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Numéro de publicationUS2372371 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication27 mars 1945
Date de dépôt11 avr. 1944
Numéro de publicationUS 2372371 A, US 2372371A, US-A-2372371, US2372371 A, US2372371A
InventeursGeorge J. Eisner
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Evaporating disseminator
US 2372371 A
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March 27, 1945. G. J, EISNER 2,372,371


rmad WW v2,372,371

vice in operative position on an incandescent drilled at qu l intervals around t UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE EVAPORATING DISSEMINA'TOII George J, Eisner, Phoenix, Application April 11, 1844, Serial No. 539,543

1 Claim, QCl. 21-420) This invention concerns evaporating dissemdates closure plug 9 which has two lugs l1 inators, of the type adapted to vaporize volatile adapted to insertion through slots 8 and arranged materials, such as insecticides, deodorants, and to engage said screw tightening lips it the like, with heat obtained from an independent source on which the device is placed, It has for 5 portion shaped to dorm a concavc ottcm con its objects, icrining to outer surface of the conventional First, to provide an evaporating vapor, disincandescent bulb or g be oi average size. seminator which can be made or"; metal, plastics concave surface is afford this or other heat resisting matcrialwhich can best contact with the gio c surf tor heat conveniently attached to an hicand-cscent lamp w transfer; it operates to conve a local; rays globe, or otherwise placed on other heat pro toward the hrtcrior oi t holding ducing devices; fingers i2 arc formed into, ho central Second, the provision oi as devicc so aho'c'e p rtion h w fingers mentioned which will suhstcnccs normal y llwood to conic evaporated without spilling surface or placed at any desired 21 as narrow con i zontal; I ads Third, the provision a a m time not tioned, composed of a ranged so as to be c c adapted to maximum F heating surface of cont globe, and provided i ing members to hold tho loci lamp bulbs or globes, or o lead to is substantial o vico on flexed W1 oonioz to devices as is desired. or to cthcrwi Other objects will appcsr: heatin S rfaceslfhus I attain the foregoing ohiccts of the mkrc iiicnh The lo devices and construction in accom ulc bent outward to z panylng drawing, in which so supports when tho device Figure 1, is a side devotional View oi the dc= ik A is lamp globe; I or periphery the upper svcssei 2 Figure 2 with the filling cap removed; to icrm vents through winch vapot. generated Figure 3, a vertical section taken on line 3-! m the E may escape. Part 3 Part 4 1 Figure 2; are pressed together and soldered cemented Figure 4, a side elevational view of a modified along seam l6, t t s, l w r rim or past 3 form of the device when made of plastic ma- 151011196 t0 the im t the olr c ntral terlal, end; portion or part 4. The domed sin e or vessel Figure 5, an elevation of the filling plug. 40 t f m is ly fi ed "with h vs absorb similar num r ls refer to i il r parts in th ant material i8 such asbestos wool, or the several views. like.

The essence container or vessel 2 of the de- The modified form w in Figure i made vice is composed of two main parts, an upper 01' heat resistant plastic. The upper and lower cup shaped part 3, 1 inverted pggjflgn, and parts are molded to have approxunately the lower bottom part 4 forming a closure for the Same shape 85 the metal parts composing the opening at the bottom or the upper part. The m Shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3. The seam I6 vessel preterabLv has the shape of the lrustum w n these pa y be fl fi y P a tic or a. cone. when made or metal the two parts t. r a threaded Joint may Prov are stamped and die pressed to shape. When In this form the fingers 22 are made thicker, made of plastic they are molded. The top part and to aflord sufficient stiffness and resiliency, a 3 has a hole 5 formed in the center of its upper metal wire 23 is imbedded in their interior and face provided with notches 8, depending tab extends substantially throughout their length. stops I, and inwardly extending partial screw In use the device is placed over a lamp bulb tightening lips 8. This construction accommo- I9 as shown in Figure 1. The vessel 2 is supplied with liquid material to be evaporated 1 hole 5 so tar as it can be absorbed by the fibre material I8. The plug 17 is placed in the hole, and the lamp lighted. As the liquid evapcrates its vapors issue through vent holes 953. When desired the device may he placed on a fiat surface, such as the top of a stove, radiator or cave bottom provided with a plurality of semiresilient retaining fingers depending therefrom normally curved to conform to the surface of an 7 electric lamp globe and having feet at their lower ends, a g hole in the top of said vessel, and a removable plug therefor, a plurality of vent holes spaced around the upper rim of said vessel, and fibrous absorbent material filling the interior thereof; said vessel being'composed of an upper part and a lower part; said upper part being cup shaped and joined in inverted position to said lower part, and said lower part having its central portion formed and shaped to provide a concave bottom closure for said upper part together with integral strips depending from said central portion to said retaining m gers, said upper and lower part being joined in fluid tight relation.

enaan J. a

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Classification aux États-Unis422/305, 392/393, 239/34, 239/136, 392/395
Classification coopérativeA61L9/12