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  1. Recherche avancée dans les brevets
Numéro de publicationUS1433335 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication24 oct. 1922
Date de dépôt26 oct. 1921
Date de priorité26 oct. 1921
Numéro de publicationUS 1433335 A, US 1433335A, US-A-1433335, US1433335 A, US1433335A
InventeursBensch Kurt
Cessionnaire d'origineBensch Kurt
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Basket-ball toy
US 1433335 A
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APPLICATION FILED 06126 1921. El 3pm Patyented @et Ult'll MENSCH, 0F PATCHUGUE, NEW YOR.


application med @ctobcr a6, 1921. Serial No. tlftm'l.

To ./Z whom 'it may conce-m:

Be it known that ll, KURT lBnNscnL, a cltizen of the limited States, and a resident of latcliogue, in the county of Suolk and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Basket-Ball rlloy, ci which the :following is a description. j The general object of my invention is. to provide a to comprising a figure slmulatlng a basket ball player and a basket positione to receive a ball thrown by the figure when' operated. v

A more specific object of the invention 1s to provide in connection with the figure, ball-throwing means of strongand simple construction and positive in actlon.

The nature of the invention and lts distinctive features and advantages will clearly appear as the description proceeds.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specitication, it being understood that the drawings are merely illustrative of one examltd ple of the invention. v

Figure 1 is a plan view of an apparatus embodying my invention, the figures being duplicated with the correspondlng baskets on opposite back stops; f

Figure 2 is a vertical sectlon'as indicated by the line 2-2, Figure 1.

llnasmuch as the figure and the basket with its support are duplicated it willsudice to describe one.

lln constructing a practical embodiment of the invention, a base structure is provided, at one end ot which is a back stop 11 supporting a basket 12, here shown as held by an angle bracket 13 secured to the back stop 11. Said back stop 11 is in the form of a plate sustained in an elevated position by posts 14, the lower ends oit which are entered in or otherwise suitably secured to the base. The base may, in simulation of the actual basket ball game, have a circular area 15 delined thereon as well as an area 16l ad jacent to the basket support. g

Supported on the base structure 10 1s a figure 17 in general simulation of a basket ball player. Said figure has suitable securing means as for example a base block 18 formed with tenons 19 entered vertically in holes in the base structure. rllhe ligure carries a cup 2() tor a ball 21 to be thrown from the cup to the basket 12. The cup 20 is carried by the arms 22 of the ligure, said arms being pivoted between their ends at the .a second horizontal hole 298L in shoulders of thel figure as at 23 to rock in vertical planes, thereby constituting said arms levers of the lirst order. To each arm 22 at the opposite side of the pivot from the cup 20 is secured as at 25 one end of a coil sprlng 24, the other end of the spring being secured to the bodfy of the ligure as at 25.

rll`he two arms o a figure are joined by a cross bar 26 to which is secured at the approxlmate center a pull string 27, said pull string extending downwardly through a hole 28 1n the top of the base structure 10 and longitudinally of the base through a second hole 29 in a prop 30 beneath the base structure, the string bein carried forwardly to the end of the plat orm through a second prop 30*L adjacent to the platform end. rlhe .string has a ring 31 or other suitable handhold for pulling the string.

With the above described construction a pull on the string 27 will rock the arms 22 in a manner to dispose the cup 2O at the back of the ligure and at the same time the movement of the arm 22 will stress the springs 24 so that upon the user letting go of the ring 31 the re-action of the springs 24e will rock the arms 22 forwardly and cause the ball 21 to be projected from the cup 20 toward the basket 12.

ll would state in conclusion that while the illustrated example constitutes a practical embodiment of my invention, ll do not limit myself strictly to the exact details herein illustrated, since, manifestly, the same can be top of theY ttl till

considerably v aried without departure from i the spirit of the appended claims.

aving thus described my invention, l claim:`

1. A toy of the class described a base structure, elevated position basket by said back stop, a igure supported on the base structure distant from the verinvention as defined in the comprising a back stop supported in on said base structure, a

tical plane of the back stop, said figure havthe vertical plane of the back stop, said figure having arms pivoted between their ends to constitute levers of the irst order, a cup carried by said arms and adapted to receive a ball for the projection of the latter to the basket springs connected with said arms at the side of the pivots opposite the cup., and a pull string attaehedto a part rigid with the arms to swing said arms and the ball cup in opposition to the springs and place t e latter under tension, so that the re-action of the springs will swing th(x arms in a direction to project the ball toward L said basket, said pull string extending downwardly through the top of the base and forwardly beneath the top of the hase bevond the end of the base and provided with menus to grasp the string.


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Classification aux États-Unis273/317.3, 446/308, 273/355
Classification internationaleA63F7/06, A63F7/20
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Classification européenneA63F7/06A3