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Numéro de publicationUS1680188 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication7 août 1928
Date de dépôt25 juil. 1921
Date de priorité25 juil. 1921
Numéro de publicationUS 1680188 A, US 1680188A, US-A-1680188, US1680188 A, US1680188A
InventeursFrederick L Weber
Cessionnaire d'origineNat Carbon Co Inc
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Flash light
US 1680188 A
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Aug. 7, 1928.

F. L. WEBER FLASH LIGHT Filed July 25, 1921 specification.

Patented na a teas.

. teat-ate ice.

FREDERICK L. WEBER, or onnnann,



Application filed July 25,

My invention relates to flashlights and particularly to the type commonly known as pocket flashlights.

An object of the invention is to provide a flashlight of the type described in which the sides thereof are free of all protuberances including the switch.

Another object is to provide a switch for the light, which is adapted to be actuated in a manner that will insure against the accidental closing thereof.

A further object is to provide a flashlight in which the construction readily lends itself to the inclusion of a receptacle for storing extra lamps.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of wh ch, with the foregoing, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of my invention which is illustrated in the drawings accompanying and forming part of the It is to be understood that I do not limit myself to the showing made by the said drawings and description, as I may adopt variations of the preferred form within. the scope of my invention as set forth in the claims.

Referring to said drawings:

Figure lis a longitudinal sectional view of the flashlight.

Figure 2'is a transverse section taken on the line of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a side cleva tion of the cap and combined lamp receptacle and switch member, parts being broken away to disclose the construction more clearly.

Most pocket flashlights are made with a switch positioned on the sides'thereof. The

switch is usually provided with a movable actuating member which protrudes considerably from the sides of the flashlight. Freuently while placing the unlighted flashllght in a persons pocket, or even after the light is placed therein, the actuating member of the switch will he accidentally moved to close the circuit. Thus without-knowledge to the person, the battery will be needlessly run down and the attendant annoyances precipitated, In accordance with myinvention the switch is for the most part arranged on the inner side of the flashlight the lamp is adapted 1921. Serial No. 487,425.

ent type are provided. As a consequence of the foregoing the sides of the device may be thus cleared of all undesirable protuberances.

The flashlight in the form illustrated comprises the usual cylindrical casing 4 preferably formed of insulating material and provided at each end with threaded metallic rings 6 and 7 suitabl fixed to the casing. The lamp 8 of the flas light is supported in the reflector 9 which together with. the lens 12 are held in proper position by the threaded retaining member 13 which engages the ring 6. Arranged within the casing is the battery 14 provided at its opposite ends with terminals 16 and 17 the former of which is adapted to contact with one of the electrodes 18 of the lamp. The other electrode 19 of to be connected to the terminal 17 by means of the grounded. reflector, a conductor 21, switch 22 and preferably spring 23. The conductor 21 comprises a'longitudinal strip fixed to the inner side of the casing and having one end in contact with the reflector and the other end adapted for cooperation with the switch.

Threaded for engagement with the ring 7 is a'cap or closure25 to the inner face of which is secured a cylindrical member 26 preferably in the form of a receptacle. The

receptacle which is preferably formed of an electric conducting material is insulated from the cap, and is arranged to extend in-' wardly within the casing so as to enable it to contact with the conductor. A "portion of the side wall of the receptacle is cut away so that upon the slight rotation of the cap the segmental wall of the receptacle or the cut away portion thereof may be made to alternately engage correspondingly closing or opening the lighting circuit. The spring 23 which forms a part of the circuit is preferably secured to the top of receptacle and is adapted to hold the battery terminal 16 and lamp electrode 18 in proper contact. The spring 23 also functions to hold the threaded portions of the ring? and cap 25 in frictional engagement, thereby preventing any accidental rotation of the cap.

' It will thus-be seen that the flashlight may be lighted or extinguished by merely rotating the cap, and furthermore that the side walls of the casing are enabled to be perfectthe conductor, thereby ly smooth, and that practically all danger of the accidental closing of the switch is eliminated. I

By referring to Figure 3 it will be noted that the receptacle is well adapted for the storage of extra lamps or the like, thus adding greatly to the convenience of the user. The lamps in the storage receptacle are preferably packed in tissue or the like so that they will not rattle or breakby contact with each other. I claim:

1. A flashlight comprising a cylindrical casing substantially devoid of any protuberances on the outer sidethereof, a battery arranged therein and provided with a terminal at each-end, a lamp at one end of said casing adapted to contact with one of said terminals, anfin'sulated conductor provided on the inner side of said casing and connected to said lamp, a cap having a threaded engagement with the other end of said casing, a lamp storage receptacle on the inner end of said cap, arranged to extend into said casing and contact with said conductor, said receptacle being formed of an electric conducting material and insulated from said cap, and electrical connections between said receptacle and the other of said terminals, said receptacle being cylindrical and provided with a cutaway portion whereby upon-the rotation of the cap alternate engagement and disengagement between said receptacle and conductor will be eflected.

2. A flashlight comprising a cylindrical casing having one of its ends threaded, a battery therein, a lamp fixed at the other end of said casing, a cylindrical cap having threaded side walls for engagement with said casing threads, a spare-lamp receptacle carried by said cap having its opening arranged to lie within said casing, said receptacle having its side wallsadjacentand spaced from the side walls of the cap, whereby said cap may engage theexterior of said casing, and said receptacle may lie within and extend completely across. said'casing.

' 3. A flashlight comprising a casing, a bat tery therein, a lamp at one end of said casing, a cap rotatably engaging the other end of,

said casing, and a receptacle for extra lamps fixed thereto and extending into. said casing and having means arranged upon rotation of said cap to establish or interrupt the electrical circuit through said lamp.

4; A flashlight comprising a casing, abattery in said casing, a lamp supported in said casing, a cap removably secured to. said casing and arranged to have a portion thereof extending from the casing, a spare-lamp receptacle carried by said cap and extending into the casing, and an electric circuit including said lamp and battery and arranged to traverse said receptacle.

5. A flash-light comprising a casing, a batbattery therein,

tery in said casing, a lamp supported in said cap and extending into the casing, means providing an electrical connection between said receptacle and a .pole of said battery, and an electric circuitincluding said lamp and battery and arranged to traverse said receptacle.

6. A cap for a flashlight casing, said cap having a tubular wall closed atone end and threaded adjacent its other end whereby said cap may be adjustably coupled to said casing; and spare lamp carrying means secured in said cap comprising a conductive substantially cylindrical member spaced from the tubular wall of said cap;

7. A flashlight comprising the combination of a lamp; abattery in circuit therewith; a casin carrying said lamp and said battery; con uctive means for supporting said battery comprising a substantially cylindrical receptacle member into (and from which a spare part may be inserted or re-' moved; and an end cap adjustably coupled to-said casing and carrying said conductive means. 1

8. A flashlight according to claim 7, wherein said cylindrical member extends into the casing and provides a spare lamp holding receptacle in said end cap.

' 9. A cap for a flashlight casin comprising means whereby said cap may be coupled to such casing, and conductive means in said cap for hearing against the battery to hold the same in place in said casing and comprising a receptacle adapted to project into said casing and to contain a spare lamp.

10. In a flashlight having a casing and a battery therein, an. end .cap for the casing, and a receptacle on and projecting into said casing from said cap and providing a compartment adapted to enclose a spare lamp.

11. In a flashlight comprising a casing,'a

a lamp carried by saidcasing and in circuit withsaid battery, a cap adjustably connected to one end of said casing and a cylindrical conducting mem ber provided with a cutaway portion secured in said cap and operable by adjusting said 7 cap to establish or interrupt the electrical circuit through said lamp.

12. A flashlight comprising a casing, a battery therein, a lamp carried by said casing and in circuit with said battery, a cap adjustably connected to oneend of said casing, and a cylindrical memberconstituting a receptacle adapted to contain a are lamp secured in said cap and operable y adjusting said cap to establish-or interrupt the electrical circuit through said lamp.

In testimon whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at g of July,,1921'.: v FREDERICK L. WEBER.

akland, Calii, this 14th day

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