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  1. Recherche avancée dans les brevets
Numéro de publicationUS8065 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication29 avr. 1851
Numéro de publicationUS 8065 A, US 8065A, US-A-8065, US8065 A, US8065A
InventeursG. Goshon
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Liens externes: USPTO, Cession USPTO, Espacenet
Apparatus for giving ease to the abm in writing
US 8065 A
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marian-stains PATENT opinion.'



`\ Specicaton of LettersPatentNo.v 8,065, dated .April` 29, 1851.

To all 'whom it may concern: i i

Be it known that we, JOSEPH Gg GOsHoN, of Shirleysburg, in the county ofHunt-ingdon and State of `Pennsylvaniaand WIL- LIAM H. TOWERS, of Bucyrus, inthe county of the penman when writing. F ig. 2, is aA perspective view of the supporter,` Fig.` 3, is a vertical Section `of ditto.

Where the same letters occur on the above figures they indicate the sameparts.

The nature of our invention and improvement consists in theconstruction of `a flexible arm supporter,` or rest,`so formed and shaped asto lit the arm of the penman`be low the elbow joint, and serve as a ieXible support and rest, on which the arm is sup` ported and balanced and permitted to move or turn with the utmost freedom and ease to the writer,-tlius effectually preventing numbness of the arm and the consequent `contraction of the `muscles of the fingers,

aswell as entirely relieving the arm from any cramping or stiffness producedY by constant writing which often happens to most penmen. This eect is produced by the inflexibility of the desk or bearing of the arm of the writer. This flexible or elastic supporter consists of a` circular metallic plate A provided with an opening in its center and made concave so as to t the conveXity of the arm. To the underside of this plate and near its periphery there is attached by` any convenient" means a spiral spring B which projects downward 1n a regular spiral line7 somewhat resembling an inverted cone, and is connected to a small plate C,or but- "ttn exactly in the center and beneath the concaveplate A,`-V-the plate or button C, at the lower end ofthe springB, forming the rest on which the `flexible supporter turns and moves with the motion of the arm. Over the upper part of the concave metallic plate is secured a piece of leather having an opening therein corresponding with that in the concave plate. Around and beneath the spiral spring there isalso confineda piece o f leather or other material for the purpose ofinclosing the spring and givinga neat appearance to the supporter.`

i On either side ofthe supporter .anddiaf metrically` opposite are two spring` plates D made of thin steel attached to the cancave plate A and projecting upward and lapping each other, and areeach about a semi-circle equal to half the circumference of the arm,

`and covered or ornamented with silk, and

are for the purposeof embracing the arm and confining the .supporter thereto, while the penman is writing and preventing its sliding or moving onthe arm when once adjusted. i

There is a thin` plate E placed across the diameter of the central opening `of Athe metallic plate A, and corresponding with the concavity of the same, and is for t-he purpose of preventing the lower portion of the spiral spring` B projecting through the cen tral opening in the concaveplate when contracted by the pressure of the arm thereon,

and thus the action ofthe spiral spring is prevented from interfering with the arm.

This supporter when used is placed upon `the arm of the penman about mid-way between the elbow joint and joint connecting the hand with the arm, adjusted as desired and confined by the semi-circular springs D which embracethe arm on either side and hold it secure. Or straps may be made to pass over the arm and buckle or otherwise instead of the semi-circular springs.

This supporter may be made of any desired shape, size, `and material and ornamented in any desired manner, and will be found to be of great advantage to the penman, in as much as it imparts perfect ease, lightness, and freedom to the arm, and preserves the sleeve oft-he coat or other garment from rubbing and wear, the arm being elevated from the desk and supported by the flexible support.

. This supporter may `be made entirely of gum elastic or india rubber, and inflated -Vwit-h air, to give it anyrequired degree of elasticity, and provided with a band or strap to embrace the arm and hold it securely thereto. i

Having thus described our invention and improvement, and shown the application of the same to the `arm of the penman, what we claim as our invention and desire to secure by Letters Patent7 is- Constructing an arm supporter or rest so formed and shaped as to -fit the arm below the elbow joint, and serve as an elastic or flexible support or rest on which the arm of the penman is supported and balanced and permitted to move or turn with the motion of the arm, with the utmost freedom and ease to the writer, by which all numbness.

contraction of the muscles of the lingers, and

erampness or stiffness of the arm is etlec-y tually prevented and the arm rendered free in its movement and Linder the complete control of the writer, as fully described and represented.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto l5 signed our names before two subscribing witnesses.


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