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Numéro de publicationUS982661 A
Type de publicationOctroi
Date de publication24 janv. 1911
Date de dépôt5 oct. 1910
Date de priorité5 oct. 1910
Numéro de publicationUS 982661 A, US 982661A, US-A-982661, US982661 A, US982661A
InventeursJohn Dickens
Cessionnaire d'origineJohn Dickens
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US 982661 A
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Patented J au. 24, 1911.

lilllllllllllllrlllllllnl l.

, structed 1n accordance with my-present 1njoint whereby the nozzle may be instantly EI@ Il anic.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented aan. 2a, ieri'.

Application led August 19, 1908, Serial No. 449,303. Renewed October 5, 1910; Serial NoA 585,538.

To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that I, JOHN DrcKENs, a citizen of the United States, residing at Passaic, in the county of Passaic and State of New Jersey, have invented new and useful Improvements in Oil-Guns, of which the following. is a specification.

My present invention relates to improvements in oil guns of the characterused in supplying oil, grease and other lubricants to the moving parts of automobiles and other mechanism, and it has for its object to provide an improved nozzle for oil guns of this class which nozzle is connected to the barrel or body of the gun by a universal adjusted from one angular position to another to enable the lubricant to be applied to relatively inaccessible parts of the mechanism with facility, the universal joint being so constructed that it will frictionally retain the nozzle in the different adjusted positions which positions of the nozzle may be changed as desired without requiring -adjustment of the joint, and leakage of the lubricant at the joint is prevented.

Further objects of the invent-ion are to provide a detachable socket for securing the universal joint to the gun barrel, it being possible to readily remove the socket and the joint and thereby provide a relatively large opening through which non-fluid oils or grease may be introducedinto the gun barrel, and also to provide a detachable nipple upon the nozzle which is adapted to be applied while fiuid oils are being injected by means of the gun and which may be removed to provide a relatively large opening whereby the non-fluid oils or grease may be discharged from the gun.

To these and other ends, the invention consists in certain improvements, and combinations and arrangements of parts, all as will be hereinafter'more fully described, the novel features being pointed out particularly in the claims at the end of the specification.

In the vaccompanying drawing: Figure 1 is a perspective view of an oil gun conventi ,n; and Fig. 2 represents an axial section of the gun shown 1n 1. 1

Similar parts are designated by the same reference characters in the several views.

' The oil gun shown in the present embodi4 ment of my invention comprises a barrell which may be readily formed of a tube having a cap 2 screwed or otherwise secured to the rear end thereof. A piston or plunger 3 is mounted to reciprocate within the barrel which piston is mounted upon a piston rod 4 which extends through an opening pro-y vided in the cap 2 and has a handle 5 secured to its rear end by means of which the piston may be reciprocated. This handle in the present instance is composed of a block which is arranged in rear of the cap 2 of the barrel and is attached 'to the piston'rod, this block being covered by a cup (S which is stamped preferably from metal, and thisl cup is preferably of a length greater .than that of the block so as to provide a relatively long grip for the hand. As thc plunger is forced into the barrel of the gun. a portion of the cup-shaped handle will telescope the rear end of the .gun barrel so that the vtotal length of the gun is relatively short. The piston is provided with a pair' of reversely arranged cups 7 and 8, the cup 8 serving to produ-ce a vacuum in the lower portion of the barrel which will draw' a charge of oil or grease into the same as the piston rod is withdrawn and the, cup 7 will serve to eject the oil or grease as the piston is forced into the gun. A buffer spring 9 preferably surrounds the piston rod 4 between the piston and the cap 2 ofthe barrel whereby the suction stroke of the piston is arrested and cushioned.

The universally adjustable nozzle is attached to the forward end of the gun barrel, and in the present instance, this joint and nozzle are composed of a ball seat 10 which,y

in the present instance, is formed of a tubular member which is provided with an exterior flange 11 which is adapted to be seated against the end of the barrel, and that 'portion of the seat projecting beyond the barrel is threaded externally as at 12 and is also provided with a ball-engaging surface 13 of spherical curvature. This ball seat is firmly secured to the barrel by means of a locking ring 14, the latter having an internal flange 15 which coperates with the external flange 11 of the seat, and a portion of the locking ring overlaps and is threaded uponvthe barrel so that a tightening of the locking ring will draw the ball seat into firm engagement with the barrelj-,and will'seal the same'from leakage. By forming the ball seat 10 separately lfrom the'ba-rrel and centering it and forming a tight joint between the seat and the barrel by the 'of the gun.

locking ring 14, a construction is provided which permits ordinary tubing to be ernployed advantageously in `the manufacture The opening of the ball seat is also preferabl cylindrical or of uniform diameter, and t e ball is seated upon the edge of this cylindrical opening thereby jproviding al construction wherein the minimum resistance will be offered to the drawing of heavy oil o r grease into the barrel, and the maximum size opening is available.

The nozzle 16 is composed of a tube having one end fitted snugly into a ball 17, the latter being held in frictional engagement with the spherical surface 13 of the ball seat by means of a socket member 18, "the latter being composed of a ring which is internally threaded to engage the threads 12 of the ball seat and has an internal flange 19 proshould pressure be applied to the end of thev nozzle. A removable nipple 21 is prefererably provided for the outer lend of the nozzle, this nipple having a discharge opening 22 which is of -smaller'size than the bore of the nozzle so that the oil may be easily controlled and;- directed from the gun. This lso nipple is preferably threaded to the end of the nozzle, as shown, whereby the same may be removed and the full opening of the nozzle may be had in discharging non-fluid oils or grease from the gun. v

In using oil in the gun, it is only necessary to immerse the nipple which is applied to the nozzle in such cases in the oil, and a suction stroke of the piston will introduce a charge of the oil into the barrel. By adn j usting the nozzle to the proper angle about the ball joint as an axis, the nozzle may readily reach the part to be lubricated, and a pressure upon the handle on the piston will eject the oil from the gun and through the nozzle. Various adjustments of the nozzle may be had without the necessity of manipulating the socket member 18, as the latter frictionally holds the ball and` the various adjustments may be made by merely a pressure of the lingers. v It is possible to -usethe gun also in supplying grease or nonfluid oils to the working arts of machinery, the nipple 21 being pre erably removed in such cases r`so as to provide a relatively large discharge through the nozzle, and by removing the socket member 18 andthe nozzle secured thereby, the full opening of the seat member 10 is provided into which the l j non-fluid oil or grease may be introduced into the gun. Then, by replacing the ball joint andv securing the same by the socket member 18, the grease may -be ejectedl Aa ball-attached thereto, and a socket member for frictionally clamping the ball to said seat whereby universal angular adjustment of the nozzle may be had.

2. An oil gun comprising a barrel provided with a piston reciprocable longitudinally therein, a ball seat secured in lixed relation at the discharge end of the barrel and .having a relatively large `cylindrical opening for introduclng a heavy lubricant to the barrel, a nozzle having an opening smaller than that in the ball seat, a ball attached to the nozzle, and seated on the edge of the cylindrical opening of the ball seat and a socket member detachably and adjustably secured to said seat and having a portion to cooperate with the ball to frictionally clamp the same between the socket member and seat and permit universal angular adjustment on the nozzle. i 1

3. An article of the class described comprising a barrel provided with a piston, a ball seat fixed to one end of the barrel 4and provided with a relatively large cylindrical opening, a nozzle comprising a tube having a bore smaller in diameter than the openin in the ball seat, a ball attached thereto an seated on the edge of said cylindrical opening of the ball seat, va detachable socket member for clamping the said ball upon said seat, and a ni ple of reduced diameter relatively toJ the bore of the nozzle and adapted to be detachably applied thereto.

4. An oil gun comprising a barrel pro-l vided with charging and dischar ng means, a ball seat composed of atubu ar member formed separately from the barrel and having an external flange abutting the end Aof the barrel, a locking ring ap lied to the barrel' and having an interna flange cooperating with the external ange, on said seat to center said seat and to form a .joint between it and'the barrel, -a nozzle lavmg a ball attached'thereto, and a socket memberV frictionally engaging said ball and secured to the said seat whereby universal adjustment of thenozzle is permitted.,

5. An oil gun comprising a barrel of substantially cylindrical form, a piston reciprocable longitudinally in the barrel, a ball seat formed separately from the barrel and having an external peripheral flange abutting against the discharge end of, the barrel,

a ring threaded upon the discharge end of the E barrel and having an internal flange coperatng with the external flange of the ball seat to center the latter and form a tight joint between it and the barrel, t-he ball seat having a relatively large opening of uniform size extending axially of the barrel, a nozzle provided with a ball engaging the outer edge of the opening in the ball seat, and a socket member adJustably and detachably connected to the ball seat and coperatingl with the ball of the nozzle to detachably and adjustably secure the nozzle to the barrel.

In testimony Wliereofl have hereunto set my hand in presence of tWo subscribing Witnesses.


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