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Numéro de publicationUS1643926 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication27 sept. 1927
Date de dépôt5 janv. 1927
Date de priorité5 janv. 1927
Numéro de publicationUS 1643926 A, US 1643926A, US-A-1643926, US1643926 A, US1643926A
InventeursEnsign E Dickson
Cessionnaire d'origineJohnson & Johnson
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Emergency dressing
US 1643926 A
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' Sept. 27, 1927. 3,926

E. E. DICKSON EMERGENCY DRESSING I Filed Jail. 5. 1927 gwntoz Patented Sept. 27, 1927.





mnenncr DRESSING.

Application filed January 5, 1927. Serial No. 159,160.-

My invention is particularly concerned with emergency dressings mainly intended, for application to cuts and other injuries of a minor character and of the type embodying a pad or compress which is positioned relatively to the area to be dressed by surgical adhesive tape or plaster to which the pad is secured. A dressin of this nature is disclosed in Letters 'fiatent. No. 1,612,267 in which embodiment crinoline or other facing material is employed to protect the. pad. The facing element makes it awkward if not difficult to prepare the dressing in roll or convolute form and at any rate in small rolls or spools such as desired by surgeons, physicians, nurses and those in charge of first aid stations or other places where emergency dressings are extensively used.

The present improvements, therefore, are directed to simplify the construction of the dressing whereby, without sacrificing the sterile and other advantages of the dressing of my prior invention, I am enabled to effect certain desirable economies in the fabrication and packing of the article aside from the fact that it readily lends itself to the convolute ,ip

- of adjacent convolutions, it is evident that there is adequate form so much desired by the trade.

The nature, characteristic features and scope of the invention will more readily be understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying. drawing, forming a part hereof, wherein Figure 1 is a perspective view of a roll of emergency ments.

Fi 2 and 3 are details of the padassemb y; and

Fig. 4 is a dressing.

The invention contemplates surgical adhe' sive tape with interrupted pad areas, that is to say, in practicing the invention, I a ply pads or compresses 5 at spaced interva s to the adhesive face of surgical tape 6 and wind the assembly on spools 7. The spacing of the ads not onlfy makes for smooth winding, but by reason 0 the fact that the gaps or intervals are adhesive faced and cling to the detail of a detached strip of\ roll, single dressing delivery is insured and the next adjlacent pad or dressing is safearded against undesirable contact without e requirement of a separate facing cloth. In the further advancement of this thought dressing embodying my improvethe adhesive tape is marginallynicked-or partly severed, as at 8, mi way between the pad covered areas as a means of guidance for the uniform parting of the dressings.

The pads, by preference, are composed of a core or filling 9 of-soft cotton ranging the full width of the adhesive tape and enclosed 1na. soft gauze tubeor'envelope 10. The envelope casing 10 is a strip sufiiciently lapped edges -11. The pad assembly, consistmg of the soft cotton bat or filling and the soft external body or inclosing' element,

is applied to adhesive tape of similar transwith the lapped edges of the pad or dressingin direct contact with the adhesive face so that upon the application of moderate pressure an effective bond results which secures the pad components verse dimension,

and also the pad with relation to the tape.

pad protection, even to the extent of the single dehvery feature hereto.- fore remarked upon. It isfurther manifest that the construction and arrangement whereby, without sacrificing sterility, it is ossible to omit the facing cloth, has the ur'ther merit that it makes for smooth and com act windingxpr reeling.

aving descri 1. Emergency dressing, embodying surgical tape and pads disposed at intervals throughout the length thereof, said pads comprising a soft core of bat form and soft auze enveloping the same, the gauze being in the form of a strip having its terminals beneath-the core andsecured by the'adhesive surface of the tape. 2. Arolled emergency surgical tape equipped on its with pads adhesive face, the pads including a gauze dressing comprising adhesive face envelope enclosing the pads next, the side edges of the tape,

separated by exposed areas of the long to enfold the filling and to provide' edges of the pad otherwise exposedat the ends of thelatter enclosing the edges of the edges of the roll. core adjacent the side edges of the tape and 3. An emergency dressing embodying surhaving its terminals positioned beneath the 10 gical tape and pads, at intervals throughout core and secured by the adhesive surface of 5 the length thereof, said pads being coextenthe tape. Y sive with the width of the tape and includ-. In testimony whereof I aflixmly si ature. ing a softcore and a 'gauze envelope, the ENSIGN E. D CKg ON

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Classification aux États-Unis602/42, 206/813, 602/41, 15/209.1, 206/441
Classification internationaleA61F13/02
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Classification européenneA61F13/02