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Numéro de publicationUS2357220 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication29 août 1944
Date de dépôt29 juin 1943
Date de priorité29 juin 1943
Numéro de publicationUS 2357220 A, US 2357220A, US-A-2357220, US2357220 A, US2357220A
InventeursOlson Albin N
Cessionnaire d'origineOlson Albin N
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Grain elevator
US 2357220 A
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' Aug. 29, 1944. A. N. OLSON GRAIN ELEVATOR Filed June 29, 1943 Patented Aug. 29, l1944 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE GRAIN ELEVATOR Albin N.,0lson, Oshkosh, Nebr. Application June 29, 1943, Serial'No. 492,756 l 1 claim. wl. 19a- 213) This Xinvention relates to a grain elevator and it is a particular objectv of the invention to providean elevator which is especially adapted for use by the average farmer and which can be conveniently and eilectively employed in transferring grain or other substances from a container to a receptacle. y

It is also an object of the invention to providean elevator which can be easily moved from one location to another and wherein the machine includes an elevator member which can be tilted to one side or the, other thereby making it possible to direct the material to receptacles,

bins, or the like to both sides of a driveway .of a granary without changing or shifting the position' of the machine as a unit.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a machine of this kind4 including as a unit l an elevatingsection and a feed section for delivering material to the elevating section, said feed section being constructed to be inserted 2, and the inner or bottom end of the member I is closed by the intersecting bottom wall 3 positioned a desired distance inwardly of the lower or inner' end of the member I. The upper or outer end portion of the member I in close prox- `imity to the'closed end 2 thereof carries and has fin communication therewith a discharge spout 4.

Disposed axially of the member I is a spiral or auger elevator 5 of a. length extending substantially from the'closed end 2 of the member I to the bottom wall 3 thereof. Theupper or outer extremity of the shaft 6 of the elevator is rotatably disposed through a bearing 1 carried by the 'closed end 2 whilethe lower or inner end portion of the shaft 6 is directed through a bearing 8 carried by the bottom wal13. Fixed into a mass of the material to be elevated, as

within a hopper, bin, truck box, or other source of supply- An additional object of the invention is,4 to providel a machine of this kind including an elevating spiral or auger and a feed spiral or auger delivering direct to the receiving end portion of the elevating spiral or auger and wherein one of said spirals constitutes a driver for the other.

The invention consists in the details of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts of my improved grain elevator whereby certain important advantages are attained, as will be hereinafter more fully set forth.

In order that my invention may be better understood, I will now proceed to describe the same with reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view with portions in elevation of a grain elevator constructed in accordance with an embodiment of the in-V vention and;

Figure 2 isa transverse sectional view through the elevating section at a point above the feed section.

In the embodiment of the invention as illustrated in the accompanying drawing the elevator comprises as a unit two parts A and B, the part A being the elevating section and the part B constituting a feed section. l f

'I'he part or elevating section A comprises an elongated tubular member I of desired dimensions having its outer or top end closed, as at tothe shaft '6 below the bottom wa11v3vis a beveled gear 9 which engages from above a beveled pinion I0 fixed to a shaft II. This shaft II is disposed radially through the member I and has its end portion engaged With the bearings I2 carried bythe member I at diametrically opposed points.

One end portion of the shaft II exteriorly of the member I has fixed thereto a sprocket I8 with which is engaged an endless chain I5 also in operative engagement witha sprocket I4 carkSII ried by the extended portion of a shaft I'I extending transversely through the member I slightly to one side of the shaft II of the elevaator and at substantially right angles thereto. 'I'his shaft I1 also extends axially of .a tubular member I8 of desired dimensions which is comprised in the part or feed section B. The outer end of this member I8 is closed as at I9 and this closed end I9 carries a bearing 20 with which an end portion' of the shaft I1 engages while the opposite end portion of the shaft I'I is operatively engaged with the bearing 2I carried by the. member I.

The blade or spiral of the elevator or auger l, is cut away or interrupted as at 22 to allow for the placing of the shaft I1 so that the shaft I1 will offer no hindrance or obstruction to the desired rotation of the elevator or auger 5. The shaft I'I carries the spiral or auger blade 23 which extends from apoint closely adjacent to theyouter closed end I9 of the member I 8 to a point closely adjacent to the member I or more particularly the opening 24 in the wall of the member I whereby desired communication is had between said member, I and the member I8. f

The member I8 throughout its length is cylinby the average farmer in the handling of grain although, of course, it is not desired to limit th invention in this particular use.

The device is preferably made of metal and its structure is such as to be light in weight whereby' Y the device as a unit may be readily and conveniently transported from one location to another as desired.

In practice the member I8 of the part or feed section B is inserted in the mass of material to be handled and if such mass be within a hopper, bin, or the like a side wall thereof is cut out to allow for the insertion of the member I8 and which opening can be ordinarily closed by a suitable gate or door.

When the device is inwerking position the member I is disposed in a vertical direction but on account of the cylindrical formation of the member I8, this member I can be readily swung to one side or the other as may be desired and Aparticularly when the material is to be delivered to receptacles or bins at both sides of the drive Way in a granary. g

The device requires no special supporting structure as the member Il can be rested if desired upon the bottom of a hopper or the like or the mass of material therebelow will afford sufficient support.

When the device is in applied or working position, the driving member or pulley 26 is coupled to a suitable source of power and as the shaft I1 rotates, the blade 23 will carry the material entering the member I8 through the opening 24 and under pressure into the member I and in contact with the spiral elevator or auger 5.

It is also to be poin-ted out that by having the opening or cut out portion 25 underneath, the weight of the mass of material above the member I8 is held off of the blade 23 and thus facilitating the effective operation of the feed means with a minimum of power'.

It is also to be pointed out that the various gears and bearings are exteriorly arranged so that any material that might get into the same will fall away.

The outer closed end I9 of the member I8 is tapered to a point to facilitate Vthe desired inser- Ation of the member I8 into the mass of material.

in accordance with my invention is particularly well adapted for use by reason of the convenience and facility with which it may be assembled and operated.

I claim: l

A iluent material elevator'comprising a tubular housing, a foot secured to one end of the housing upon which the housing is maintained upright,

said foot being designed to facilitate the support of the housing vertically and at an inclination from the4 vertical as required, a wall extending across the lower end of the housing inwardly of such end, a discharge outlet at the opposite end of the housing, a screw conveyer disposed within the housing and supported for rotation upon said wall, said conveyer having the screw transversely broken adjacent to said wall, a lateral tubular housing connected with the first housing adjacent thebreak of the screw and having a downwardly directed wall opening, a screw conveyer in the lateral housing having a central shaft extending transversely across the first housing lwithin the break of the screw andl through the wall of said rst housing, means carried by said shaft facilitating the application of rotary power thereto, a gear in the first housing beneath the said wall and connected with the ilrst screw, a stub shaft extending transversely of the ilrst housing beneath the said wall and said gear and supported for rotation, a pinion gear carried by the last mentioned Shaft andiineshing with the iirst gear, and a driving connection between the two shafts;


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