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Numéro de publicationUS3713439 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication30 janv. 1973
Date de dépôt26 févr. 1971
Date de priorité2 mars 1970
Autre référence de publicationDE2109125A1
Numéro de publicationUS 3713439 A, US 3713439A, US-A-3713439, US3713439 A, US3713439A
InventeursCabezudo J
Cessionnaire d'origineCabezudo J
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Massage envelope belt with adjusting dispositives for vibrators and mobilizers
US 3713439 A
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United States Patent 1 Cabezudo Jan. 30, 1973 MASSAGE ENVELOPE BELT WITH R ferences Cited ADJUSTING DISPOSITIVES FOR UNITED STATES PATENTS VIBRATORS AND MOBILIZERS 1,758,663 5/1930 Hendry ..l28/63 [76] Inventor; Jose Fernandez cabezudo, Garcia 1,059,594 4/1913 Catlin ..l28/63 Salazar, 343 Bilbao 2 Spain 3,337,237 8/1967 Weiss ..l28/63 X [22] Filed: Feb. 26, 1971 FOREIGN PATENTS OR APPLICATIONS [21] App], N 119,293 400,078 10/1933 Great Britain ..l28/63 Primary Examiner-Lawrence W. Trapp [30] Foreign Application Priority Data m Mann & Lucas March 2, 1970 Spain ..l56399 Feb. 9, 1971 Spain ..l65933 [57] ABSTRACT Improvements in massage jacket belts for vibrators [52] U .8. Cl ..l28/63 and mobilizers are d d. Th n w and useful [51] Int. Cl. ..A61h 11/00 massage jacket belts disclosed in the Present invention 58 Field of Search ..l28/63, 62, 67 ""P' a transverse P the which is smaller in height than that corresponding to the belt in the previous location.

3 Claims, 11 Drawing Figures PAIENIEDJANSO 191s 3.713.439




MASSAGE ENVELOPE BELT WITH ADJUSTING DISPOSITIVES FOR VIBRATORS AND MOBILIZERS We believe, in principle, that the invention as covered by the present specification, constitutes an outstanding industrial novelty, based on a series of characteristics and thrustful advantages that unquestionably demand and credit an exclusive exploitation priviledge, thereby compensating the merits and efforts of those who have endeavored to achieve improvements in conventional type appliances.

This specification both describes and submits claims on a massage envelope belt with adjusting dispositives for vibrators and mobilizers, that certainly embodies widespread technical improvements and encompasses solutions that excel any of the common or standard type apparatus available on the market, and as a consequence of the conception originality and ease in handling the equipment, eliminates the existing comparative complexity that characterizes present-day massage belts.

FIG. 1 offers a plan view of any kind of belt, simply as a non-limitative example, where along positions 1 and 4 provision has been made for the two typical or classical clamping extremities that link up with the vibrator element. By means of 2, fastening is accomplished to the actual belt and by 3, which is a transversal opening, located in a zone or section quite near to extremity 1.

FIG. 2 likewise shows the belt operating arrangement once extremity 4 has been introduced into opening 3, and a complete turn or revolution undertaken on the opposite side.

Finally, the following FIGS. 3 through 6, indicate the various stepsto be followed or adopted in order to reach the position occupied by FIG. 2, a position that corresponds to the working or operating location of the user.

FIG. 7, which resembles somewhat a buckle or clasp 5, is capable of interrupting the massage belt continuity, and eventually becomes clamped between the two extreme or end arms. Thus buckle or clasp 5 is fitted with a parallel and asymmetrically arranged interior bar 7, that serves to delimit two free zones characterized by a different thickness A and A, A being smaller than A. The belt itself has been numbered 2 at both sides of the buckle or clasp.

FIG. 8 reflects an element that is composed of two arms 6 and 8, fixed together by means of component parts 11.

FIG. 9 indicates the method to be employed to accomplish crossplay of the two divided parts of belt 2 in such a manner that element 5 remains between them, the other extremity of the belt passing through the smaller size orifice A. The interior bar 7 can be either clamped or else lined with a cylindrical bushing or socket along its entire length, and it finds no difficulty or obstacle in rotating freely so as .to support efficiently the'vibrating action displayed by the belt.

FIG. outlines the procedure to be adopted when assembly of vibrating belt 2 is undertaken, which through component piece 5 completes a full turn or revolution thereby creating a closed space 9 in its interior. At 1 and 4 indication is made of the various adjustment points with respect to the vibrator element and at 10, provision has also been made of a regulation It is obvious therefore, once a thorough check or 1 study has been given to the various figures enclosed, to draw up a fixed idea and concept as to what exactly is to be protected by the apparatus in question and likewise deduce, without serious discrepancies emerging, just what the practical advantages will be upon utilization of it, independent of course, of the type of belt to be used in each particular case, based on rollers, rotating balls, etc., as well as the form, layout or proportions of them.

As is well known, belts of all kinds or types employed so far, had couplings or hitches 1 and 4 fastened to a vibration element (vibrating device), the person subject to massage being placed in the position as shown by FIG. 3.

This arrangement did, in truth, give rise to a series of problems derived fundamentally from the inconvenience, uncomfortableness and inclusive non-feasibility of providing a complete and well-balanced massage operation.

The person had no other alternative but to constantly keep moving from one position to the other so that the vibratory massage action could produce its effects around the entire contour of him, (assuming the waist, for example). Under these conditions, it was necessary for the person to make a complete turn or revolution so as to come into contact, almost immediately, with the opposed section of the apparatus at the first application.

Besides the inconvenience and uncomfortableness previously referred to, the massage operation did not produce a constant pressure during its development and execution, and as a consequence therefore, higher effects were obtained in some zones than in others.

These predictions, realities to be more correct, have led us to give some thought to this invention and based on it, as the person will now remain in the interior of the belt and subject to a complete perimetric contact, all the previously mentioned problems and difiiculties will be eliminated, such attributes or advantages likewise being applicable to any kind or type of belt, within market requirements and demands obviously.

Attention was also focussed on the need of having to regulate concave or cavity 9, in other words, the existing closed space, inasmuch as the belt must be used by persons characterized by a different constitution or nature, and likewise applied to the same person at miscellaneous locations, such as at the waist, legs, thighs, etc., which necessitated that a system of adaptation suitable to cope with the exigencies of each predetermined case be employed.

Be restoring to the device as covered by FIG. 7, we were successful in achieving that, once the belt has been secured at each of its extreme arms 2, it was possible for the other extremity 4 to penetrate through space A, whose thickness is less than the other zone, so that it could support or slide along the interior bar 7, which, in turn, can be fabricated as a fixed piece or liable to rotate on its own axis, with the sole incorporation of an appropriate bushing or socket, that eventually rotates freely without interruption.

There is another factor to be taken into account, as already referred to above, and it consists in that space 9 to be occupied by the user, should present different dimensions while still maintaining the same distance that separates it from the vibratory element, originating from the position actually taken over by the user himself.

To accomplish this, provision has been made for the device as shown in FIG. 8, by means of which and through the two wings or legs 6 and 8, a duplex formed with respect to the belt itself is capable of passing, and this duplex,'in turn, finally circulates again between the other two arms not linked together by component parts 11, so that, on drawing away from 2, the duplex or sine 10 becomes solidly sustained and clamped, and there is no difficulty in loosening it again if so required, and inserted once more at the measurement level desired.

Undoubtedly, this arrangement of elements and component parts offers the unique advantage of being able to regulate, in a rather simple and efficient manner, the concave or cavity that embraces the user, thereby maintaining, under every circumstance, the same distance that isolates it from the vibratory units. Subsequently therefore, it is possible to eliminate dead or inactive periods during massage operations and produce a more uniform and proportionate treatment,

which is, in all events, the main purpose and object of this invention.

Evidently, stress must once again be made on the fact that the massage treatment time is notably decreased, given that there is no necessity to treat just one body area or section and later modify the persons posture with respect to the vibrator, so that the remaining areas or zones can be cared for accordingly. On the other hand, due to the actual configuration of'the belt itself, a constant massage pressure is produced at every moment and above all, uniformly distributed around the application contour or environment.

It will be understood that it is intended to cover all changes and modifications of the present invention which do not constitute departures from the spirit and scope of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. Massage envelope belt for attachment to vibrators comprising an elongated body having fastening grips at its opposite extremities for final clamping to the vibrator element, and provided with a transverse opening, arranged in an area quite near to one of the extremities of the belt, said opening being of greater height than the end portion of the belt at the second extremity whereby the belt may be looped around the users body and the second extremity passed through the opening and around the users body and connected to the vibratory apparatus.

2. Massage envelope belt in accordance with claim 1 in which the opening is formed by a rectangular buckle having straight and parallel sides and smaller semi-circular ends the interior of which is occupied by another rod installed in parallel with the sides.

3. Massage envelope belt according to claim 2 which includes two rectangular rings one side of each ring being attached to the belt, said rings being adapted to shorten the usable length of the belt.

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Classification aux États-Unis601/153, 601/143
Classification internationaleA61H11/02, A61H11/00
Classification coopérativeA61H11/02
Classification européenneA61H11/02