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  1. Recherche avancée dans les brevets
Numéro de publicationUS1116523 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication10 nov. 1914
Date de dépôt19 nov. 1913
Date de priorité19 nov. 1913
Numéro de publicationUS 1116523 A, US 1116523A, US-A-1116523, US1116523 A, US1116523A
InventeursAlbert Westlake
Cessionnaire d'origineAlbert Westlake
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US 1116523 A
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91 1 523 Patented Nov. 10, 1911.4.


131* NEW Specificatiouiof Letters Liatent, illpplice'itioin filed November 1%, 1913.

To calico/10m it may concern Be it known that I, fiiililil lli'l fv 'asrcsii's, a citizen of the United States, and resident of the city, county, and State of New orlr, have invented certain new and useful linproven'ieizts iii Bottles, of which the following is a specification.

My inventioi'i. reiaies to that class of bot ties to which. a cap or seal of fibrous material is to be applied, and more particuiarly to bottles intended to contain milk, drinkingwater, arvi other articles for daily dis tribution and use. it is d sirable that the cap so applied should be practically airtightso that the contents of the bottle may be protected against dust, dirt or other contamination; and that the cap should have a suiiiciently firni hold upon the bottleneck to resist the somewhat rough and hurried handling which such bottles receive during transportation and distribution. It is also desirable that such caps should be easily re moved to get at the contents, and should be replaceable to the extent that after a portion of the contents is removed thecap can be put on again and hold sufiiciently for ordinary purposes of handling in domestic use. As heretofore constructed, the bottles,

milk bottles for instance, which have been capped by fibrous material have been provided only with the various types of bottleneck rims or without such rim, but so far as I know, it has heeri found impossible to apply satisfactorily fibrous caps or closures Where the bottle has an exterior screw thread upon its neck. While it has been found possible to mold the fibrous material over the protruding screw-thread with varying deggrcesof accuracy, it has also been found that such capping was extremely uncertain, as most of the caps so applied failed to hold their grip, or to assume a shape conformed to such screw-thread It Will be understood that the removai and replacement of a fiber-cap upon a. bottle hayingthe ordinary bottle-neck riro. do pends upon the presenceoi a certain amount of springiness in the cap as formed so that it can be forcibly expanded by hand so as to pass over the enlargement called the bottle-neck rim. The advantage of screw thread cap is that without springing or distorting the cap in any Way, the cap may be turned on and off readily like any other screw-threaded. connection Also that it 1 cuity iii molding have devised a sciieceri cannot be displaced by or hi idliiig in transportation or otherwise miles a twish mg force is applielil of suilicieiit duration. to unscrew the ca 3, whereas What may he called the plain topped bottle, a f rce sci? iiciciit to pond the cap enough to slip over the riiii vv'ill 'icu ovo so, ii hetlfioi" said rorce is applied intention or not.

llhavo discovered that the practical diflia fibrous upon a scrmctlucaded bottle :cecli lice iri rim being able to center the bottle with .rd to the radial folding and tucking fingers by which the somewhat plastic cap is moii'ied bottle-neck. To overcoir i M by reason of its cor a, coo bottle to present its screW-threa relation to the said lingers so 2 tion is precise and uniform.

One form oi my improved hot .2 L in the accompanying dmwiug is Which-- A. is the body of thebottle.

B is the neck.

C is the projecting scrcw-thread, and l) is the centering device "which may be depression, preferably triangular as shown, or c projecting stud if preferred. This centering" device is an integral part of the Bottle at its base and is designed to ei'igage suitable,

projection or recess the case may he", upon the plate or table upon which the bottle is placed for the-capping operation. This con teririg device D is, as shown in the draw-- ing, located vertically under the opening a, or" the screwthread C it is imp'orl'aoi that What may be coiled the beginning; of the screw-thread fold of the lihrous material should tehe place at the some posi tion of the folding and tucking lingers. The

rest or the operation 'inilmvs clumsily nd accurately when the beginning is true.

in practice if have found theta Tli .h of a quarter of an inch is appwmriete in-r a. bottie iieck of one and one-hoif inches is external diameter, hut the pitch may he made to vary Wit the size oi. the bottleneck.

It wilhhc found that my iuiprcriwl bottle will receive a fibrous cap put on by the usual and suitahlc capping heads or pluir 165' gel-s as readily as the bottle had an ordinary bottle ueclr rim, and t is Willill so applied. the cap can he uhscreuieo and. screwed 01! again pleasure, practicaiiy as ii? is a metal sereu cap.


Q mmms The many advans'ga es 01'? this improvefi Wit-hregard to the opening of said screwconstructien will, mm, "be understood thread formation it insures the begin- 10 without further explanatinm. I ning of the capping npem' aion in the proper 1 shim: posltion.

5 A botfle gn'oviuea. with a scr ew-threa formaticn near the top of? the bottle-mack Witnesses: 31 reseiving a can, anfii centering clevice 1312mm? NACKNEE-EOEELT,

upon the body 0% the buotle and so located V W. P. E REBLE,


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Classification aux États-Unis215/44
Classification coopérativeB29B2911/1402, B65D1/0246, B29B2911/1444