Requesting a Click Investigation

If you suspect that your account is affected by invalid click activity, we'll be happy to investigate your account. However, many suspected cases of invalid clicks are actually the result of valid reasons for increases in click activity. For instance, an increase in your clicks or cost could be due to your ads showing more often on the network or could be due to an increase in your daily budget. Very often, simple checks in your account can help you to immediately identify the reason for a traffic fluctuation and make campaign adjustments to improve your return-on-investment (ROI).

Specialists from our Ad Traffic Quality team use a variety of different signals including click and impression information to identify sources of invalid activity. As a result of the large number of data points we look at, an investigation into your account may take several days to complete. When you request an investigation, please share as much information as you have about the traffic in question.

When requesting for an invalid clicks investigation, please ensure that you enter the following details:

  • Customer ID (if you're an agency, please provide the specific customer ID of the account where you suspect invalid click activity and not your agency customer ID)
  • Your contact email address (please verify that the email address ID is valid and can receive email from
  • Date range of the activity (note that Google disclaims all liability for clicks accrued 60 days prior to the date of requesting for an investigation)
  • Campaign Name, Ad Group Name, and/or keyword affected by the activity
  • Domain name of the publisher site if you suspect you've received invalid clicks from a specific site in the Google Search or Display network.
  • A short summary of why you believe the click activity is suspicious. This information helps us identify why you find the activity to be suspicious and enables us to provide you with information to address your specific concern.

The above information is typically sufficient to help us investigate a case. However, any information you have on the traffic and any suspicious patterns you notice will be useful for our investigation. This may include additional information on:

  • IP addresses: This is especially helpful if you suspect a limited number of IP addresses are clicking on your ads. You can also send in the IP subnets.
  • GCLID values
  • User agent and referrer URL information

Details such as these may be available in your weblogs. You can attach a document specifying the suspicious patterns and/or traffic that you noticed, while submitting the form.

To contact our support team please follow the step-by-step guide in our Help Center.