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Numéro de publicationUS1372101 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication22 mars 1921
Date de dépôt24 janv. 1920
Date de priorité24 janv. 1920
Numéro de publicationUS 1372101 A, US 1372101A, US-A-1372101, US1372101 A, US1372101A
InventeursSnow Theodore T
Cessionnaire d'origineSnow Theodore T
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Urine-container and supporter therefor
US 1372101 A
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1,372,101. l Patented Mar. 22,1921.

@Mum/tto@ @50a/are 7652024,

' the person, nature takesits course.




Specication of lLetters Patent.

Patented Mar. 22, 1921.

Application led January 24, 1920. 'Serial No. 353,910.

.certain new and useful. Improvements in p Urine-Containers and Supporters Therefo-r, .of which the following is a specification,

reference being had to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to an improved urine container and supporter therefor, especially adapted for the male sex.

Medical statistics show that a certain percentage of the people are troubled a great deal with weak bladders, therefore, unable vto hold their urine. When such people have to attend the calls of nature, and it is inconvenient for them to do so, they endeavor to holdftheir urine, which in some cases, if under suspense too long, unconsciouslhto 1s results in soiled clothing, which is not only unpleasant, but ruinous -to the outer garments.

This invention, therefore, aims to provide receptacles or containers to be worn in the crotch between the legs at a point to the rear of the testicles and connected to the penis, and adapted to receive and hold the others who are not troubled with weak bladders, so that when nature is called upon to perform its necessary functions the anxiety and suspense (which arises from Waiting to reach a urinal) arerelieved, for the reason that the person may` instantly attend to the call of nature. In this case, the person may, upon reaching a urinal or any other suitable place, empty the receptacle or container and replace the appliance vif desired.

The invention further aims to provide an improved supporter to be Worn around the waist and connected to containers, or receptacles, which is between the legs, and one which can .be manufactured for a relatively low cost and sold at a reasonable profit and also one which can easily and very quickly be a plied.

ile the design and construction at present illustrated and set forth is deemed prefarable, it is obvious that as a result of areuction of the invention toa more pract1cal or'm for commercial purposes, the invention may be susceptible to changes, and the right to these changes is claimed, provided they are comprehended within the scope of what is claimed. I t

The invention comprises further features and combination of parts, as-will be hereinafter set forth, shown in the drawings, and claimed.

In the drawings: lFigure 1 is a view showing the application of the improved containers and supporters as applied. f v

Fig. 2 is a frontview showing the containers and supporter applied.

Fig. 3 is a rear view showing the containers and supporter applied.

Fig. Il is a detail sectional view through the connection with the penis.

Fig. 5 is a detail View in section of yone of the fasteners of the supporter.

- Referring more especially to the draw'- mgs, 1 designates a supporter as a whole, and which comprises a waistband 2 having its two ends fastenedadjustablytogether atI therear of the body of the wearer, by a buckle 3. This buckle has a headed stud 4.-. The forward part of the waist band merges into a broad portion .5. VThe waist band may be constructed of any suitable material,

-such as fabric, preferably canvas or the like.

The material of the side portions of they band is woven into any suitable material forming said broad portion, preferably a rubberized net fabric. This broad portion merges into a short rubberized net fabric extension 6, which is woven into a rubberized fabric, pliable tube 7 adapted to receive the penis. This tube terminates in an eX- tension 8, the wall of which is considerably thicker than the wall of said tube, and furthermore owing to the thicker wall, the extension, though not stiff, is more rigid than the tube, and is threaded to an extension 9 of the coupling 10. The extension 8 has an interiorannular shoulder 11, constituting a valve seat for the check valve 12, which is mounted on the interior of the extension 8, to prevent the back flow of the urine. One end of the coupling is threaded as at 13 and tapered, and 14 denotes a union,

by which the flanged end 15 of the nipple l 16 is connected to the threaded end of the coupling. The nipple 16 is provided with part of the rubberized net fabric communicative containers or receptacles 19, which are supported between the legs of the wearer, by means of the forward and rear straps 20 and 21. These straps are secured at 22 in any suitable manner to the receptacles or containers. The receptacles or containers are preferably of the shapeshown, though they may be of other formation and are adapted to receive the urine. In order that they may readily receive the urine, they are so constructed that they may eX- pand as the lurin enters, or they may have slight air vents as indicated at 23 to allow the escape of air as the urine enters. The broad portion of the Waist band has riveted thereto as at 24 plates 25 provided with headed studs 26.v The upper forward ends of straps 20 are folded to form loops 27, by which the buckles or plates 28 are connected to the straps.' These buckles or plates have loop ends 29 which engage the headed studs 26 to support the straps. The rear strap 21 has a loop end 30 to which a buckle or plate 31 is connected. This plate or buckle has an eye loop 32 which engages' the headed stud 4 of the buckle 3, whereby the rearcstrap is supported. In the use of the appliance, it is applied as shown, and when the wearer desires to attend to the call of nature, the urine is allowed to flow, unseating the check valve, permitting it tol enter the containers or receptacles through the tube 18. vWhen the containers are filled sufliciently, and it is convenient, they may be emptied. This may be accomplished by 'removing the appliance and then disconnecting the straps from the waist band and uncoupling the tube 18, which will permit theurine to discharge, when the tube 18 is allowed to protrude downwardly.

The invention having been set forth, what is claimed as new and useful is:

1. In an appliance as set forth, the combination with containers for arrangement in the crotch between the legs centrally thereof, relatively to the front and rear of the body, of a tubular element to receive the penis of the wearer, a relatively broad rubberized net fabric piece into which said element integrally merges, supporting belts connected to said piece and extending above the waist of the wearer and having their rear ends detachably connected, a communicating connection separably joining the element and said containers, supporting straps connected to the piece on opposite sides of the element where it connects with the piece, said straps being in turn connected to the containers, and additional supporting straps engaging the rear of the body and having their lower ends connected to the containers and their'upper ends connected to the supporting straps which extend about the waist.

2. In an appliance as set forth, a waist band adapted to extend about the waistof the wea-rer and having separable ends connected together at the rear of the body, a relatively broad rubberized net fabric waist band piece integrally connected to the waist band, said waist band piece having an integral depending tubular element to receive the penis of the body of the wearer, whereby said relatively broad piece may conform to the body of the wearer relatively adjacent the base of the penis, containers adapted for arrangement in the crotch between the legs of the wearer, straps connecting the forward upper parts of the containers and said relatively `broad piece, supporting straps connected to the rear upper part of the containers engaging in the crotch and extending upwardly to the rear and being detachably connected to the waist band, and a separable tubular connection having separable parts connecting the tubular element and said containers.

In testimony whereof I hereunto allix mv signature.


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