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Numéro de publicationUS3121235 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication18 févr. 1964
Date de dépôt24 nov. 1961
Date de priorité24 nov. 1961
Numéro de publicationUS 3121235 A, US 3121235A, US-A-3121235, US3121235 A, US3121235A
InventeursDaniel Gellmann
Cessionnaire d'origineDaniel Gellmann
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Universal shower line unit
US 3121235 A
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1964 D. GELLMANN UNIVERSAL SHOWER LINE UNIT 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed NOV. 24, 1961 Daniel Gel/moan INVENTOR.

Feb. 18, 1964 v GELLMANN I 3,121,235

UNIVERSAL SHOWER LINE UNIT Filed Nov. 24, 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Fig. 5

Daniel Gel/mam INVENTORV United States Patent 3,121,235 UNIVERSAL SHOWER RENE UNET Daniel Gellmann, 56 W. 45th St, New York, NY. Filed Nov. 24, 1961, Ser. No. 154,68% 3 Glairns. (Cl. 4-148} The present invention generally relates to a bathing apparatus and more particularly to a novel and universal shower line and this application is a continuation-impart of copending application Serial No. 36,559, filed June 16, 1960 for Universal Shower Line, now abandoned.

The primary object of the present invention is to provide a universal shower line which is portable and can be easily and quickly attached to or detached from existing shower installations and specifically includes a universal flexible unit with adjustable features to enable the unit of the present invention to be orientated in the optimum position for the particular individual or individuals employing the device.

The present invention generally includes a vertically disposed aluminum pipe communicated with a nylon union which serves as a galvanic reactor and having a multiplicity of shower heads disposed thereon in vertically spaced relation with the galvanic re ctor being connected to the existing shower installation conduit of one material and to the aluminum pipe and flexible unit to prevent corrosive action together with means for eff cting the vertical adjustment of the lowermost shower head and means for adjusting the orientation of the vertical pipe in relation to a vertical wall. Unions employed in the shower line unit are of plastic-corrosive resistant material such as Delrin and nylon thus eliminating any possibility of corrosion of the pipe. The vertical pipe is constructed of aluminum of light gauge or any suitable material of lightweight construction preferably provided with an anodized exterior surface having a shiny or glossy finish. Also, the exterior surface of the pipe will be substantially free of obstructions thereby providing an extremely neat and attractive installation which can be installed without requiring the services of a plumber.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a universal shower line unit having a plurality of vertically spaced shower heads thereon which are individually adjustable and selectively operable for enabling discharge of a shower spray or sprays at difierent vertical elevations and in different angular directions for enabling substantially the entire surface area of a persons body to be efiectively engaged by a shower spray thereby facilitating the more effective cleansing of the body and also enabling the shower sprays to stimulate and massage various areas of the body due to the direct engagement or contact of the shower spray Water with the various surface areas of the body.

A further object of the present invent-ion is to provide a shower line unit having a plurality of vertically spaced shower heads thereon in accordance with the preceding objects in which the lowermost shower head turns upwardly by virtue of a reverse bend formed in the lower end of the pipe together with a vertical adjustment being provided for the lowermost shower head thereby enabling the lowermost shower head to be adjusted vertically as well as adjusted angularly thereby enabling the upwardly directed shower spray to be aimed at various areas for contact with various surface areas of the body from the underside thereof which is usually one area of the body that is not engaged by a conventional shower spray when the shower spray head is only at a vertically elevated position such as in a conventional shower installation.

Still another feature of the present invention is the provision of a universal shower line having an adjustable 3,l2l,235 Fatented Feb. '18, 1%54 "ice vertical, horizontal and both sides extendable brace provided with suction cups on the inner surface thereof for enabling the brace to be attached to the supporting wall for effectively adjusting the position of the vertically disposed pipe having the multiplicity of shower heads thereon and also enabling the shower line of the present invention to be installed in various types of installations including shower stalls, various types of bathtub enclosures, various types of shower baths and the like in which the upper end of the pipe is provided with means for connecting the vertical pipe through the flex galvanic reactor unit to the conventional shower pipe and adapting itself to the particular orientation and position of the conventional shower pipe thereby enabling the shower line of the present invention to be universally installed in existing installations and also enabling the assembly to be installed during an initial installation of a bath room or the like.

Still another feature of the present invention resides in its extreme simplicity of construction, neatness in appearance, effectiveness in operation, adaptation to various installations and users and its generally inexpensive manufacturing and installation costs.

Still another very important feature of the present invention is the provision of a shower line unit which is highly utilitarian in that it may be employed in conjunction with a bathtub, shower stall or the like but which may also be inverted and employed out of doors by connecting the shower line to the outdoor shower base as specified in this application which for this purpose has been provided with the same fittings for immediate and easy attachment for use either as an outdoor shower or as a device for use in any area described since the assembled unit will then be completely portable.

Still another factor in the present invention is the provision of a shower line unit to be combined with the universal shower seat, Serial No. 36,534 issued as Patent No. 3,040,335, dated June 26, 1962 which has also been provided for this purpose with the same fittings to be used in a bathtub, shower stall or the like, or combined with the outdoor shower base where it becomes as intended a three in one unit since all fittings are made interchangeable.

These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the shower line unit of the present invention installed in a conventional existing shower bath, bathtub or the like;

FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional view illustrating the flex galvanic reactor unit disposed between the shower pipe and the shower line unit of this invention;

FIGURE 3 is a detailed sectional view illustrating the construction of the adjustable brace;

FIGURE 4 is a detailed side elevational view illustrating the manner of mounting the shower heads on the vertical pipe;

FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of the device employed as an outdoor portable unit;

FIGURE 6 is a vertical sectional view illustrating the construction of the connector between the bottom tubular member and the shower line unit;

FIGURE 7 is a detailed sectional view of the base structure illustrating the connection for a water hose;

FEGURE 8 is a perspective view of the shower line unit of the present invention installed on a chair disposed in a. bathtub or the like;

FlGURE 9 is a perspective view illustrating another form of suction cup brace mechanism that may be employed;

FIGURE 16 is a perspective view of another type of suction cup brace mechanism;

FIGURE 11 is a perspective view of still another mechanism employed with the invention; and

FIGURE 12 is a detailed sectional view of a modified galvanic reactor unit.

Referring now specifically to the drawings, the numeral 15' generally designates the universal shower line of the present invention which is connected to an existing shower pipe 12 which extends through and is supported from a wall 14. The shower pipe 12 is connected to the existing plumbing in a conventional manner and the outer end of the pipe 12 extends downwardly as indicated by numeral 16 and is provided with an adjustable spray head 18 which may be adjusted as to the angular position thereof and also, there is provided an adjustment plate 21? for controlling the characteristics of the spray discharged by the shower head and also for completely closing off the shower head '18 if desired. As is conventional, suitable control valves for hot and cold water are provided for controlling the temperature of the water discharged from the shower head. If the device is installed in a conventional bathtub, there will be the normally provided discharge faucet 22 for discharging water into the bathtub in a conventional manner. Also, there will be a control valve for the cold water, a control valve for the hot water and a control device for discharging water from the faucet 2,2. or from the shower pipe 12. This represents conventional construction and the present invention may be installed in any bat tub assembly, shower bath assembly and of course, the controls are varied accordingly.

The depending outer end 16 of the pipe 12 is provided with a coupling generally designated by the numeral 24 which includes a T-coupling as having the nozzle l8 screwthreaded on the bottom end thereof and having a branch conduit 28 receiving a flexible section 30. The coupling 26 is provided with an externally threaded flange 32. for receiving a gasket 34 thereon in opposition to a flange 36 which flanges are held in captive arrangement by a screwthreaded nut 38. The coupling is of plastic construction such as nylon or Delrin thus preventing any galvanic action due to the difference in material between the pipe 12 and the aluminum shower line unit it} of the present invention.

A vertical pipe line 59 extends generally in parallel relation to the wall surface 14- and includes a coupling 52 similar to the coupling 24 at the upper end thereof for connecting the vertical pipe it to the flexible section Ell.

The vertical pipe it) is provided with a sleeve 44 vertically adjustably mounted thereon and retained in position by a setscrew 46. Extending inwardly from the sleeve 44 is a hollow tubular member 48 slidably receiving a rod or tube 58 having a suction cup 52 on the outer end thereof. A setscrew 54 is provided for retaining the members 43 and 55) in adjusted position thus orientating the shower pipe line 4% in a desired vertical position.

Disposed along the length of the shower pipe 46, there is a plurality of shower heads 56, 58 and as which are similar to the shower head 18. The lowermost shower head ea is mounted on an upturned end portion so of the pipe or tube 46 and the shower heads as and 58 are disposed in vertically spaced relation. The shower heads 56 and 58 are each engaged with a projecting nipple 64 on the pipe it) whereby the shower heads 56 and 58 are smoothly merged with the pipe 4%. Disposed along the length of the tube 46 is a pair of similar nipples 64, one facing inwardly as illustrated in FIGURE 1 and one facing downwardly at the return bend portion 62 and these nipples may be plug ed by a suitable screwthreaded plug or the like.

For supporting the shower pipe 49, various arrangements may be provided in lieu of the single suction cup 52. For example, FIGURE 9, illustrates an arrangement in which the member 66 comparable to the member 5'1; is provided with a transverse sleeve 68 at the inner end thereof having a rod it'l slidable in each end thereof and provided with an L-shaped portion 72 having a suction cup 74 on the end thereof. The rods 7% are secured in laterally adjusted position by setscrews 76 thus securing the suction cup 74 in laterally adjusted position.

In FIGURE 10, the sleeve 78 comparable to the sleeve 44 and secured in vertically adjusted position in the same manner is provided with a late ally extending tubular member 8% having inwardly extending end portions 82 thus defining a generally U-shaped member in which each inwardly extending member 82 receives a rod or tube 84 comparable to the rod or tube 5% having a suction cup 86 on the end thereof; In each instance, the suction cups are secured to place by setscrews 83.

In FIGURE 11, another embodiment of the suction cup arrangement is disclosed including a rod 9% comparable to the rod 5b to which is attached a generally V-shaped member 92 having diverging legs M with each leg 94 having a suction cup 96 on the inner end thereof whereby the suction cup may be angulated about the axis of the rod so which is also true of the form of the suction cup assembly as shown in FlGURE 9.

FIGURE 5 illustrates the shower line unit of the present invention inverted and installed on an upstanding tubular member 1% by virtue of a coupling 1% similar to the couplings 24 and 42. The upstanding tubular member 1% is provided Witt a shower head llland a metallic coupling member we is provided at the bottom thereof which has a garden hose 1% connected to the branch thereof thereby supplying water to the tubular member 1% and the shower line unit 49. The coupling 1% is connected to a base ill) by virtue of a downwardly extending rod 112 which forms a closure for the coupling 1% and also anchors the upright tubular member ltd? to a weight 114 in the bottom of the base ill). Thus, the device may be used as an outside shower or as a sprinkling device such as for children. Further, shower heads may be installed in any of the various nipples as desired.

FIGURE 8 illustrates the use of the shower line unit ll) in a bathtub combined with a chair assembly 116. In this form of the invention the shower pipe 118 is connected with the nipples 64 on the revcrsely curved portion 62 of the shower line. The details of the chair 116 are the same as disclosed in copending application Serial No. 36,534 (patent No. 3,046,335) thus enabling the shower line unit of the present invention to be converted to use with the chair 116.

FIGURE -'l2 illustrates a modified version of the galvanic reactor unit of the present invention which is inserted in the shower line and which is provided with a male threaded member 13th which is screw threaded or otherwise affixed to a hollow fitting 132 having a depending external threaded connection 134 for attachment to the shower head. The branch line 136 is integral with the collar member 132 thus forming a one-piece construction. The externally threaded member is attached to the shower line by using the conventional coupling member employed on shower lines. The branch line 136 is flexible and provided with an integral flange 138 such as is illustrated in FIGURE 2. In this construction, the male element 13% is provided with a threaded extension ldtl screw threaded into a flange 1-42 on the hollow member 132 and is provided with an abutment flange 144 thereon. This may be a pressed fit or a threaded fit thus forming a rigid unitary structure.

The flex galvanic unit of the present invention may be all of one-piece construction or assembled in the manner illustrated in FIGURE 2 or in the manner illustrated in FIGURE 12 and this particular feature is essential to the function and operation of the device.

FIGURE 1 also illustrates a telescopically adjustable joint 63 above the upturned end portion 62 and which includes a setscrew 65 for locking shower head 6i? in longitudinally adjusted position.

The primary features of the present invention reside in the utility thereof wherein it is portable and usable in various relations and orientations thus providing truly a universal flexible unit. The structural features thereof are such that it is quite lightweight in construction thus enhancing the portability thereof and the construction of the connectors of plastic such as those listed previously eliminates the galvanic action between the dissimilar metals of the universal flexible shower unit of the present invention and the conventional pipe units. The device may be used with or without the seat illustrated in FIG- URE 8 and for use in taking a shower by children or grownups either indoors or outdoors and may be used as a car wash or in the garden or yard depending upon the particular desires of individuals involved.

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly, all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

:1. A convertible shower line assembly comprising an elongated vertical pipe having a U-shaped reverse bend at one end thereof, a coupling unit at the other end of the pipe, a plurality of longitudinally spaced sp ay noz zles on said pipe, a spray nozzle on the terminal end of the bend, all of said nozzles being directed to the same side of said pipe for spraying a major portion of a person using the device, a hollow base, an upstanding pipe ri i with the hollow base, said coupling unit being connected with said upstanding pipe when the vertical pipe is oriented with the reverse bend at the upper end of the vertical pipe, a flexible supply hose connected to said upstanding pipe adjacent the base, said base being hollow and provided with a weight therein for stabilizing the assembly.

2. A convertible shower line assembly comprising an elongated vertical pipe having a U-shaped reverse bend at one end thereof, a coupling unit at the other end of the pipe, a plurality of longitudinally spaced spray nozzles on said pipe, a spray nozzle on the terminal end of the bend, all of said nozzles being directed to the same side of said pipe for spraying a major portion of a person using the device, means connected to said pipe for adjustably and detachably supporting the pipe on a wall surface, a flexible tubular member forming an extension of said pipe and having one end connected thereto by said coupling, and a T-coupling connected to the other end of the flexible tubular member and incorporated into a shower line extending outwardly from the wall.

3. The structure as defined in claim 2 wherein said supporting means includes a tubular sleeve slidably encircling said pipe, means on said sleeve for locking the sleeve to the pipe, a laterally extending telescopically adjustable member fixedly attached to said sleeve, and detachable fastening means on the end of said adjustable member remote from the sleeve for detachable engagement with the wall.

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