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Numéro de publicationUS3137269 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication16 juin 1964
Date de dépôt15 juil. 1963
Date de priorité15 juil. 1963
Numéro de publicationUS 3137269 A, US 3137269A, US-A-3137269, US3137269 A, US3137269A
InventeursLouis B Sager
Cessionnaire d'origineLouis B Sager
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US 3137269 A
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L. B. SAGER June 16, 1964 BOOKMARK Filed July 15, 1963 INVENTOR LOUIS B.

BY wiwifluw SAG ER ATTORNEYS 3,137,269 BOOKMARK Louis B. Sager, 20640 Covello St., Canoga Park, Calif. Filed July 15, 1963, Ser. No. 294,999 4 Claims. (Cl. 116--119) This invention relates generally to improvements in bookmarks, and more specifically to a bookmark having both page and line locating means.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a novel bookmark having adjustable line locating means for providing a reader with a specific reference reminder or identity of place.

Another object is to provide a bookmark that may be used in a wide range of book page sizes, and which will not mark, scratch, tear or otherwise damage the pages or obliterate the print thereon.

Another object is to provide a bookmark which adjusts to identify page and line of print, but is simple in construction, inexpensive and of a permanent nature.

These and still other objects and advantages will become more apparent hereinafter.

The invention is embodied in a bookmark comprising a page locating member having margin engaging means and 'a guide strip extending therefrom, and line identifying means slidable on said guide strip and having aligned indicia on opposite sides of said guide strip.

The invention is also embodied in the parts and the combination or arrangement of parts hereinafter set out for purposes of disclosure. In the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification and wherein like numerals refer to like parts:

FIG. 1 is an elevational view of a bookmark as attached to a page of a book, and

FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional View taken substantially along line 22 of FIG. 1.

An embodiment of the bookmark selected for disclosure is identified generally by the numeral 10, and is shown attached to a page 11 of a book (not shown). The page 11 has a binding or bound margin 12 and an opposite free side margin 13, and free top and bottom margins 14 and 15. The page 11 is illustrated as being of indeterminate size relative to the size of the bookmark 10, as will be more fully explained hereinafter. The page 11 is also printed with lines of print 16.

The bookmark 10 includes a page locating member 20 having integrally formed head and guide strip portions 21 and 22, respectively, and a line locating or identifying member 23 slidable on the guide strip portion 22. The bookmark 10 has a longitudinal dimension extending vertically or in a vertical direction relative to the page 11 and a lateral or horizontal dimension extending transversely of the page 11 between the side margins 12 and 13. Both members 20 and 23 are preferably formed of a suitable vinyl plastic having an inherent rigidity or stifiness to prevent lateral deflection between the head and guide strip portions 21 and 22 and to maintain the shape and flatness of the bookmark members, but the thinness of the plastic material is such as to provide extreme flexibility of the various parts in a direction normal to the page 11.

The head portion 21 of the page locating member 20 includes a base 24 to engage the page in surface contact,

. and a projecting element 25 to extend beyond the margin of the page and form the locating means of the member 20. The head portion 21 is cut out, at 26, to increase the flexibility of the base 24 and form a margin engaging tab 27 connected to the element 25. The tab 27 is defined on each side by the openings 26 which have laterally spaced corners 28 at the line of connection between the base 24 and tab 27 with the locating element 25, whereby the element 25 and tab 27 are connected to the United States Patent 3,137,269 Patented June 16,. 1964,

base 24 in a manner to flex or hinge so that the margin 14, 15 or 13 can be inserted between the base 24 and tab 27 and positioned at the corners 28 to properly orient the entire bookmark 10 with respect to the page 11.

The guide strip portion 22 extends from the head portion 21 in a vertical direction, that is, to extend across the lines of print 16. The guide strip has parallel side margins 29 and a free end 30, which may be perforated, at 31.

The line locating member 23 is provided with spaced parallel slots 32 having a predetermined length to receive the guide strip 22 therethrough in a manner to provide frictional sliding engagement as well as retain a substantially flat shape. According to the preferred embodiment the upper margin 33 of the member 23 is straight and extends on both sides of the guide strip 22. The slots 32 are arranged so that the member 23 will slide on the guide strip 22 with the margin 33 in a horizontal direction parallel with the lines of print-16, whereby the member 23 may be set at any position to mark a' particular line 16a for future reference. It will be readily apparent that other line locating indicia may be provided on member 23 on one or both sides of the guide strip 22, but the straight margin 33 permits the member 23 to move into abutment with the lower margin of the base 24 of the head portion 21 with the embodiment of the invention disclosed whereby full adjustment between the members 20 and 23 is permitted.

The present bookmark 10 is adapted to be positioned at either the top or bottom margin 14 or 15 of the page 11 and, accordingly, can be used on extremely large books as well as those of small and more conventional size. In addition, the orientation means 28 of the head portion 21 and direction of the guide strip 22 can be offset angularly to permit the use of the bookmark on the side margins 13 as well as either top or bottom margins 14 and 15.

The present invention meets the objectives and requirements of all bookmarks and provides additional advantages as set out hereinbefore.

The present invention includes all changes and modifications of the foregoing disclosure that will be readily apparent to all skilled in the art, and is intended to be limited only by the scope of the claims which follow.

What I claim is:

1. A bookmark adapted for use with the printed page of a book, comprising a page locating member formed from a flat strip of flexible material and including a head portion and a guide strip, said head portion having a base connected to said guide strip and tab means hingedly connected with said base in spaced relation with said guide strip and movable out of the plane of said base for receiving the margin of a page therebetween, and projecting means connected with said base and tab means and extending beyond said margin, said guide strip extending across said page, and a line locating member formed of fiat, flexible material and having spaced parallel slots formed therein, said guide strip extending through said parallel slots of said line locating member and both being in flexed condition to maintain a frictional sliding engagement of the line locating member on said guide strip, and said line locating member including line identifying means thereon.

2. The bookmark according to claim 1 wherein said line identifying means comprises a straight margin on said slidable line locating member, said straight margin being parallel with the opposed margin of said base to accommodate full sliding movement of said line locating member to said head portion of said page locating member.

3. A bookmark for a book having pages defined by opposed bound and free side margins and opposed free top and bottom margins, said bookmark comprising a page locating member having a head portion with base, projection and tab means formed planar with each other and with an elongated strip connected to the base means, said tab means being movable relative to said base means for engaging one of said free margins and said elongated strip extending across the page from said one free margin, and line identifying means formed from planar iiexible material and having spaced slots, said line identifying means being deformable and slidably receiving said strip through said slots and being adjustable thereon between said top and bottom margins, said line identifying means including a predetermined reference indicia for identifying a specific line of print.

4; A bookmark adapted for use with the printed page of a book, comprising a page locating member formed from a planar strip of flexible material and including a head portion anda guide strip, said head portion having a base for surface contact with a page and projecting means on said base for extending beyond the margin of the page, said head portion also having laterally spaced openings connected along a line adjacent to and parallel with said'base forming tab means connected said guide strip being woven through said elongated openings by deformation of both said line locating member and said guide strip to provide a frictional sliding engagement therebetween, and said line locating member including line identifying means thereon.

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Classification aux États-Unis116/235, 281/42, 116/237
Classification coopérativeB42D9/007