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Numéro de publicationUS1652071 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication6 déc. 1927
Date de dépôt20 mai 1927
Date de priorité20 mai 1927
Numéro de publicationUS 1652071 A, US 1652071A, US-A-1652071, US1652071 A, US1652071A
InventeursYonezo Tsujino
Cessionnaire d'origineYonezo Tsujino
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Amusement apparatus
US 1652071 A
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Dec. 6,1927. A 1,652,071

' Y. TSUJINO AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed May 20, 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 1,652,071 Y. TSUJINO AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed May 20, 1927 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Kb u Dec. 6, 1927, 4' 1,652,071

Y. TSUJINO AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed May 20, 1927 s Sheets-Shef. a

o .51 2.5 o N 2 11/ o 6.3 '8

y "Mum i i n g Yomzo 1377/14 0 INVENTOR ATTORN EY 8. pocket.

Patented Dec. 6,1927.

UNI-Ten STATES 1 vonnzo rswmo, or new Yonx, n. Y.

mnsnmnnr nrrmrus.

A licat on-med Kay-20,1927. SerialNo. 193,004.

: "This'invention relates to imp amusement apparatus. The primary object of the invention resides in an amusement apparatus or game rovements in device especially adapted "for use in amusement'parksor like pleasure resorts, the same beingof the roll ball type whereinthe skill V of the player is essential inthesuccessful operation of the same, and-from whicha player may derive much pleasure and enjoyment. 7

- Another object of theinvention is to provide an amusement apparatus which includes a table of a given length havingia in rotating targetat the foot thereof at'which balls are rolled from the opposite end and over the table, but which balls must pass through a restricted passage in their travel to the target, the said targetihavingpockets arranged: radially thereon for successive registration with the restricted'passage, each pocket being identified by 'a number, it being theobject of thegame' to deposit the balls in the pocketsof the highest number whereby 2b to obtain a relatively high score. From the arrangement, it will bereadilyiappreciated that exceptional skill is requiredon the part of a player asthe ball must be accurately timed todeposit the same in a selected Another object is'to" provide an -amusement "a 'paratusof the above kindin; which the bal deposited in the pocket are held captive during the rotation of the target and untila player has completed his" turn by placing all'of-the balls therein,'whereupon thefnext player places a coin ofa particular denomination into a coin controlled-mechanism and he then'actuates the same causing the release of theballs and the automatic return. of the same to. a position at the players end of the table. 1

.With these andother objects in view, the invention resides in certain novel construction: and combination and arrangement of parts, the essential features of whichlare hereinafter, fully described, are particularly pointed out in the appended claims, and are illustrated in theaccompanying drawing, in -which: i i

Figure lgis 'a perspective vie proved game apparatus.

"F'g'ure 2;is a topplan'viewjof the same. Figure -3" isfavertical longitudinal sectional view on the line 3 -3 of Figure 2. j

w of my imperfectly level but that portionbehmd the Figure 4 is, a vertical transverse sectional V1617? on the line Hot Figure 2.

Figure 5 's a vertical sectional view on the line 5- 5. of Figure 3. V

Figure 6 is a: detail; perspective viewof the ballrelease door actuating device.

Figure 7 1s an enlarged detail perspective view of one of the ball pockets. v v a Referring more particularly'to thedrawngs, the reference numeral 10 designates my nnprovedpamusement apparatus in its entirety and which includes broadly, a table 11 having a rotatable target 12 at one end thereof, and a ball release mechanism 13.

The table 11- com rises .an enclosed area 14 having a recess or trough 15 at the head thereof'for receiving the balls 16 which are used in the playing of the game device. The players 1 participating in the game take up a position at the headof'the table and roll the balls over theenclosed area in a manner presently to be described. Interposed between the target 12 and the players end of the table, isarestricted passage 17 which isdisp'osed midway between'the sides of the table and of a sizefto freely permit the balls 16 toroll therethroughc The top of the table from the head to the restricted passage 17 is restricted passage or gate 17 'is inclined downward as at'18 to cause the ball after passing through the restrictedpassage to roll'down into engagementwith the target'12. I I V The target- 12'hereinbefore mentioned comprises a'circular' disk-'19 which is rotatably mounted in a bracket 20 supported by the table and which disk has individual pockets or cages 21 arranged radially therearound and which pockets are provided in their fronts with ball, entrance openings 22, the outer sides of the pockets being open as at 23 for permitting the balls to'pas's' "there- I through for a purpose to be hereinafter ex plained. Each pocket is identified by suitable indicia such as numbers 24, which numhers represent the amount of points credited to a player whoseball is deposited therein. For more definitely identifying the pockets, the background of the numbers may be" of different colors. The target is so mounted that upon rotation of the same, the respective pockets will successively align with the restricted passage'l'l' inorder that a ball rolled straight through the restricted passage-and in timed accord with the move- For preventing the balls from dropping through the discharge o ening Z3 1n the pockets attcr the same have been dQPOSItNl therein, I provide a soon-circular guard 25 which disposed in spaced relation to the.

periphery of the target and extends slightly above the horizontal axis otthe same, It will he appreeiatwl that alter the pockets reach a. point above the horizontalanis of the target during; rotation of tho same, they will roll to the inner bottom of the pockets Where they are prereutml from escaping by the gl lard E25; l i

For the purposeol imparting a slow rotary movement to the target I provide a relatively large pulley wheel 26 on a stub shaft 27 on which the target is mounted while a belt 28 passes over this pulley and over a small pulley All lixed to the driven shaft of an electric motor 530. Tt will be seen thatwhen the motor 30 is turned on,

one side of the vertical axis of rotation of? the target and which door normally tends to move to an open :position bya suitable spring 32. However the door is held closed by the action of a spring tltlawhose tension is greater than the spring 32 and which spring 33 is arranged in the length of a pull cable 34, one end 0t said cable being; connectedto one branch of a bell crank lever 35 While the other branch of thebcll crank is connected to'a cable 36 which latter cable haslcon nection with the ball release door 81. The other end of the cable Ell is operatively connected to a coin controlled mechanism 35, the construction of which .is shown and described in my co-pcnding application, Sr. No. 192,403, filed May 18th, 1927 This mechanism isoperabla hy the insertion of a coin therein which permitsthe actuationof the same by causing a pull upon the cable 34 which by reason of the operation of the bell crank 35 causes a slack in the cable 36 thus permitting the spring 32 to automatically move the door 31 to an open position, from where the balls drop into an inclined trough 37 which returns them to the head of the table and allou's them to roll through an opening 38 in thesidewall ofthe table and to come to rest in thereeess- 15 at the head thereof. t

In the operation of thedevice. we s hall presume that three balls are used in the playing of the gamer -The player rolls each ball separatewith an efl'ort of causing the same to pass through the restricted passage 17 and into a selected pocket, it being to his advantage toplace the hall in the pocket having the highest value. Therefore, before rolling the ball, he Watches the target and times the shot so that the ball 16 enters the selected mcket when in register with the restricted passage 17. Should a ball not pass the rcstrictcd passnge 17, it is returned to the player and he again rolls the same and continues until all three of the ballswhnvc been placed in the pockets of the target the said pocketabcing ot su ch a size that only one ball is capable of being received therein After the bulls have been deposited in the pockets, the player is credited with the amount indicated on the pockets having'the balls therein andis given a prize for his skill; It will beappreciated that the higher the score the more elaborate the prize. The next player desiring to try his skill, deposits a coinin the coin controlled mechanism 35 and actuates the same causing the opening of theball release door 31 whereupon the balls are permitted to escape as the respective pockets come into register therewith. The halls return to a position at the head of the table from Where the nextplayer may pick them up for use. i i

While I have described what I deeinto be p thing less than the whole of my invention limited only by the appended claimsi i What is claimed as new in l W l 1. An amusement apparatus comprising 1 table a member :rotatably mounted at one end thereof on a horizontal axis, radially arranged pockets provided on said member for movement into and out of alignment with the top of said table, and a restticted p am sage on said tableforward of said member to freely permit a ball rolled over said table to pass theiethrough and enter the pockets as the same successively align therewith.) i

2. An amusement apparatus comprising n table, a member rotatably mounted at one end thereof, radially arranged pockets pro- VIClGClOXl said member, each pocket having an entrance opening and adischarge opening therein, a restricted passage on said table forward of said member to freely permit a ball rolled over said table to pass there- ,through and enter the entrance opening of said pocketsas the same successively align therewith, identifying indicia adjacent the respective pockets 1 for distinguishing; a one from the other, and manually o rable means for releasing theballa from sai pockets through the discharge openings during rotation of said member after the result determined by the. indicia on the pockets containing the trapped balls has been'ascertained. v i o 3. Anamusement apparatus comprisinga table, a member rotatably mounted at one end thereof, radially arranged pockets provided on said member, a restricted passage on said table forward of said member. to

,freely permit a ball rolled over said table to pass ther'ethrough and enter the pockets as the same successively align therewith, identifying indicia'adjacent the respective pockets for distinguishing one from the other, manually operable means for releasing the balls from said pockets during rotation of said member after the. resultdetermined by the indicia on the pockets containing the trapped balls has been ascertained, and' means for automatically returning the released balls to the opposite end of said table. 4. An amusement apparatus comprising a table, a member journalled for rotation at one end thereof, radially arranged pockets provided on said member, each pocket havinggan entrance opening anda discharge opening therein, a restricted passage forward of said pockets'for the free passage of a ball therethrough and with which the entrance openings of the pockets successively align, means for imparting a continuous rotation to said member, and manually operable means for releasing said balls from the discharge openings of said pockets during rotation of said member.

5. In an amusement apparatus, a rotatable target comprising a disk member anda plurality of pockets arranged radially thereon,

each pocket having an entrance opening in the front thereof, and a discharge opening in the outer sides thereof. v p

6. In an amusement apparatus, a rotatable target comprising a disk member and a plurality of pockets arranged radially thereon,

each pocket having an entrance opening in V the front thereof and a discharge opening in therouter sides thereof, and a guard wall extending about the target for a distance slightlyabove the horizontal axis of the same 7 for closing said discharge openings during an interval on each revolution ofsaid target. 1 V v v 7. In anamusement apparatus, a rotatable target comprising a disk member and a plumeans for opening'said door.

In testimony whereof I hereby afiix 'my signature.


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Classification européenneA63F7/00B