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Numéro de publicationUS2045965 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication30 juin 1936
Date de dépôt5 mars 1932
Date de priorité5 mars 1932
Numéro de publicationUS 2045965 A, US 2045965A, US-A-2045965, US2045965 A, US2045965A
InventeursRosen Milton J
Cessionnaire d'origineRosen Milton J
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Sink attachment
US 2045965 A
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3D, 1936 M. J. ROSEN SINK ATTACHMENT Original Filed March'5, 1.932

MJLTON Jfioszz 1 N VEN T OR.

A? ATTOFRNEKI Patented June 30, 1936 V UNITED STATES ATENT OFFICE Application March 5,1932, Serial No. 596,986

Renewed December 8, 1934 3 Claims. (01. 141-41) My invention relates to sink attachments, and ing, which latter shows embodiments of the im more particularly aims to provide an attachment vention as at present preferred.

removably attachable to a sink or basin or the In said drawing: 7 like to aid in the cleaning or scouring of dishes, Figure 1 is a perspective view'of the attachpots, pans and other articles or utensils, to which ment as seen from the rear of a sink; 5 end the invention broadly contemplates a remov- I F gure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1, as Seen able base or rest upon which the article may be from the front; and placed for such cleaning or scouring. Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on The usual location of drainboards upon which the line 3+3 of Figure 2.

these various articles are usually placed for clean- In the preferred form of my invention, the at 10" ing is at either end of a sink. Such location is t'achrne'rit includes a substantially rectangular often inconvenient and the boards are generabutment member, here shown as a molded base ally polished or enameled metal or vitreous ware, it) of rubber or other resilient material, which is and thus provide no suitable surface for scouring, provided with a semi-circular or concave recess '15 being susceptible to scratching and chipping, and H extending longitudinally thereof on its lower further presenting a slippery surface when wet. surface, and adapted to engage the front edge One object of my invention is to provide a base or rim of a sink ,I l. I

or rest which presents a surface not easily dam- A clamp 62 is secured in the base It! during the aged and having also a slight degree of resiliency molding process, and thus becomes an integral 26 whereby to assist in retaining the pots, pans or part of the attachment. 7 2'0 other articles or utensils against movement" or This clamp 52 ffilme'd of one Piece Of metal slipping during the cleaning operation. rod of circular cross section, bent to comprise Another object of my invention is to provide two Sub y U Shaped b r 3 andl l,

an integral constructionof the base and clampthe former adapted to ehg'ag t e fi e 'frbrit VeI mg member by which t device is convemenfly tical. surface of a sink and the latter s'imilariy 25 attached a Sink or the hk adapted. to engage the corresponding outer sur- A further object is to provide a base or rest face of the i h z n a fpo i with integral clamping means adapted to fit vari-- member M 15 d wfim oflset at Ous sizesand Shapes. of Sinks. or the like. and. forms a handle permitting easy and quick Yet another object is to provideadrain for said base or rest for the proper disposal of cleaning i exienswns f i v wl'th clamping port1ons l1l1 which are inwardly off- Waber other hqulds W t 1 otherwlse set slightly therefrom to accommodate the usual lect n or w Over the Pi or rest and on recessed front surface of a sink or basin. These to the floor the Person of the f 1 extensions |8l8 enter the base Hi at l9, and

A Still further obJect' of my invention is to pro: have horizontal portions 2020, only one of vide a base or restwith integral clamping which latter is shown ('see Fig. 3), which secure h s, su h attachment being light in Weight d the clamp l2 in the base and prevent its withof inherent strength to resist breakage or damage drawal therefrom,

40 in ordinary handling, and being quickly attach- Downward vertical extensions 2I2l have 40 able to and detachable from a sink or the like. horizontal portions 2222 terminating at the Still another object of the invention is to promid-DOiIIt 0f the U Shaped member Said 0 iduce a sink attachment which will be simple in Zontal p s being adapt d t amp, along construction, Strong and durable and which will their length, the inner: surface of a sink or basin. be low in cost of manufacture so that it may be The downward vertical extensions Iii-l8 and economically availed of by the public 2I--2l, joined by the integral horizontal por- Other Objects and advantages of the invention tions 2020 at opposite sides of the base I0, form inverted U shaped portions Within the base, will be hereinafter specifically pointed out, or will whereby the U shaped members '3 and M are become apparent, as the specification proceeds. 50

With the above indicated objects in view, the $235,, 32 522 1: gfi j igg fgg fi invention resides in certain novel constructions m clamping Support for the base 1 at the inside and m a s and m ts f p and outside of the sink rim upon which the declearly described in the following specification vice is positioned. and fully illustrated in the accompanying draw- The base IE1 in this instance comprises an up- 55 application and removal of the attachment.

per surface 25 having corrugations or ribs 26 designed to prevent slipping of the article to be cleaned, and is further provided on three sides with a continuous rim or edge 21 forming a barrier which prevents undesired overflow of cleaning water at the front and sides of the working surface 25.

The surface 25 is also downwardly inclined from its front edge, providing an efiective drain for the proper disposal of said liquids toward and into the interior of the sink.

The sides 2828 are downwardly and inwardly tapered, terminating close to the points of egress ofthe vertical U shaped members [3 and M. In this manner weight is reduced to a minimum and the appearance of the attachment is enhanced.-

The clamping members may also be provided with a covering of rubber or the like to prevent 1n ury to the sink.

The device as above described, while firmly attached to the sink, is not a rigid structure, but possesses inherent flexibility, the base being of resilient material and the clamp members being so proportioned as to adapt themselves to various sizes and shapes of sinks or basins.

The base or rest could likewise be constructed of some non-resilient material, such as wood or metal, and could be provided with a resilient facing on its upper surface, of rubber or other material.

Considerable particularities of description as to materials, part details, capacities and utilities may have been herein indulged in, but it will be understood that these statements, made with reference to those now preferred of the many possible embodiments of the invention illustrated in the drawing, are not in any way to be taken as definitive or limitative of theinvention. Inasmuch as many apparently widely different embodiments of the invention could be made without departing from the scope thereof, it is intended that all matter contained in the above description or shown in the accompanying drawing shall be interpreted as illustrative, and not in any limiting sense.

It is also to be understood that the language in the following claims is intended to cover all the generic and specific features of the invention herein described, and all statements of the scope of the invention which, as a matter of language, might be said to fall therebetween.

In other words, the scope of the protection contemplated is to be taken solely from the appended claims, interpreted as broadly as is consistent with the prior art.

What I claim is: 1. An attachment for a sink and the like including a rectangular base member of resilient material and a pair of clamping members secured thereto, the lower surface of the base member having a concave recess extending longitudinally thereof, the upper surface of the base member being non-smooth and being downwardly inclined from its front edge, a continuous rim portion extending along the front edge and the two sides of the upper surface, the clamping member being formed from a single piece of metal rod secured within the base member andbent to comprise two substantially U shaped downwardly extending members adapted to engage the inner and outer surfaces of the sink.

2. A'device of the class described including a base member and a pair of spring clamping members secured thereto, the lower surface of the base member having a concave recess extending longitudinally thereof, the upper surface of the base member being non-smooth, to restrain slipping, into the sink, of articles abuttingly engaging said upper surface, the clamping members formed from a piece of metal rod molded within the base member and bent to comprise an inverted U shaped portion at each side of said base and two substantially U shaped downwardly extending members integral with said inverted substantially U shaped portions and adapted to engage the inner and outer surfaces of a sink, the member engaging the outer surface of the sink having an inwardly offset portion to engage the sink, the horizontal portion of said member being outwardly offset to provide a handle means.

3-. A cleaning accessory for combination with a sink and the like, comprising an abutment member of small area relative to the width of the sink and having clamping means for detachable connection to the rim of the sink, said abutment member including a base portion constituting'a rest for articles to be cleaned, said base portion having a concavity in its under side to receive the upper edge of the sink rim and a non-smooth, resilient, upper surface to restrain slipping, into the sink, of articles abuttingly engaging said upper surface, and a continuous rim portion uprising from the front and two side edges of said upper surface, said detachable clamping means including depending U shaped spring arms secured to said base portion and extending downwardly therefrom at the front and'rear of the abutment member and shaped to clampingly engage the inner and outer sink rim surfaces to provide broad-bearing supports for the abutment member at the inside and outside of the sink-rim.


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