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Numéro de publicationUS2095811 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication12 oct. 1937
Date de dépôt30 mars 1934
Date de priorité30 mars 1934
Numéro de publicationUS 2095811 A, US 2095811A, US-A-2095811, US2095811 A, US2095811A
InventeursMartin J Goulooze
Cessionnaire d'origineKelvinator Corp
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Refrigerating apparatus
US 2095811 A
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M J. GOULOOZE REFRIGERATING ABPARATU S Filed March 30, 1934 b m2 w 4 u m0 6 J m 2 fl ATTORNEY.

Q Pate'nted Oct. 12, i937 r l 2995 311.

. 4 UNITED s ATEs PATENT- OFFICE f Martin J. GouloozenGrand Rapids. Mich assignor to Kelvinator Corporation, Detroit, Mich, a corporation of Michigan Application March 30, 1934, Serial No. 718,188

' 2 Claims. (01. 312- 174) B This invention relates to ref-rigeratdrs and more porting articles while other articles are being particularly to auxiliary shelves for receiving and placed into or removed fro m' the refrigerator. supporting articles while other articles are being 'The present invention relates to an auxiliary shelf placedinto or removed from the refrigerator. I which is slidably moved bythe swinging .move- In placing articles into or removing them from ment of the door into and out of its operative ara refrigerator, it is frequently necessary to move ticle supporting position.

. otherarticles out of-the way while this is being Referring to the accompanying drawing in done. Often times, there is no readily available which like numerals refer to like parts throughplace for the temporarily removed articles because out the several views, I have shown a refrigerator 1 of the crowded condition of the shelves, and it is having a win in door III and a shelf I2. The then necessary to place such articles at another shelf I2 is preferably provided with downwardly location which may be a considerable distance extending portions l3 which carry apair of 019-. from the refrigerator. This is frequently a great positely disposed horizontal guide elements It, as inconvenience to the housewife or other person. S own in Fi u e T e guide e t One of the obiects -of the present invention ever,may be mounted in any other suitable manis to provide a refrigerator with a readily accesner. v r Y sible auxiliary shelf on which articles tempora- The guide elements l4 slidably support the aux rlly removed during thev placing intoor removal 'iliaryg shelf P5 of the present invention which is of other articles from the refrigerator, may be slidably movable thereon from the inoperative quickly and conveniently disposed. position illustrated in Figure 3 to the extended 2 Another object is to provide an auxiliary shelf operative position illustrated in Figure 2. which is made readily available for use bythe' The shelf l5 here shown, is in the form of a opening of the refrigerator door. grid or grill like element. having a transverse slide Another object is to provide an auxiliary shelf rod portion it at its forward n T e shelf 5. of the character described which is slidably h w av' of any other suitabl construc- 25 mounted within the refrigerator and which is aution.

tomatically moved into and out of article sup-.- Associated with the shelf i5 is a swingable acporting position by the swinging movement of the tuating arm H which functions when the door ll,

- refrigerator door. is .ppenecl to slide the shelf Hi from below the With the above and other objects in view, the shelf 12 to its extended p o 30 present inventionconsists in certain features of 'The arm I1 is preferably provided with a down construction and combinations of parts to be turned Portion -W 1S j u nal e i 11 hereafterdescribed with reference to the accom- Porting bracket secured to the the 0D- panying drawing, and thenclaimed. v posite end of the arm I'l being bifurcated to pro- In the accompanying drawing which illustrates v e pa ed p oj t o s 2| dispos d t pp 35 a suitable embodiment of the invention; sides of the rod portion Hi.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a refrigerator Surrounding t w turned P01151011 is showing the door open and the auxiliary shelf in coil p in 20 having d a c e v the article receiving position; bracket l9. and its oppositev end, engaged with 40 v Figure 2 is a transverse section taken through m l j h iFhh tensign 0f the pr tnds 40 the refrigerator above the auxiliary shelf shown to w g h arm outwardly toward the (1001' l 'in Figure 1; When the refrigerfior door llis swung open,

the' tension of the coil spring 20 is increased due Figure 3 is a view similar to Figure 2, the re W f'rigerator door being closed and the shelf being i to the resistance of the shelf I5 to sliding moveinits inoperative position; ment, thus causing the arm I! to swing outwardly Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary front view through t e d o pe i one of t e projections of the refrigerator shown in Figure 1, more clear- 1' 0f the arm in vthe r po n 6 and ly showing the auxiliary shelf and its operating Sliding he u l y Shelf o ts I e ended means; and article receiving position as indicated in Figure 2, Figure 5 is'an enlarged perspective view of the so that when it is desired to place articles into or shelf actuating arm and supporting br k t, remove them from the refrigerator, those articles In my copending application, Serial No. 718,18'7 which y he in may be e e y filed March 30th, 1934, I have shown auxiliary' disposed onthe shelf l5. 5 shelves or the swingable type suitable for sup- The shelf l5 isso shaped that when the door H guide means mounted within the food compartis being moved to its closed position, the door engages with the rod portion l8 and slides the shelf IE to its inoperative position as indicated in Figure 3.

The actuating arm I! if desired may be omitted and the auxiliary shelf I moved manually to its extended article receiving position, upon the opening of the door.

While I have shown, the arm supporting bracket l9 as being mounted on the door, it is to be understood that it may be mounted to the refrigerator side wall and the spring continuously tensioned so that the spring causes the shelf to slide to its operative position whenever the door is opened.

The shelf arrangement is simple in construction and occupies a very small space within the refrigerator food compartment. Furthermore, the auxiliary shelf is conveniently located for receiving articles, while other articles are being placed into or removed from the refrigerator, and is quickly and easily moved to and from its operative article receiving position.

Aside from the specific embodiment of the invention herein shown and described, it will be understood that numerous details of the construction may be altered or omitted without departing from'the spirit and scope of the invention.

What I claim is: 1. Thecombination with a cabinet having a door opening and a door for closing the same, of

merit of the cabinet, an auxiliary shelf slidably carried by said guide means, said shelf having a transversely extending rod portion, a bracket secured to said door, a swingable arm having an end portion hinged to said bracket and spaced projections at-the opposite end thereof disposed at opposite sides of said rod portion for engagement therewith, and a coil spring surrounding said first mentioned end portion and having one end engaged with said bracket and the other end engaged with said arm whereby upon opening movement of said door said spring is tensioned and slidably, moves said shelf to extended article supporting position.

2. The combination with a cabinet having an open doorway, a door for closing said doorway, guide means mounted in said cabinet, a shelf slidably disposed on said guide means, a slide rod secured transversely on the end of said shelf adjacent the door, a bracket secured to said door,

force tending to move the slidable shelf outwardly when said door is opened. v MARTIN J. GOULOOZE.

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