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Numéro de publicationUS2832086 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication29 avr. 1958
Date de dépôt25 nov. 1955
Date de priorité25 nov. 1955
Numéro de publicationUS 2832086 A, US 2832086A, US-A-2832086, US2832086 A, US2832086A
InventeursWells John H
Cessionnaire d'origineWells John H
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Window washing device
US 2832086 A
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April'29, 1958 J. H. WELLS 2,

wmnow WASHING DEVICE Filed Nov. 25', 1955 v INVENTOR. LTaH/v 6 $4421.:

. toward the surface to be cleaned.

WINDOW WASHING DEVICE John H. Wells, Chicago, 11]. Application November 25, 1955, Serial No. 548,903 4 Claims. (Cl. 15-131) This invention relates to means for washing windows or the like and particularly to a portable hand manipulated device which not only carries out the washing operation but may be availed of to effect the drying thereof. I

Generally speaking it is contemplated that the device hereof, shall be so constructed as to generate steam, direct the steam to the surface to be washed as the device is moved therealong, and include provisions for drying the surface thereafter.

It will be readily appreciated that the novel concept of a portable hand operated steam generating window washer and dryer is an important improvement when it is recalled that steam will be most suitable to remove virtually any type of soil with a minimum of effort. In fact only a small amount of steam will be required for each square foot of glass surface and thus the use of steam is practical. p

While the device, including as it does a fiexibleblade for drying or removing the moisture, is primarily for window washing, other uses will be readily apparent, such as cleaning of tile or floors whose surfaces make such use possible and desirable.

It is therefore a principal object of the invention to provide a hand manipulated window washing device, wherein steam is generated in the device and is directed A further object of the invention is to provide a device wherein steam is availed of to eifect window cleaning in a hand operated device and the device includes means for drying or otherwise removing themoisture and soil.

Another object of the invention is to provide a window washing device which generates steam, directs it to the surface to be cleaned and by hand movement of the device and a flexible blade provided, the soil loosened by the steam is removed, the steam being generated by an electrically operated unit.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a device of the class described, which may be carried in the hand of a user, the device including a handle which is constructed so as to contain a tank and heating element for heating the contents of the tank to generate steam, direct the steam to a transversely extending arm and adjacent a rubber or other flexible blade mounted thereon,

said heating unit being electrically operated under control of switch means in the handle, the blade being availed of to wipe the surface of a window or the like to remove the soil therefrom.

Other and further objects of the invention will be understood from a consideration of the specification appended hereto and shown in thedrawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the device, certain portions being in section and partially fragmentary.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view showing the device and the relationship of certain'of the parts in greater detail. 3

Referring now to the drawing, the device of this invention should be understood 2 the tank section 2 being of any preferred form and shape and as large as'will conveniently be possible to provide, the tank section 2 including a tank 3 therein which is thoroughly insulated and beneath which a heating unit 4 is located, the heating unit 4 being equipped with an electrical element 5 therein which electrical element maybe connected by means of the electric cable or cord 6, to any suitable source, the plug 7 being furnished to connect with that source.

I In order to control the temperature of the heating element 5, a suitable switch 8 is furnished, the switch 8 being in the handle adjacent the hand of the operator so as to be readily movable as necessary. In providing a tank such as 3, it may under many circumstances be desirable to equip the handle with a guard such as 9 to prevent hot water or steam from dropping on the hand of the user when it is possible that this could happen.

A suitable water inlet is formed in the upper portion of the tank 3, a cover or cap therefore being indicated at 10 the part 10 being removable and the tank refilled when necessary.

Ahead of the tank and connected therewith, is a tI'ElIlSr verse'member 11 which transverse member 11 forms a mounting means for a rubber blade 12, the blade 12 being obviously possible of being made of other material than rubber which will serve the purpose hereof as will be explained.

The blade 12 is connected to the transverse member 11 as shown particularly in Figure 2 by being clamped steam beneath and adjacentthe blade 12 for use as will be subsequently described. In order to provide for the delivery of steam to the conduit 15 a further conduit portion 18 is provided which is connected with the tank 3.

While the general proportions herein shown may be preferable foruse where the device is intended to carry out the window washing function it should be understood also that this device can be availed of to wash walls or other surfaces which would be possible to clean by the addition of a small amount of steam and would not be harmed thereby, such surfaces being those comprised of material such as tile or the like.

In operation the device may be placed into operative condition by manipulating the switch 8 so as to turn on the heating element 5 after water has been placed in the tank 3 through the inlet covered by cap it). ina short time the steam is generated and delivered through the conduit 18 and to the transverse conduit 15, then to the small openings 16 where it will be expelled through the Patented A r; 29, s,

as comprising a hand carried or manipulated device so that its use for window washing vii quickly enough, the switch 8 may be manipulated so as to increase the temperature of the heating element 5, the converse also being apparent.

The device as a Whole may be manipulated in much the manner of the usual rubber-bladed type of window cleaning mechanism but in this instance the moisture supplied is in the form of steam and thus considerable saving in effort is achieved where the device hereof is availed of for cleaning surfaces of the nature for which it is thus adapted.

I" claim:

1. In a window washing device of the class described, in combination, a handle, a flexible wiping blade connected with the handle, self contained steam generating instrumentalities carried thereby, and'co-nduit means to provide steam and'direct the same toward positions adjacent the said blade.

2. In a window washing device of the class described, in combination, a handle, blade mounting means connected with the handle, a resilient blade carried by the mounting means, a steam generating unit carried by the handle, and conduit means connected with the unit and substantially coextensive with the blade aforesaid to direct steam therealong.

3. In a Window washing device of the class described, in combination, a handle, a steam generating unit com- LJI prising a continuation of the handle, a transversely extending blade mounting means connected at one end of the unit, a flexible blade in said mounting means, and conduit means extending from the steam unit and substantially coextensive with the blade aforesaid, said conduit means having provisions to direct steam toward positions adjacent the edge of the blade mentioned.

4. A window washing device as claimed in claim 3, wherein the steam generating unit comprises a chamber for water and an electric element arranged to convert the A-Ettil to steam, and the conduit leads from the chamber and at least a part thereof extends along and adjacent the mounting means, the portion so extending being provided with a series-of openings through which steam is directed to positions along the blade aforesaid.

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Classification internationaleA47L1/00, A47L1/08
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