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Numéro de publicationUS1454196 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication8 mai 1923
Date de dépôt16 juil. 1921
Date de priorité16 juil. 1921
Numéro de publicationUS 1454196 A, US 1454196A, US-A-1454196, US1454196 A, US1454196A
InventeursTrood Samuel
Cessionnaire d'origineTrood Samuel
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Device for producing and utilizing combustible mixture
US 1454196 A
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May 8, 1923- I H 1,454,196 I s. TROOD DEVICE FOR PRODUCINGAND UTILIZING COMBUSTIBLE IX URE Filed July 16 192i 2 Sheets-sheaf 1- INyENT'OR Patented May 8, 1923.

SAMUEL 'rnooi), or PITTSBURGH,.rEnivsYnvAnIA.

DEVICE r01 v rnonUcInG nn UTILIZING com s 'mmma;

Application'filed July 16,

devices for producingand utilizing a combustible mixture and is a continuation in partof my co-pending application, Serial Io. 410,350, filed September 14, 1920.

The object of the invention is to produce a device of this character, comprising a uni tarv structure, in which a plurality of Venturi passages are formed, whereby the combustible mixture traversing said passages is broken into separate and independent streams, which intersect at the point of combustion or the point of entering the heating chamber and diverge or spread at such point.

Another object of my invention is to produce a device of this character having means, including a series of constricted passages for feeding gaseous or fluid fuel or both to a point of combustion by pressure.

I accomplish these objects by means of the device hereinafter more specifically de- Figure 5 is a section on line V-V of Figure 3.

Figure 6 is a side elevation of another modification of my improved device.

Figure 7 is a section on line VII.VII of Figure 6.

Referring to said drawings, 1 is a shell or casing enclosing a rectangular chamber or channel, 2. 3 is a plug of pyramidal configuration obstructing said channel. being disposed and secured therein by means of the rods, 4, and forming a plurality of constricted or Venturi passages, 5. Pipe or 1921. serialize/485340.

pipes, 6, 6, are inserted in openings in the wall of the casing orshell, for the purpose of introducing gaseous fuelinto said Venturi passages. In Figures 3, 4, and 5,1is shown a modification of my improved device. The device shown in said Figures 3, 4 and 5, includes a shellor' casing,-7,-pro vided with a channel therethrough, a plug or obstructing-member, 8, of the form are truncated cone disposed in said channel, forms a constricted area or peripheral channel between the'obstructing member and lasers the inner walls of the shell, a nunii-- iv ber ofspirally disposed vanes or blades,

9, 9, are secured in notches, 2, formed blades being suitably secured inithe ends,

respectively, of the casing 'interiorly there of and serves to give the gases'aswirling.

movement in the "beginningainder considerable pressure, which pressure is reduced;

as it'traverses the chamber until it arrives at a point substantially on a vertical plane with the center of the cone. Thereafter, the pressure is increased and the increase continues towards the exit of the chamber until it equals the pressure at the entrant end of the chamber. The said obstructing memher is adapted to be adjustably positioned in said. channel for the purpose of varying the pressure effect at the point offuel admission to said constricted area.

In Figures 6.. 7, I show another modification of my improved device. In said figures I show a shell or casing, 10, one end of which is closed by a screw cap, 11,

and is provided with an orifice, 12, in which a gas supply pipe, 13, is inserted. The said cap is provided with a centrally disposed orifice or opening, 14, in Which a tube or pipe, '15, is inserted. Upon the inner end of said tube or pipe, 15, is secured the plug or obstructing member, 16, which as shown includes a double truncated cone connected at their bases and which is centrally bored and provided with laterally disposed conduits, 17 The said plug is provided with projections or pins, 18, which are screwthreaded and seated in a screw-threaded socket formed in saidcone, the said pro-- jections or pins being adapted to be supported in grooves 19. 20, arranged in the shell near the top and bottom of the upper edge of said cone. The said plug or abutmentis adapted to be adjustably positioned Within the bore of the shell for the purpose of increasing or decreasing the constricted area therein, thus varying the pressure and velocity of the gases transversing the chamber within the shell; that is to say, the

movement of the gases is accelerated or the interposed in said chamber forming a con stricted area, the said means being adapted to be adjustably positioned in said chamber for the purpose of varying the suction effect in the vicinity of said constricted area,

' and means to introduce combustible mixture into said constricted area.

2. A device-for producing and utilizing a combustible mixture, which includes a shell or casing enclosing a chamber, means including a double truncated cone shaped plug interposed in said chamber and forming a constricted peripherical area therein, the said cone shaped plug being centrally bored, and provided with a pipe communieating with said bore, the free end of said pipe projecting through one end of said shell or casing, whereby the said cone shaped plug is adapted to be advanced or withdrawn in said conical shell for the purpose of adjusting its position therein, whereby the pressure effect of the gases and the velocity thereof is varied and controlled.

3. A device for producing and utilizing combustible mixture which includes a shell enclosing a chamber, means comprising a plug interposed in said chamber to form a constricted area therein, the said plug being in the form of a double truncated (tone and forming Venturi passages, the said plug being adjustably positioned in said chamber for the lurpose of varying the suction effect in the constricted area formed be tween the walls of said plug and the walls SAMUEL TROOD.

In the presence of- JOHN H. RONEY, CLARENCE A. WILLIAMS.

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Classification aux États-Unis48/189.4
Classification internationaleB01F5/04, F23D14/48
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