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Numéro de publicationUS3018876 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication30 janv. 1962
Date de dépôt19 août 1959
Date de priorité19 août 1959
Numéro de publicationUS 3018876 A, US 3018876A, US-A-3018876, US3018876 A, US3018876A
InventeursHuot Henry E
Cessionnaire d'origineHuot Mfg Company
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Drill holding case
US 3018876 A
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Jan. 30, 1962 H. E. Huo'r 3,018,876

DRILL HOLDING CASE Filed Aug. 19, 1959 2 'Sheets-Sheet 1 25%#- t nl' l 30 |||ll 11" 7] M I" l" QM-@7E 4l Il INVENToR. /Ewey E. /uor BY 45 .as 4a @J Hlls rfaRA/rs A Jan. 30, 1962 E. Huo'r 3,018,876

DRILL HOLDING CASE Filed Aug'. 19, 1959 2 sheets-sheet a fs a 4 5 fran er.:

United States Patent "C 3,018,876 DRILL HOLDING CASE Henry E. Huot, St. Paul, Minn., assignor to Huot Manufactoring Company, St. Paul, Minn., a corporation of Minnesota Filed Aug. 19, 1959, Ser. No. 834,737 1 Claim. (Cl. 20G- 17) This invention relates to an improvement in a drill holding casing havingcompartments therein for respectively containing certain various sized drills.

It is desirable to have such a casing in which said drills maybe disposed in order' of size with the respective sizes of said drills being clearly indicated for a ready selection of the same.

It is an object of this invention to provide a drill holding casing having a plurality of compartments therein for respectively receiving and holding certain various sized drills and indicia in connection with said compartments to respectively identify said drills, with said compartments being arranged for a convenient endwise insertion and withdrawal of said drills.

It is another object of this invention to provide a drill holding casing having a lid thereon adapted to be suppored in a raised open position to provide ready access to the drill holding compartments within said casing.

It is still another object of this invention to provide a drill holding casing having a plurality of drill holding members pivotally held therein each comprising a plurality of drill holding compartments respectively adapted to hold certain various sized drills and easily visible indicia in connection with said compartments to readily identify each of said drills.

It is a more specific object of this invention to provide a drill holding casing substantially parallelepiped in form having a lid thereon pivoted to a base portion thereof, said lid having a pair of transversely aligned inclined elongated slots through which said lid is pivoted to said base portion whereby said lid may be opened having its open rear end disposed over the end of said casing to rest thereagainst in an upraised position, and a plurality of holding members pivoted within said base portion each having a plurality of compartments graduated in size with said compartments being respectively identied by indicia to form an indexing system whereby said compartments will receive therein respectively certain of Various sized drills, said holding members being pvoted to be easily raised to an upstanding position and'being spaced longitudinally of asid casing for easy removal or replacement of said drills from either of said holding members.


FIG. 9 is a bottom plan view on an enlarged scale of the portion of applicants device indicated in FIG. 5.

Referring to the drawings, a casing 10 is shown. Said casing is substantially parallelepiped in form having a base portion 12 and a cover portion 13. Said base portion comprises sides 15 and 16, a bottom 17, a rear end portion 18, and a front inclined end portion 19.

Said cover 13 comprises a top side 20, depending sides 21 and 22 reducing in height from the rear to the front thereof terminating in a front end portion 23 of small height. Said sides 21 and 22 and said end 23 are adapted to overlie corresponding portions of said base 12.

Said casing may be variously formed and is here indicated as being made of a blank of sheet metal material and comprising a very simple structure. The upstanding sides of said base 12 and the depending sides of said cover 13 are formed by merely being bent to right-angled positions in relation to their respective bottom and top sides. Said casing is very simply and relatively inexpensively formed.

Said cover 13 has an open rear end 25. Adjacent said open rear end and the rear of each of said sides 21 and 122 in transverse alignment are elongated inclined or slanted slots 27. Only one of said slots is shown as indicated in FIGS. 1 and 4. Disposed through said slots l and through corresponding apertures 28 in said base por- These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully setforth in the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters. refer to similar parts throughout the several views and in which:

FIG. l is a view in side elevation of applicants device;

FiG. 2 is a view in end elevation of applicants device;

FIG, 3 is a top plan view taken on line 3-3 of FIG. 4 as indicated by the arrows and having a portion thereof in horizontal section;

FIG. 4 is a view of applicants device in side elevation in open position with a portion thereof broken away and some parts thereof shown in alternate position in dotted line;

FIG. 5 is a top plan view of a portion of applicants device;

FIG. 6 is a view in vertical section taken on line 6-6 of FIG. 4 as indicated by the arrows;

FIG. 7 is a view in perspective on an enlarged scale of the portion of applicants device indicated in FIG. 5;

FIG. 8 is a view in front end elevation of the portion of applicants device indicated in FIG. 5; and

tion 12 are pins 29 extending inwardly from either side of said cover 13 to form a hinge whereby when said cover 13 is raised, said cover is moved upwardly and rearwardly by means oi said slots to overlie the end portion 18 of said base 12 to rest thereagainst to be retained in an outwardly inclined upwardly raised position, as indicated in FIG. 4.

t Disposed within said base portion 12 are drill holding members 36 and 31. Said drill holding members may be formed of various material but are here indicated as being formed of a tough resilient form of plastic material adapted to receive drills therein without dulling the edges by contact.

Said drill holding member 30 in the embodiment of the applicants invention here presented is shown to be substantially rectangular in plan having outer side members 32 and 33 of uniform height and length connected by a at bottom 34. Extending between said sides 32 and 33 in parallel spaced arrangement are partition members 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43, with said partition members decreasing in height from right to left as viewed in FIG. 5 and as indicated in FIG. 7. Said partition members 39-43 are shown to be -of successively shorter length with an inclined member 45 forming a bottom for said members to accommodate drills of lesser length, as will be hereinafter indicated.

Extending substantially centrally transversely of said member 30 at the rear side thereof are a pair of ribs 47 and 48 integral with said sides 32 and 33 and with said partition members having their upper surfaces in the plane of the upper surfaces of said sides 32 and 33 and having increasing depth from right to left, as viewed in FIG. 5 and as indicated in FIG. 8, to offset the successive decrease in height of said partition members 37--43. Extending between said ribs 47 and 48 in the plane of their bottom edge portions and extending transversely of said member 30 is a plate member 50 bearing indicia 52 thereon with said indicia being indicated in connection with respective slots formed by said partition members 37-43. Extending between said sides 32 and 33 connecting the upper ends of said partition members 37--43 and in the plane of the upper sides of said partition members is an end member 54.

Extending between the outer sides 32 and 33 of the front of said member 3i) at the upper and lower portions thereof are panel members 55 and 56 leaving open therebetween a central portion exposing central portions of said partition members 37-43. Said plate members 55 and 56 bear indicia thereon corresponding to respective slots between said partition members. Thus said slots formed between said sides 32 and 33 and the partition members therebetween are faced at one side by said plate member 52 and at the other side by plate members 55l and 56 to form compartments of certain different sizes to receive therein endwise drills 70 of certain different sizes whereby said drills may be selectively withdrawn therefrom with the sizes of the drills clearly indicated at either side of said member 30.

At either outer end of said bottom 34 is a projection 58 forming a stud adapted to be received in transversely aligned cavities 60 in said base portion 12, as indicated in FIG. 6, for pivotal engagement. Said cavities 60 are shown here formed by being pressed into the sides of said base portion 12 as is obviously indicated.

Said drill holding member 30 may be formed to have therein any certain number of compartments and is shown here formed to have eight compartments. Said drill holding member 31 is similar in construction to said drill holding member 30 and is adapted for holding larger sized drills, and as here indicated is formed to have iive compartments therein, and as indicated in FIG. 3 bears indicia 61 thereon corresponding to the respective compartments formed therein. Only the differences in construction of said holding member 31 as compared to said holding member 30 will be here described. The respective compartments of said holding member 31 unlike those of holding member 30 extend the full length of said member 31 having their bottoms in the common plane f the bottom member 65. Depending from said bottom member 65 are a plurality of alternating semicylindrical reversely curved portions 67 which in combination form a passage to receive therebetween the hinged pins 28, as indicated in FIG. 3. When in rest'- ing position said holding member 31 in being pivoted at the upper portions of said sides 15 and 16 overlie said holding member 30 which is pivoted to a lower portion of said sides 15 and 16, as indicated in FIG. 4.

In use, said drill holding members 30 and 31 wil be loaded with drills 70 which are indicated in FIG. 3 in connection with holding member 30. When desired to be used, the cover 13 will be raised upwardly and will extend over the rear end 25 of said base portion 12 and will rest thereagainst in an upwardly rearwardly inclined position as the result of the elongated slots 27. Thus said cover 13 may be easily placed in an open upstanding position, in which position it will retain itself. Said drill holding members 31 and 30 are next raised to an upright position. yThe respective indicia 52 and 61 on said holding members 30 and 31 is clearly visible from either side of said holding members whereby a desired drill may be easily withdrawn for use. Applicants-holding members 30 and 31 being formed from a tough resilient material do not dull the edges of the drills; as

they are either withdrawn or inserted n position. Said drills are securely held in slots of substantial length having fully exposed open upper end portions for the convenient withdrawal or insertion of said drills.

Thus it is seen that I have provided an improved drill holding case of exceedingly simple construction which is very efficient and convenient for use and which has proved to be very successful in use.

It will of course be understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the parts, without departing from the scope of applicants invention which, generally stated, consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects above set forth, in the parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A drill holding case having in combination, a casing substantially parallelepiped in form comprising a base portion and a cover portion, means for hinging said cover portion to. said base portion, said cover portion having an open rear end portion supported in upstanding position against the rear end of said base portion, a first and second holding member in said casing in superposed relation, means respectively pivotally securing said holding members at their lower end portions in said casing, said rst holding member being substantially rectangular in plan and comprising a pair of side walls of uniform height having therebetween a plurality of transversely spaced' longitudinally extending partition members, said partition members being successively reduced in height transversely of said first holding member at one side thereof. a pair of spaced ribs extending transversely substantiallyv centrally of'said partition members across said one side of said holding member, a plate member extending between said ribs bearing indicia thereon having specic relation to the respective slots formed between said partition members, a pair of plate members extending transversely across the other side of said holding member spaced longitudinally thereof overlying the opposite end'portions of said partition members and bearing indicia thereon having specific relation to the respective slots formed between said partition members, an end walll extending across and enclosing the lower ends of said side walls and partition members, and a transverse rib overlying the upper end portions of said partition members on the first mentioned side of said holding member whereby a plurality of graduated slots are formed to respectively accommodate certain different sized drills.

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