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Numéro de publicationUS2102591 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication21 déc. 1937
Date de dépôt28 juil. 1936
Date de priorité5 juin 1935
Numéro de publicationUS 2102591 A, US 2102591A, US-A-2102591, US2102591 A, US2102591A
InventeursHagemeier Heinrich
Cessionnaire d'origineHagemeier Heinrich
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Dental syringe
US 2102591 A
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Filed July 28, 1936 Ewan/for Patented Dec. 21, 1937 UNITED" sTA rss rA En'r orrics 2,102,591, v DENTAL synmenl Heinrich Hagemeier, Hamburg, Germany Application July28, 1936, Serial No. 93,050

. In Germany June 5, 1935.

- '3 Claims. -(ci. l28--236) This invention relatesto a syringe of the kind wherein the plunger or piston is operated by means of a pair of hand grips in the same .way as tongs and pliers. Such syringes are already in use by dentists for. administering narcotics, the plunger being in this case pivotally connected to the hand grip or grips, so that the position of the plunger relative to the operating elements remains constant. The object of the present invention is to obtain a syringe of this kind which allows of a gradual, stepwise discharge of its contents in predetermined quantities, and the invention consists in providing the syringe for this purpose with a plunger in the form of a screw spindle on which the operating elements actthrcugh the medium of an adjustable nut by which the posi--' tion of the plunger within the barrel of the syringe can be regulated. The barrel is made long enough to allow the plunger to advance in the barrel in a plurality of successive steps. I

With this construction of the syringe it is advisable to charge the latter with material through the medium of previously filled capsules from.

which the contents can thus be extruded step- Wise by means of the plunger through a nozzle secured to the barrel or to the capsule, means being provided for admitting the capsule into the barrel either through the end of the latter or through lateral openings therein, and means being also provided for securing the capsule in position. In this manner the contents will be hygienically protected from outside influences. The plunger can be made to act on a piston which is fitted in the capsule as a closure for the latter and which may be connected to the plunger.

The capsule may be charged with tooth-filling cement in which case the cement can be transferred from the syringe directly into the tooth cavity and forced into the latter by a pressure on the hand grips. A complete and reliable filling of the tooth can thus be effected in a very short space of time without the introduction into the cavity of any filling instruments by which it may be contaminated and before any flow of saliva into the cavity can take place.

The syringe may be fitted with a bent extrusion nozzle which can be adjusted to the most convenient angle relative to the hand grips.

Fig. l of the accompanying drawing represents by way of example a sectional view of a syringe constructed according to the invention, and

Fig. 2 is an elevation thereof at right angles to Fig. 1.

The illustrated syringe comprises a body which is formed integrally with a hand grip I4 and able abutment.

which holds ona pivot i5 another hand grip l3 arranged in substantial symmetry with the hand grip i l so that the syringe can be operated by means of the hand grips in the same way as a pair of pliers. Secured to the body opposite the hand grips is a barrel it in which a plunger in the form of a screw spindle ll is adapted to operate. The plunger is guided in a bore 28 in the body, and a widened portion is of this bore accommodates a headed nut is arranged adjustably on the screw spindle. The pivoted hand grip i3 is provided with a nose piece It which is preferably forked for accommodating the spindle and which engages under the head of the nut 89 so as to support it in opposition to a spring 25 which bears at one end against a shoulder 22 in the body and 'at the other end against the head of the nut. The spring tends to maintain the hand grip in its outer end position which is determined by a suit- By holding the hand grips and pressing them together, the grip l 3 will be turned about its pivot, and the plunger ll will be displaced in opposition to the spring 28 for extruding material from the barrel, the maximum displacement being determined by the abutment of the nut It against the shoulder 22. After each suchdisplacement, the spindle H is screwed forwards in'the nut by means of a milled head 23 for the extrusion of a fresh charge, the barrel being made long enough to allow a plurality of The syringe can conveniently be used for filling teeth with cement, and the latter can then be supplied in capsules such as 2% adapted for insertion into the barrel ill either through the outer end thereof or through lateral openings 25. A screw cap I I adapted to bear snugly against a conical end portion 29 of the capsule, is screwed on to the end of the barrel for securing the capsule to the latter. In the illustrated arrangement the capsule is fitted with a screw nipple for the reception of an extrusion nozzle l2 which is bent and adjustable so that it can be set at the most convenient angle relative to the hand grips l3, Id. For the extrusion of the cement from the capsule, a piston 26 may be employed to which the plunger H may be connected by means of a ball joint, the ball 21 being attached to or formed with direct with the piston for theextrusion thereof.

The spindle I! may be adapted to bear against the piston Without being connected thereto. Moreover, the connection of the nozzle I2 to the 7 capsule 24 or to the barrel may be effected by other means thanthosedescribed and illustrated;

and bothihand grips may be pivoted for the operation of the plunger. V r

V I claim: r

1. A dental syringe of the character described comprising a supporting body, a barrel secured to said body, a plunger in the form of a screw spindle! guided longitudinally in said body and in the barrel, a nut on said spindle, a pair of hand grips on the body branching out from the latter at opposite sides of and substantially symmetrically with the spindle, and a lever operable by pressure on the hand grips at right angles to the spindle to engage said headed nut for the displacementof the plunger. 7 V V 2. A dental syringe'of the character described comprising a supporting body, a barrel on said a body, a plunger in the form of a screw spindle guided longitudinally in said body for operation within the barrel, a. headed tint on said 7 spindle accommodated in a recess in the body and adapted ;to co-operate with the latter for limiting the displacement and regulating the position of the plunger within, the barreL'a pair/of hand grips on the body branching out from the latter at V opposite sides of and substantially symmetrically with the spindle, one of said hand grips forming a lever operablebypressure onv the'hand grips at rightangles to. the. spindle to engage saidnut for the displacement of the spindle within the barrel,

and a spring arranged between thebody and the 7 head of the nut for opposing the displacement of the-plunger by said lever.

1 3r The structure claimed in claim 2 in combi- 'nationwith a'capsuleadapted to be accommodated in the barrel, means for securing'the capsule to the barrel, a nozzle adapted for attachment to thebarrel, a piston in the capsule, and a

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