DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) Publishers

Many of the best practices that apply to AdSense also apply to AdX. While we have systems in place to detect invalid activity, you are responsible for regularly reviewing traffic and ad implementations on your site. It’s also important for you to maintain compliance with AdX policies.

Check out the sections below to learn more about responsibilities and helpful pointers specific to AdX publishers. Unique elements of AdX, such as Network Partner Management (NPM), come with their own best practices.

Your responsibilities as an AdX publisher

Whether you’re using a supply-side platform or are configuring your own ads, ensure that ads are setup correctly by watching out for alerts regarding rejected ad requests. These alerts indicate a risk of lower relevancy for your ads, and the possibility that these ads may not be showing.

You should ensure compliance with the AdX Seller Program Policies and Platform Program Policies. These policies include details on things like ad placement, content policies, advertising, privacy, and invalid activity. Please note also that automatically refreshing ads is not permitted at this time. Google is currently exploring this functionality in a restricted beta.

Tips for Network Partner Management

Network Partner Management is a unique feature of AdX, and we understand that the policies and processes for NPM can be rather complex. In order to improve the quality of inventory and lower the servicing pains for NPM publishers, we’ve created Help Center content in the form of the Network Partner Management checklist.

This checklist may provide new insights into managing your traffic and addresses the following topics:

  • The purpose of NPM and how partners are designed to function
  • How to avoid commonly faced policy issues with network partners
  • How to properly add network partners and best practices of network partner registration
  • The states of network partner approval and what each state means
  • How to properly classify network partner domains (this is required in order to serve ads!)
  • How to identify partners to whom you will pay out earnings
  • Commonly faced issues with tags, duplicate partner registrations, and linking multiple DFP accounts

In addition, the Ad Exchange Help Center contains three new video tutorials that cover the fundamentals of NPM, including a UI tour and policy overview.