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  1. Recherche avancée dans les brevets
Numéro de publicationUS1033867 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication30 juil. 1912
Date de dépôt21 sept. 1911
Date de priorité21 sept. 1911
Numéro de publicationUS 1033867 A, US 1033867A, US-A-1033867, US1033867 A, US1033867A
InventeursAlfred P Blenkner, Birt Z Smith
Cessionnaire d'origineAlfred P Blenkner, Birt Z Smith
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Electric heater.
US 1033867 A
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[NI/151V TORS A 2707110 ya,




Patented July 30, 1912.

WITNESSES To all whom it concern:

, uNITED sTA'rEs ra'r nrr OFFICE.

ALIRED 1=.- BLENKNER AND BIR'I z. smrrn, or MOUNTAIN Home, Ina-Ho.

Be it known that we, ALFRED P. BLENK- NER and Bm'r Z. SMITH, citizens oftheUnited States, residing at 'Mount-ain Home, in the county of Elmore and State of Idaht), have invented certain new and useful Improve.

ments in Electric Heaters, of which the following is a specification. 1 v

This invention relates to electric heaters barber shops, massage parlors, and the like, and broadly speaking the purpose of which is to provide a heater so shaped as to cover 1 the wet towel applied to the face of a 15 son taking a steam or vapor bath. e

A'further object is to provide a heater which has double walls having the heating elements located therebetween, the latter consisting of electric wires and an electric vice suspended from the ceiling or other suitable place. i

A still further object is to provide a heater of the class described which is adjustable to different sizes and has therein spacing means for formin an air chamber between the heater and t e Wet towel, thus insuring a more even distribution of heat.

With the above and other objects in view, this invention consists in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts, all as hereinafter-more fully described, claimed and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, 'wherein the device in use; Fig. 2 is a sectional view A ofthe slack taking device; Fig. 3 is an in-.

side elevation of a heater; Fig. 4 is a plan view, the two side members being shown separately;- and Fig. 5 is a cross section of the heater. i

Throughout the following detail description and on the several figures of the drawin s, similar parts are referred to by like re erence characters.

Referring-more particularly to the drawings, at 1 and 2 are shown two sections which consist of outer shields or walls 3 and 4 and inner walls 5 and 6 respectively, said" walls beingjoined at the edge portion 7. The heating elements 8 consisting of electric wires are located between theinner and outer walls of the parts 1 and 2 respec-' Specification of Letters ZPatent.

J Application filed September 21, 1911. Serial No. 650,524.

for face steaming adapted to be used inv per- 'cord leading thereto from a slack taking de- Figure 1 is a perspective view showing I ELECTRIC HEATER.

Patented July 30, 1912.

the parts overlap as at 9 and a fastening means by which the heater sections are retained in adjusted position is provided consisting'of an car 10 having'a slot 11 adapted to receive the clamping bolt or stud 12, which latter is rovided with exterior threads on which t e handle 13 is received. As noted, the ear 10 is carried by the section 2 while the hollow clamping bolt '12 is projected from the section 1. The handle 13 serves as'a clamping nut, and also as a handle for manipulating the heater.

In order to admit air to the patient for breathing, the heater'is provided with open ings 14, said openings being cut in the overlapping edges of the two heater sections. The heater is contracted, as shown at 15, to fit under the chin of the wearer, and the shield is projected, as at 16, to provide space for the nose.-

Spacing members 17 are provided on the inner surface of the heater, said spacing members in this instance consisting of coiled wire, the purpose of which will hereinafter appear.

In use a wet or moistened towel is applied in the customary manner to the face ,of the person desiring a steam or vapor bath, and the heater is located on the towel, asillustra'ted in Fig. 1. The heater is of such dimensions that it practically covers all parts of the towel and, inasmuch asthe heating elements are distributed throughout the entire heater, an even temperature may be obtained. Said temperature may be varied according to desire by any conventional method such as a switch or the like which is not shown in the drawing. In order to obtain more evenly spread heat and to prevent'burning of the towel, spacing elements 17 are provided, the same spacing the heater from the towel sufliciently to admit of an air space therebetween. By the use of the heater,it will be noticed that a single towel may be used, thereby saving the trouble of replacing heated towels for cooled ones, as heretofore customary. The device 18 which may be suspended from the ceiling has for itspurpose to take up the slack of the electric cord 19 by means of a weight 20 and rollers 21, as clearly illustrated in Fig.

2. This weight may be of sufficient size to counterbalance the weight of the heater which, therefore, may be pulled up to they lower portion of the tube 22, or the weight 20 may only be of such size as to take up the 7 slack of the cord, the heater being located on a table-or other place convenient for use.

Having thus fully described our invention, what is claimed as new is 1= An electric face steamer comprising a concavo-convex hollow body consisting of rigid relatively movable sections, heating elements contained by the walls of said body, and means for connecting and adjusting the sections to conform to different size faces.

2. An electric face steamer comprising a sectional concave-convex hollow body, heating elements contained by the walls of said body, means for connecting and adjusting the sections to conform to differentsize faces, and spacing means projecting from the inner surfaces of said sections.

3. An electric face steamer comprising a sectional con'cavo-co-nvex hollow body, heating elements contained by the walls of'said body, means on one of said sections to engage with the other section, a handle received by the means aforesaid to connect -said sections and permit of adjustment and spacing members projecting from the inner surfaces of sald sections. .5. An electric face steamer comprising a sectional concavo-convex hollow body, the

sections of said'body having a flared opening to receive the nose and also having a reduced portion to fit over the chin, heating wires contained by the walls of saidbody, a hollow threaded stud formed on one of said sections, an ear having a slot therein formed on the other section and adapted to said adjusting means comprising a slotted ear carried by one of the sections, a hollow stud carried 'by the other member and a clamping nut, said sect-ions comprising an inner and outer wall, spacing members carried on the inner surface of the heater, electric heating wires carried between said inner and outer Walls, an electric cord adapted to pass through aforesaid hollow stud and the wires therein connected to said electric heat ing Wires, and a slack takingdevice adapted to take the slack of said electric cord.

Intestimony whereof, we affix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.


J; H. WmrsoN, R. P. HARMON.

said sections being adjustably connected,

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