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BeFries increases brand awareness with reviews

  • Build brand familiarity and awareness for their unique chips and menu
  • Fully utilise Google reviews to increase revenue organically
  • Maximise their use of Google My Business through reviews
  • Optimised their Business Profile to attract and make people more aware of their fries and innovative selection menu
  • 89, 980 Google searches with 90% of them inquiring about their food
  • 523 reviews with 4.6 average rating
  • 140K Views on Google in one Quarter
Using Google My Business has helped us understand our online activity. We can truly target people that will enjoy our product.

 Chan Beevers, BeFries

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Google reviews


Searches in the last quarter

About the goals

As a burgeoning Brighton-based restaurant, BeFries specialise in serving authentic Belgian fries with a modern twist. Providing an innovative selection of sauces, a craft beer menu and a dedicated staff, BeFries were keen to build their brand familiarity, making more people aware of their unique approach to fries. With a strong belief in their own product, BeFries wanted to fully utilise the Google review system as a way of generating revenue increases and awareness.


As word of mouth had been a driving factor surrounding the stores inception, the BeFries team were keen to maximise their use of the review system incorporated within Google My Business. Through prominent and positive reviews, the company was able to increase their brand awareness in an organic manner in keeping with the brand identity that BeFries were attempting to cultivate.

Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to create and verify your local business on Google, so your business information can be shown in Google Maps. With Google My Business, you can also add business information that can appear on, Google Maps, and Google Earth when someone searches for your business name or category.

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BeFries immediately began to see positive results on the back of their partnership with Google My Business. In the last quarter alone, the company observed 89,980 Google searches with 90% of them inquiring about a category or product which they provided. BeFries also had 896 people requesting directions to their store, with some customers travelling from over 5 hours away to sample their produce. Due to these successes, BeFries are keen to further this partnership as they look to build their main website with Google searches in mind.

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