatus in a rectangular empty slots [17] that has the lighting end exposed Photoelectric beads [ 4], the pressing sheet metal [8], copper spring [7], with the wire [5] as one of the welded metal sheet [6] and one end Photoelectric beads [4] of the side walls in contact with the other end extending "Π" shaped piece of metal spring into the slot limit [18] within the [9].
4.按照权利要求1所述的带照明的眼镜,其特征在于所说的眼镜框[2]的上部框体适当缩短;导线[10]通过金属铆钉[11]的压紧而与铰链[3]相接触。 With lighting according to claim 1, wherein the glasses, wherein said eyeglass frame appropriate to shorten the [2] of the upper housing; wire [10] by metal rivets pressing [11] with the hinge [3 ] contact.
5.按照权利要求1所述的带照明的眼镜,其特征在于所说的铰链[3]的“T”形活动边为粘结固定于限位槽[18]内,它与“∏”形金属弹簧片[9]相接触。 5. The tape of claim 1, wherein the illumination glasses, characterized in that said hinge [3] "T" shaped movable side is bonded and fixed to the limiting groove [18] within which the "Π" shape metal spring piece [9] into contact.
6.按照权利要求1所述的带照明的眼镜,其特征在于所说的眼镜腿[1]和眼镜框[2]的本体为由塑料或赛璐珞制造;铰链[3]和其它金属部件为由黄铜、紫铜、钢、铝或铝合金来制造。 6. The tape of claim 1, wherein the illumination glasses, characterized in that said temple [1] and an eyeglass frame [2] of the body by plastic or celluloid; hinge [3] and other metal parts by brass, copper, steel, aluminum or an aluminum alloy manufactured.
Description  Langue du texte original : Chinois

本实用新型涉及一种带照明装置的眼镜,属光学领域。 The utility model relates to a lighting device with glasses, is the field of optics.

现市场上的眼镜为具有矫正视力或防护强光、射线等功能。 Glasses are now on the market to have corrected vision or glare protection, radiation, and other functions. 通常人们看书或观察物体,不仅要求具有一定亮度光线,而且要求光线的方向尽量与眼睛的视线一致。 Usually people reading or viewing objects, not only requires a certain brightness light, and requires as much as possible consistent with the direction of the light eye sight. 但在夜晚或在旅行中有时光线很暗,使人无法看清物体或文件,同时,一般光线的方向,均属固定,故人只能改变自己的位置,来适应光线的方向。 But at night or when you are traveling light and sometimes very dark, people can not see objects or documents, while the general direction of light, are fixed, the enemy can only change their position, to adapt the direction of light. 所有这些,均使人想到,若在人们最常使用的眼镜上装设照明光源,将会给人们带来许多方便。 All these are reminiscent of, if installed lighting in the glasses people use, will bring much convenience to people.

本实用新型之目的正是为了提供一种外形美观、使用方便的带有照明装置的眼镜,以满足人们在各种场合下对一种灵活的辅助性光源的需要。 The utility model precisely in order to provide a beautiful appearance, easy to use glasses with a lighting device, in order to meet people's need for a flexible auxiliary light source in a variety of occasions.

本实用新型的解决方案是:改进眼镜腿与眼镜框的结合部,在眼镜腿的前端装设微型聚光电珠,在侧面装铰链并和适当缩短了的眼镜框相铰接,利用铰链本身是导体并在眼镜框中装设导线,再外配电源的办法来实现。 The utility model solutions are: to improve the junction temple and glasses in the front temple miniature Photoelectric beads installed in side hinged and and appropriate to shorten the eyeglass frame with hinged by a hinge itself is a conductor and installation of the wire frame glasses, and then outside with the power of the ways to achieve.

以下结合附图对本方案的一个实施例加以说明:图1是照明眼镜的立体视图。 Below with reference to an embodiment of the program are described: Figure 1 is a perspective view of a lighting glasses.

图2是照明眼镜的A-A′剖面图。 Figure 2 is a lighting glasses A-A 'sectional view.

图3是照明眼镜的戴用系统图。 Figure 3 is a lighting system wears spectacles FIG.

图中各标号表示:1-眼镜腿;2-眼镜框;3-铰链;4-聚光电珠;5-导线;6-金属片;7-镀铜弹簧;8-金属压紧片;9-“∏”形金属弹簧片;10-导线;11-金属铆钉;12-电源线接头;13-电源线;14-电池匣;15-带滑扣的封盖;16-眼镜链;17-长方形空槽;18-限位槽;19-镜片。 Each figure numerals indicate: 1- temple; 2- glasses; 3- hinge; 4- Photoelectric beads; 5- wire; 6- metal sheet; 7- copper spring; 8- pressed sheet metal; 9- "Π" shaped metal spring sheet; 10- wire; 11- metal rivets; 12- power cord connector; 13- power cord; 14- Battery Pack; 15- with a slider cover; 16- glasses chain; 17- rectangle empty slots; 18- limiting groove; 19- lenses.

参照附图,在眼镜腿[1]的前部开有长方形空槽[17],其内装有照明端可外露的聚光电珠[4]。 Referring to the drawings, in the temple [1] to open the front of a rectangular empty slots [17], which can be built with exposed lighting end Photoelectric beads [4]. 在眼镜腿[1]的芯部装有导线[5],它一端与眼镜腿[1]尾部的电源线接头[12]的金属插口相焊接,另一端与金属片[6]相焊接,镀铜弹簧[7]一端压紧在金属片[6]上,另一端将金属压紧片[8]压紧在聚光电珠[4]的尾部电接点上。 Welded to the metal socket, the other end of the metal sheet in the temple [1] equipped with a core wire portion [5], which temple end with [1] the tail cord connector [12] [6] with welding, plating copper spring [7] is pressed against one end of the metal sheet [6], the other end of the pressing sheet metal [8] is pressed against Photoelectric beads [4] The electrical contacts on the tail. 在眼镜腿[1]的前部一侧设有限位槽[18],其内嵌入并粘结固定铰链[3]的一个“T”形活动边,在“T”形活动边的顶部空隙和聚光电珠[4]的侧面空隙内装有“∏”形金属弹簧片[9],它使聚光电珠[4]的侧壁电接点与铰链[3]相导通;眼镜框[2]的上部框体适当缩短,以平衡由于眼镜腿[1]加宽所占去的位置,同时在眼镜框[2]上部的框体内装设导线[10],导线[10]的端部外露并通过金属铆钉[11]的压紧而与铰链[3]的一个板状活动边紧密接触。 In the temple [1] is provided on one side of the front portion of the stopper groove [18], which is embedded within and bonded fixed hinge [3] of a "T" shaped movable edge, in the "T" shaped movable edge of the top gap and Photoelectric beads [4] side of the gap that has the "Π" shaped metal spring piece [9], it makes Photoelectric beads [4] sidewall electrical contact with the hinge [3] phase conduction; glasses [2] upper housing suitably shortened to balance due to the temple [1] to the position occupied by widening, while the spectacle frame [2] the upper portion of the housing of the installation wires [10], the ends of the wire [10] exposed by metal rivets [11] The close contact [3] is a plate-like activity and the hinge edge compression. 这样,在眼镜中各导体顺序相连并与两个聚光电珠[4]相串联成为通路。 Thus, the order in which the conductors are connected with two glasses Photoelectric beads [4] in series become pathways. 当聚光电珠[4]为采用市售之1.2伏0.1安的微型聚光电珠时,其外接电源的电池匣[14]中用两节1.5伏的干电池串联即可。 When Photoelectric beads [4] for the use of a commercially available 1.2 volt 0.1 amp miniature photoelectric poly beads, its external power supply Battery Pack [14] with two 1.5-volt batteries in series can be. 另外,聚光电珠[4]的装设应使其光束轴线垂直于眼镜片所在的平面,亦即光束轴线要低于眼镜腿[1]平直段12°~15°为宜。 In addition, poly photoelectric beads [4] should be installed so that the light beam axis is perpendicular to the plane of the spectacle lens is located, i.e., the axis of the beam is lower than the temple [1] straight sections 12 ° ~ 15 ° is appropriate. 眼镜链[16]为防止眼镜跌落,并方便要经常不断戴上和取下者使用。 Glasses chain [16] In order to prevent the glasses fall, and should always continue to wear and easy to remove to use. 本照明眼镜的眼镜腿[1]和眼镜框[2]的本体为采用塑料或塞璐珞制造;铰链[3]和其它金属部件为由黄铜、紫铜、钢、铝和铝合金来制造。 The lighting glasses temple [1] and an eyeglass frame [2] The main body is manufactured using a plastic or celluloid; hinge [3] and the other metal parts by brass, copper, steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys to manufacture.

本实用新型的优点为:1、它增加了眼镜的新功用,使戴用者在光线不足或夜晚旅行中能方便地看清物体、票证或文件。 The utility model has the advantages of: 1, it adds a new function of glasses, so that the wearer in low light, or night trips can easily see the object, tickets or documents.

2、它可用作内外科、五官科医生检查病人身体腔道时使用,特别对于不具备其它光源的农村医生来说,更是带来方便。 2, it can be used in the surgery, when the ENT doctor checking a patient's body cavity to use, especially for rural areas do not have other sources of doctors, more convenience.

3、它可用作为儿童玩具眼镜,增进儿童对科学的兴趣,启迪智慧,且在夜晚佩戴玩耍时,不易被别人碰撞。 3, it can be used as a children's toy glasses, promote children's interest in science and enlightened wisdom, and play at night wear, easy to be someone else collisions.

4、本照明眼镜造型美观、结构简单、重量较轻。 4, the lighting glasses attractive appearance, simple structure, light weight. 其电珠外露部份,恰为一般眼镜框上发亮的铜铆钉所在的位置,换为玻璃聚光电珠有如晶亮的钻石,更增加了美观。 Its bulb exposed part, just as the position of general glasses where shiny copper rivets, replaced with glass beads Photoelectric like bright diamonds, adds beautiful.

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