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  1. Recherche avancée dans les brevets
Numéro de publicationUS1428102 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication5 sept. 1922
Date de dépôt24 déc. 1920
Numéro de publicationUS 1428102 A, US 1428102A, US-A-1428102, US1428102 A, US1428102A
InventeursWilliam Ashley Kelly
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William ashley kelly
US 1428102 A
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Patented Sept. 5, 1922. r 1



Application'filed December 24, 1920." Serial No. 432,949, I

To allwhomz'tmag concern: r

I Be it known that I, VVILLIAM ASHLEY KELLY, a citizen of the United States, residing inJersey City, in the countyof Hudson and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Invoice Sheets, of which the following is a specification. p g a This invention relates to entry-sheets for use in: a typewriting machine, such,for example, as an invoice-sheet, bill-sheet or statement-sheet upon which successive items are entered'from time to time or from day to day for a suitable period, commonly until the end of a month, when the completed statement is sent to the customer. Such sheets have beencommonly provided with a detachable left-hand marginal part or lateral filing margin for temporarily binding or filing the entry-sheet between the times of the typing of the successiveentries or items thereon. This'filing margin is torn off before sending the invoice'or statement to the customer," in order thereby to give aneat and pleasing appearance to the sheet, particularly as the detachable filing margin is commonly providedwith' a plurality of large holes for use in the temporary filing or binding ofthe' entry-sheet. By reason ,of the repeated insertion of the entry-sheet into the typewriting chine, the top or leading edge'thereof and particularly the upper corners have a tendency" to become worn, and "frayed, sothat by the time the end of the month isreached, the invoice, bill or statement is not-in a neat or presentable condition for sending tothe customer." This poor or damaged condition of the sheet has been in large part caused by the tendency of the corners at the top .or leading end of the sheet to catch upon parts of the typewriting machine. Also, this catching of the corners interferes, of course, with the running of the sheets through the typewritingmachine.

An important object of the invention is to facilitate the insertion in the typewriting machine of an ,entry-sheethaving detachable filing margin, while leavingthe entrycontaining body part of the sheet in symmetrical shape for sendingto the customer after the filing margin has been torn off. In this connection another'object of the invention is to produce an entry-sheet in which. the part whi'ch is to be sent to the cuscoMrAnY, or new YORK,


noticeable evidence of wear N. A CORPORATION OF DELA- tomer will not present fraying or other im perfection due to having been put through the typewriting machine many times.

According to the present invention, the entry-sheet has rounded right and left upper corners and comprises a body part for receiving the successive items or entries, a

detachable lateralmarginal part at one side of the body part and providing for the temporary filing of the sheet between the the typewriting machine repeatedly, and

extension projecting successive entries, and

when said detachable lateral filing marginal part and said lateral extension have been 'bothdetached'from the main or body part of the entry-sheet, this body part will be of pleasing symmetrical appearance for sending to the customer,"and also this body part will befree from tearing, fraying or from having been passed repeatedly through the typewriting machine. i i

Other features and advantages will hereinafter appear.

"In the accompanying drawings, the figure shown is a plan or face View of an invoicesheet or statement-sheet embodying the invention. i

The statement-sheet or invoice-sheet, illustrated in the accompanying drawing, comprises a main body part A, which, in this particular sheet, is shown as made up of an item-receiving lower part 1 upon which the various items may be successively entered, and an upper detachable stub part 2 to contain the eustomers address and to berreturned by'him with his check,as heretofore has been customary. The stub 2Jis shown as joined to the entry-carrying part lgby means of perforations 3, as heretofor 'The entry-sheet is provided at the left side of the body part A thereof with a filing margin or lateral marginal part 4 having therethrough large holes 5, shown astwo in number, for convenience in temporarily binding or filing the entry-sheet by this marginal side part 4. This lateral upper corners and comprising a body part for having successive entries typed thereon, a lateral filing marginal part at the left side of the body part and detachably connected therewith along a weakened line of detachment providing for easy detachment of the filing marginal part from the body part when the entries on the body part are complete, the filing marginal part having holes therethrough for the purpose of filing the entry-sheet between the times of the making of the successive entries on the body part thereof, and a lateral extension projecting from the right side of the body part and detachably connected therewith along a weakened line of detachment providing for easy detachment of said lateral extension from the body part when the entries on the body part are complete, the upper left rounded corner of the entry-sheet being carried by the filing marginal part, and the upper right rounded corner of the entrysheet being carried by said lateral extension, whereby the repeated insertion of the entry-sheet in the typewriting machine is facilitated by said rounded corners, and also whereby the upper end of the body part will be left in symmetrical shape with square right and left upper corners after the detachment therefrom of said filing marginal part and said lateral extension.





Patented Sept. 5, 1922.

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