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Numéro de publicationUS2074401 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication23 mars 1937
Date de dépôt16 août 1934
Date de priorité21 août 1933
Numéro de publicationUS 2074401 A, US 2074401A, US-A-2074401, US2074401 A, US2074401A
InventeursPeter Kauzal Gabriel
Cessionnaire d'origineJect In Ltd
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Drench syringe for veterinary use
US 2074401 A
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March 23,1931 ,G. P. KAUZAL I 2,07 ,4

DRENCH SYRINGE FOR VETERINARY USE Filed Aug. 16, 1934 llllllllllllllll nmuuunm Patented Mar. 23, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE DRENCH SYRINGE FOR VETERINARY USE Application August 16, 1934, Serial No. 740,192 In Australia, August 21, 1933 1 Claim.

This invention consists in an improved construction of drench syringe and embodies features of particular characterization in relation to the handpiece, the piston driving means, and the adjustment of the stroke of the piston for varyejector stroke than is obtainable with finger trigger mechanism.

The accompanying drawing illustrates a form of the device embodying the invention.

The barrel I I may be bored in a casting, which is preferably integral with the pistol grip handpiece I2 as shown, or it may be a tube secured by screwing or by other means to the butt of the handpiece. The nozzle I3 is screwed into the fore end of the headstock of the syringe, and a delivery valve I4 with a back spring I! is accommodated in a pocket I9. An intake valve I5 with back spring 2| is accommodated in a tubular stem 23 which is screwed into the headstock, access being given to the spring and valve by means of a screwed plug 22. I6 is a nipple on the top end of the stem 23 to which nipple is connected a flexible hose (not shown) which leads from a knapsack reservoir. 25 and 24 are passageways which connect the barrel with the pocket I9. A piston 28 is pivotally connected at 30 to a connecting rod 29, the other end of which is pivotally connected at 3| to the top end of an actuating grip lever 32.

This lever is fulcrumed at 36 in the lower part of the handpiece I2, its bell crank 31 being housed in a rearwardly open slot formed between the sides of the handpiece I 2. One end of the bell crank is attached to a spring 38 which is anchored at 39; this spring influences the lever backward to retract the piston.

The connecting rod 29 is screwed for a portion of its length, a fiat being formed on the screwed portion to receive graduation marks 33 and corresponding figures for indicating the amount of dose. Regulation of the dosage is effected by screwing a knurled nut 34 up to the mark on the scale indicating the desired dose, and locking the nut 34 in the required position by a knurled nut 35. The displacement of the piston 28 is limited by the contact of the knurled nut 34 with the face 40 of a ring cap 26 which is screwed on to the back end of the barrel I I, and locked thereon by a grub screw 21.

The ejector operation is performed by the pressure of the operators hand on the lever 32 whereby the piston is driven inward against the pull of the spring 38.

What I claim as my invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

A gravity fed stock drenching syringe comprising a cylinder open at its rear end, a nozzle at its fore end, inlet and delivery valves fitted in the butt of the nozzle, a piston slidable in the cylinder, a piston rod gudgeoned to the piston and extending through the open rear end of the cylinder; a variable check mounted directly on said rod and adapted for axial movement therealong for regulating its range of movement, a bracket depending from one side of the cylinder body formed as a fingergrip, a bell crank fulcrumed near its center point in said bracket and having one arm articulated to the back end of the piston rod, and a spring shielded by the bracket and acting on the free end of the other arm of the bell crank and adapted for moving the bell crank to retract the piston rod, said articulated arm being disposed in alignment with said bracket, on the opposite side of said finger grip bracket from the nozzle, and adapted to be displaced by the palm of the hand in substantially the direction of movement of the piston rod, to apply forward, substantially rectilinear movement to the latter, with substantially no loss through lateral components of force.


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