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Numéro de publicationUS1482422 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication5 févr. 1924
Date de dépôt7 nov. 1922
Date de priorité7 nov. 1922
Numéro de publicationUS 1482422 A, US 1482422A, US-A-1482422, US1482422 A, US1482422A
InventeursWorkman Ansel E
Cessionnaire d'origineRichard H Pugh
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Spark plug
US 1482422 A
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Feb. 5 1924.v`

A. E.v woRKMAN S PARK PLUG F11-15121. E Wclrkma'n.

Filed Nov. 7. 1922 0 00000000000 000000000000000&@0000000000000000000 www.vnnnnvvv n Patented Feb. 5,1924.- 4



To all 'whomvz't may concern:

Beit known that I, ANsnL E. WORKMAN,

` a citizen of 'the United states, residing a Gales Ferry, in the county of New London and State of Connecticut, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Spark Plugs, of which the following is a speellication. o

This invention relates to improvements 1n spark plugs.

The primary` object of this invention is the provision of a compact and effective spark plug, embodying 'a novel arrangement by means of which an ordinary current may produce a spark that is hotter and more intensive, than is capable of being produced by the ordinary spark plugs.

A further object of this invention is the provision ,of ,a spark plug embodying a novel coil arrangement cooperating about the central electrode therof, so that current passing through the plug may produce a magnetic spark, so to speak, which more effectively cooperateswith explosive charges than the sparks -produced by the conventional spark plug arrangement.

Other advantages are inherent in the improved spark plug and will be partially apparent during the course of the following detailed description. p

In the drawmg, forming a partof this specification, 'and wherein similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

Figure 1 is an enlarged longitudinal cross sectional view, taken through the improved spark plug.

Figure l2 is a side elevation of the vimproved spark plug.

Figure 3 is a transverse cross sectional view, taken substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure l. Y

Figure 4 is an enlarged perspective view of a coil arrangement embodied in this invention. p

In the drawing, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown but thep-referred embodiment ofdshis invention, the letter A generally indiates the improved spark plug, which may include the novel current coop'- erating coil arrangement B, and the housin arrangementl eferrlng to a portion ofthe housin arrangement C, the samev preferably inc udesY the metal .body 10,` having the chamber or passageway 11 therethrough, and including the lower externallyscrew threaded cylinder inserting end 12, and the external polyg onal shaped wrench engaging portion 13, which is internally screw threaded, as at 14, for the detachable connection of the externally threaded shank end 15 of the coupling nut 16.' The lower end of the body ground electrode 17.

Referring to the arrangement B, the same includes the relatively long central electrode 20, which includes thegrelatively small diameter lower portion 21, and the upper relatively larger diameter cylinder portion 22; the latter being longerthan the portion'21.

Por' i. tion 10 preferably carries the L-shaped At the juncture of the portions 21 and 22,

an annular flange 23 is preferably provided,

which may receive a sleeve of mica. or analagous insulating material 24, against liability of longitudinal movement thereon. This insulation body 24 preferabl is disposed through the passageway 25o the'coupling nut 16, as by being rigidly aiiixed thereto in any approved manner. At the lower juncture of the coupling 16 and the insulation sleeve 24, a wedge ring 27 may `be permanently aflixed, to provide a leak proofconnection; and at the lower end of the insulation sleeve 24, a washerv29 integral with the electrode portion 21 may provide a leak proof connection. In this ar-y rangement, the to surfaces of the coupling member 16, and t e insulation sleeve 24 are iiush, Substantially asis illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing. On these surfaces, a fiber end or ring member 30 is provided, which cooperates with the upper similarly shaped fiber or other insulating disc member 31, which is screw threaded Vupon the extreme lupper nend of the central electrode 20.

The larger diameter portion 22 of the central electrode 20, intermediate the disc members 30and'31, is adapted-to support aninner coil 33 of relatively fine copperwire, which for-,ordinaryspark plugs provldes five serles of convolutions 34, circumferentially theI entire length intermediate the insulating ends 30 and '31. An outer coil 35 is also provided, annularly arranged about the inner coil 33, intermediate the ends 30 and 31. This coil 35 is of relatively` coarse copper wire and preferably provides five series of convolutions -3.6 thereof ex- Y -dudnby the improved plug A has tending longitudinally aloner the inner coil. Thus it can be seen that the cores 33 and possess the same number of series of spiral convolutions about the core portions 5 22 of central electrode 20. The winding of the coils 33 and 35 are in opposite directions about the electrode portion `22 and the lower ends 39 and 40 respectively of the inner and outer coils 33 and 35 are grounded, upon the central electrode 20, substantially asis illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing. 0f course, the coils are insulated with respect to each other 'and with respect to the various convolutions thereof. l

Referring again to the housing arrangement C,. it is preferred to provide a` relatively long cap shaped member 40 of insu-4 lating material, which provides a conipartment-41 open at' the lower 'end thereof for 29 receiving the coils y33 andl35 in said conipartment 41. In order to securely and effectively mount |tliecoils, in secret and protected position, against liability of loosening of the spark plug parts, counter sunk set screw 43 are preferably provided, which may be disposed upwardly through the wrench engaging flange portion 45 of`the coupling nut 16, so that the screw threaded endsl thereof may detachably engage in certain screw threaded openings 46 provided upwardly from'the lower edge of the cap 40. By this arran ement, when the coupling y16 is screw threa ed in the body portion` 1Q, the counter sunk heads of the screws 43 will rest directly upon the washer 49, interthe body portion 10, as to maintain said screws against liability of loosening incident to vibration.

` The top or upper end 50 of the detachable insulating cap 40 is 'preferably provided with an opening therethrou h having a terminal post 51 mounted axia ly thereon, pro- ...viding a head 52 within the chamber 41 of the cap 40 adapted to detachably connect the up r ends 54 and 55 of the wire on the coi s 33 and 35 respectively, as a common terminal. A binding nut and washer 56 and 57 respectively, may be provided outwardly on the post 51 for clamping a connecting wire thereto.

In operation, a wire leads from the distributor or`other ignition controlling device to thebinding ost -51 and current is supplied to both t e inner and outer coils 33 and 35; said current being conveyed in opposite directions about said coils `down-` l wardly through the same to the `1 contacts thereof with the central electrode 20. Of

6' course, the. lower end of the central elec- 7 trode portion 21 is disposed in proximate relation -adjacent the ground electrode 17, to provide a. 'spark `gap 60.- The spark ro en y found, by experiments, and prolonged tests,

form of invention herein shown and demediate the flange 45 and the top edge of' to be greatly superior to the spark produced l by conventional plugs, in that the thermal efliciency of the same is increased. Such a spark, in the explosion of a fuel charge leaves practically no carbon. It is therefore possible to utilize lower grades of fuel, or by utilizing normal grades of fuel obtain greater power and have no difficulty in starting the engine upon which ythe improved plug is provided. The theory ot' operation of the plug and the effect which the Acoils have upon the current conveyed therev through is not altogether understood.v llowever, experiments prove that the spark produced by the improved spark plug is greatly 80. superiorto the spark produced by eonveii- Y -tional plugs.`

Various changes, in the shape, size and arrangement of parts, may be made to thc.

scribed, without departing from'the spirit of the invention or the scope of the claims.

I claim: Y 1.A spark lplu l comprising a supporting casing, an electrode ground in said supporting casing, a central elect-rode insulated from the casing and first mentioned electrode, and a pair of coils supported on said central electrode wound in opposite directions tliereabout and grounded at adjacent ends to said electrode, the opposite adjacent ends of said coils beingy connected to a common terminal.

2. A spark plu comprising a supporting casing, an electro e ground on said supporting casing, a central electrode insulated from the casing and first mentioned electrode, and coils of relatively fine. and relatively coarse insulated wire wound on said v central electrode in opposite directions and grounded at adjacent ends to said electrode, the oppositeadjacent ends of said coils being connected to acommon terminal. l

3. As an article of manufacture, a spark plug comprisin a supporting casing, an electrode groun "on said 'su porting casing,

a central electrode insulate from said casing and first mentioned electrode and adapted for cooperation with the latter i n rov1ding a spark ap, a coil of relativey fine l mesh insulate wire wound about said central electrode having the lower end thereof grounded on said central electrode, and a second coil 4of relativel coarse insulated wire wound concentrical y about the coil of o finer wire and having the lower end thereof grounded on said central electrode, the upper ends of said coils being connected to a common terminal.

, 4. As an article of manufacture, a spark l plug comprisin a supporting casing, an electrode groun on said vsupporting casing,

a central electrode insulated from said cas-` ing and first mentioned electrode and adapted for cooperatioirwith the first mentioned 13 maaeaa electrode in with, inner and outer coils of relativelyl fine and coarse cop er insulated wire respectively, wound a out said central electrode having the lower adjacent ends thereof spliced on said centralv electrode, and a terminal member at .the upper ends vof said spark plug for receiving the adjacent upper ends of said inner and outer coils as a common terminal, said coils being wound inlopposite directions and having the same numcr of spiral convolutions thereon.

5. As an article of manufacture, a central electrode, upper and lower spaced flanges ofinsulation material extending annularly about said central electrode about the upper portion thereof, and coils of'pwires wound in opposite-directions on said central electrode intermediate said upper and lower flanges, said coils adjacent the lower flange being spliced to said electrode.

6. As an article of manufacture, a spark plug comprising a central electrode, a ringshaped flange of insulating material dis posed on said central electrode substantially midway of the ends thereof, a second flange of-insulating material disposed upon the upper end of saidelectrode, a'n inner coil o relatively fine insulated wire wound about said central electrode intermediate the lower and upper insulated flanges thereof providing substantially five series of convolutions circumferentially tl'iereabout, a Second coil of relativel wire wound outwardly a out theinner coil intermediate the lower and upper insulation flanges on said electrodes, `said outer providing a spark `gap there-- coarse A insulated coill being of coarser wire than the inner coil and prov1d1ng five serles of convolutlons arranged thereon, the lower ends of `said coils beingspliced on said central elecment in the upper end of said casing including the laterally extending flangedportion adapted to overlie the upper edge of said casing, means mounting said central electrode axially through said coupling in in sulated relation therewith so that the lower end ofJsaid electrode may extend in proximateengagement with the grounded electrode of said casing to provide a spark gap therewith, the upper end of said central electrode extending outwardly of said coupling, a pair of spaced insulated `flanges mounted onsaid upper portion 'of said central electrode, a pair of coils of wire.wound in opposite directions upon-said central electrode intermediate said insulated flanges andl having their lowerends spliced upon said central electrode, a cap of insulated material, attaching means carried by the flanges of said coupling for connection of the insulation cap thereto, .said insulation vcap adapted to retain the coils therein in closed relation, and a terminal carried by said insulating cap adapted to receive the upper ends of said coils in conducting relation therewith.


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