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Numéro de publicationUS1389981 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication6 sept. 1921
Date de dépôt25 juin 1920
Date de priorité25 juin 1920
Numéro de publicationUS 1389981 A, US 1389981A, US-A-1389981, US1389981 A, US1389981A
InventeursRandall Clifford R
Cessionnaire d'origineRandall Clifford R
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Automatic cash-drawer
US 1389981 A
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1,389,981, PatentedSept. 6,1921.

4 I I. I (I) A /Z A I A I, II HI ||H|||| '1 T A jiijlqii 1 fun Fi .2. 1 IN 45/ I I I I I i A.

3 5 vwewfoz 'W STATES I T NT Mme r j 1 To all whofit'z'tmay concern I ems-om) n. mnnunor COUNCIL Bruins, -1o a.


' Specification Be it known that I, CLIFFORD R. RANDALL,

V a citizen of the United States, residing in Council Blufi's, in the county of Pottawattamie and State of Iowa,'have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Automatic Cash-Drawers, of which the following is a specification.

The purpose of this invention is primarily to provide a cash drawer operably enga eable with a hand actuated visible adding machine, such for instanceas the Burroughs,

' 'ated by an extending handled crank 11 and whereby upon operation ofthe machine the drawer is automatically opened.

Further objects are in the rovisi'on of means for maintaining the -rawer in a locked condition, except upon full movement of the crank handle of the machine, and also for giving an audible signal when the drawer isopened. I

These objects are attained by the novel construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and shown in the accompanying drawings, forming a material part of this disclosure,- and in which- I V Figure 1 is a side view -of -drawer with the wall-of the casing' removed:

Fig. 2 is a broken plan view with cover removed. f

Fig. 3 is a broken' side. view-showing bell operating mechanism. I Referring to the drawings in detail, the numeral 10 designates a"conventi onal' type of adding machine or like mechanism operprovided with feet 12 adapted to enter the depressions 14 formed in the top or upper surface of a rectangular casing or box 15 tightly closed upon a 1 sides exce t'the front.

This casing ma preferably e'made of wood, highly pollshed and finished ornamentally to agree with its surroundings, and adapted to rest upona desk, table or like level surface.

The front 16, of the drawer 17 when closed covers the opening to the casing, preventing intrusion. a

The interior of'the" drawer may be formed to receive bills of various denommations and contain tills for coins, the drawer being supported by an les resting on anti-friction rollers at its si es, the angles running in appropriate grooves, in the sideslof the casmgs, as shown.

Attached to the inner surface of the real.

Application filed I une 25, 1920. Serial m5. 3 1,771;

fLett'ers Patent.

atented Sept. 6, 1921.

is rotatably mounted a round bar 22 having rigidly secured to its end, adjacent the right I hand side of the casing, a short arm 23, in wh ch is aflixed a pin24. w

Also secured to the bar .22, at approxi-' mately the center of the casing, i's-a hook 25 havmgai beveled lowerlsurface adaptedto slide over a projection 26-.formed'with a detent 27, rigidly fixed in the rear wallxof the drawer 17, so as to engage hold the drawer tightly closed.

: Alever 28 is pivoted at a point near its front endon a screw stud 29 set in the nner side o-f the casing, the inner, longer extendingend of the lever terminating in 7 forks 30 between which is loosely engaged the P11124 thus conveying motion to the bar 22. a

At the front end of the lever 28 is pivotally. attached a dplunger rod 31, the same extendmgmpwar through an opening 32 m the casing cover and carrying at its ex tended end a roller 33, normally held in a raised posltlon' due to the pull of a tension the same andi springfi attached at its: ends respectively }'to the c'asing'cover and lever. 1

Fixed to the handle crank 11 of the machine or to the shaft on which it is engaged, 18 8. cam 35 so positioned relative to the crank that as the-same is turned in a forward direction horizontally downward, as in o erati-ng' the machine, it makes contact with 't eroller, depressing the plunger, and by thedescribed-intervening mechanism, raises "the hook, thus releasing the drawer.

'- Also in this space, at the side opposite the lever 28, a bell 37 is fixed to'the casing and contactable with it'is' a hammer 38 ivoted to'the side wall by the screw 39 and eld in a normally vertical position by the tension sprin 40 attached at one end to the hammer stem ub and at the other to the casing.

A spring strip'41 extends rearwardly. from the side of the drawer and is formed into a'hook 42 engageable with the hammer stem so as to draw the same forward until re- Disposed in the space between the inner ioa leased liy the continued movement of the drawer, whereupon it rebounds and strikes 1'0 desire to secure by. Letters Patent, is

the bell, giving an audible signal that the drawer has been opened, the return of the drawerresetting the hook for further action.

From the foregoing it will beseen that a neat, comprehensive and practical money drawer has been disclosed capable of fulfilling the objects and purposes mentioned.

Having thus described my invention and set forth the manner of its construction, ap-

plication and use,,what I claim as new and drawer engageable by said hook, an arm fixed on the bar, a lever pivoted in saidcasing, said lever having a part engaging said arm, means for holding said lever 1n operative :position, a plunger carried at the opposite end of said lever and-.a cam fixed on said handle adapted to depress said plunger and release sa'ieldrawer. co-incident with its operation. Y

2. In a deviceo f t'he bas described, the combination with a hand operated calculating mechanism having a rotatable handle, a

casing on which the base of said mechanism' rests and a money drawer. operable in saidcasing, of a'detent holding sald drawe r when in a closed position, means for rojecting said drawer when1released,fafbel fixed 'in said casing at the rear of said'dra'wer, a hammer normally raised resillently over said bell, a spring hook c'a'rri'edQbyfsaid I drawer engageable with saidh'ammer, a cam on said handle, and intervenin'g levers opand permitting said drawer to moye outwardly.

In testimony name" to this application.


whereof I have signed my 'erated by said cam for'rel'easing saiddetent

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