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Numéro de publicationUS465868 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication29 déc. 1891
Date de dépôt28 août 1890
Numéro de publicationUS 465868 A, US 465868A, US-A-465868, US465868 A, US465868A
InventeursJoseph J. S. List
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Pipe coupling
US 465868 A
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(No Model.) 4

J. J. S. LIST.


No. 465,868. Patented Dee. 29.18%.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 465,868, dated December 29, 1891.

Application tiled August 28, 1890. Serial No. 363,382. (No model.)

To (all whom, it may concern'.-

Be it known that I, JOSEPH JAMES SWITHIN LIST, joiner, a subject of the Queen of Great Britain, residing at Rockdale, near Sydney, in the British Oolony of New South lVales, have invented a new and useful Pipe-Coupling, to be used as an improved railway-brake pipe-coupling, applicable also for other coupling purposes, oi' Which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a pipe-coupling specially useful for coupling up the brakepipes of adjoining Vehicles of a railway-train, although it may be used for coupling up any pipes, and particularly those carrying Iiuids under pressure. It has been specially devised in order to provide a reliable and easilymanipulated coupling, cheap in construction and durable in operation. An improved railway-brake pipe-coupling, applicable also for other coupling purposes, according to this invention is constructed in tWo halves, Which will gear one into the other when each has its outlet closed, and having been so geared are capable of each being revolved an eighthturn in` order to open the exits to form a through-passage between the pipes. i Each of these half-couplings is made with a hollouT4 frusto-conical plug-tap set at right angles to the line of pipes, the outer and smaller end of which plug is provided with a handle and the inner or larger end of which terminates in two quadrants diametrically opposite one another and protruding slightly beyond the face of the coupling. In the barrel of the plugsor taps are stops, so that the plugs may only be revolved an eighth of a turn. In the face of the coupling, which is at right angles to the axis of the plugs or taps, is a seating of india-rubber. At the back of the face are quadrant-keeps and on the edge of the coupling are quadrant-Wards adapted to take under the keeps, such Wards being also provided with stop-pins. The center line of the half-coupling end pipe on which the throughpipe takes is in a plane parallel with the face of the coupling, audits port or passage is connected with the barrel of the tap, so that when the plugs are set at one end'of their eighth-revolution there is no exit through the half-coupling from said pipe, but When at the other end of its revolution the plug or tap and the port or passage are open tothe atmosphere. The plugs, the stops, andthe quadrants are so arranged that when the halfcouplings are free their exits may be opened and closed by the outside handles, and when .the exits are open the half-couplings cannot be geared.

In order that this invention may be clearly understood, reference Will now be made to the drawings herewith, in Which-e Figure l is a section of a brake-pipe coupling constructed according to this invention, and Fig. 2 a face View of a half of the saine constructed according to these improvements.`

A c are barrels or casings,

B b is a conical plug.

O c are through-pipes and junctions.

A a are coupling-faces.

A2 a2 are quadrant-keeps, and A3 da rant-wards.

A1 c4 are stop-pins.

A5 c5 are rubber seatin gs.

A6 a are packing-nuts.

A7 a7 is aiiXed Washer.

AS as are lugs or stops.

B b are quadrant ends, and B2 h2 recesses formed thereby.

B3 b3 are hollows oi' plugs.

B'l b4 are openings or ports.

B5 b5 are handles.

B6 bs are Washers.

Bl 57 are nuts.

B8 hg are square ends.

B9 b9 is a screw.

Oc are ports or passages to plug-taps.

To couple up pipes on which these halfcouplings arel fixed, said halves are placed face to face with the seatings AG a5 meeting and the barrels or casings A c in juxtaposition, when the quadrants B recesses Z22 and the quadrants b in the recesses B2. A quarter-turn is then given to the half-couplings, each of them taking half of it or an eighth-turn. By this means the quadrant-Wards A3 anda3 are brought under their respective keeps A2 and a?, and the turn is stopped by pins A4 d4. The said wards and keeps press the seatings tightly together and lock the coupling. The quarter turn given to the half-couplings A and c causes the geared quad rants B b to turn their rewill gear in -the ICU speotive plugs B and b until the quadrants are arrested by the stops A8 as, when the ports B4 bA1 are opposite to the respective passages C c and through communication is opened from one pipe to the other.

To uncouple the brake-pipe the operation is reversed, the easings being moved so that the Wards are moved out from under the keeps and at the saine time moving,r the plugs B and Z) by the quadrants B b', so that the ports B4 b4 are closed against the passage of air when the' seatings A5 d5 are drawn asunder. The port BJ1 may be opened With the passage C when uncoupled by turning handle B5, which ts on the end of the plug; butit is not possible to couple up if both or one of the half-couplings has itsport B4 open to passage and thus open to air, for if the quadrants B be in other than the position due to the Closed plug or oook B they Cannot gear With the quadrant-recesses of another half-coupling.

Having now particularly described and exv plained the nature of this said invention and the manner in which the same is to be performed, I declare that what I elairn is In a pipe-coupling, the combination of the two halves, each provided With a tapering valve-plug, said plugs having their larger ends turned toward each other, the washers A7 a7, tting the inner ends of said plugs, and the rubber seatings A5 a5, supported by said Washers, the nuts A6 a, confining said seatings and separated, and the exterior handles and interior quadrants connected With said plugs, substantially as set forth.

JOSEPH Jfs. Lis'r.



F. lm. Inst., P. A. THOMAS JAMES WARD,

Clerk to Edward Waters, Sydney.

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Classification coopérativeF16L37/373